What type of mother are you?

Written by Mary

Women, when they become mothers, go through great psychic transformations. Motherhood awakens their hidden potential, overturns the established order of things - or can strengthen it... Our article will allow you to better understand what motherhood may have awoken within you. So, find out all about how your motherhood will evolve for every sign.


Hello Sun, welcome! The Aries mother will instinctually do everything in their power to awaken their children and turn them into mature, aware adults who will, above all, know how to fight for themselves in life. Very practically independent themselves, she'll make them clever kids who won't make mountains out of every little molehill. You take your role as mother very seriously, especially when it comes to guiding your children to take action, and without forgetting the other areas of your life.


The Taurus mother is one who knows how to be affectionate - and possessive. She will be very hung up on appearances - no way their children will be poorly dressed! The idea of family is essential for them. Their quiet strength gives their children great foundational stability. She is a woman who is capable of forgetting all about herself if it's for her children's sake.


The Gemini mother will have no trouble awakening her children and pushing them to speak quite early. Their mobility and their ability to adapt quickly allow them to teach their children how to take care of themselves, but in a fun and playful way. She tends to be more of a friend than a mother, which means she'll know about the slightest misbehavior immediately... But pry into their private lives too much - it can lead to conflict!


The Cancer mother is one full of tenderness, controlled by a powerful attachment to her children, which enables her to think ahead of anything that might happen to them. The dreamer inside her will turn her into a mother who pays attention to the slightest detail. She will give much of herself and will be able to give them a sense of values that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. She will have trouble with them asking for more autonomy - but will know better than anyone else how to maintain their relationship with tenderness.


The Leo mother possesses a natural air of authority that will prevent her children from getting out of line or disobeying the rules. Her emotional warmth works harmoniously with her pragmatism. She organizes, is listened to, but still knows how to joke around. Motherhood will reveal a fair number of her skills and abilities. She'll know just how to instill in her children both moral values as well as street smarts and problem solving, which will greatly help them fit into society.


The Virgo mother is a woman who is devoted to the needs of her children, who knows how to build a foundation of comfort and create a daily life that runs like a well-oiled machine, offering her children security. She has the tendency to get worried easily or to forget that her children are growing up, which it will take some getting used to for her little family cocoon. Her children will learn in return how to not blow things out of proportion.


The Libra mother has both a bohemian and conventional side, which, if they are properly balanced, enables her to be a tender and light-hearted mother. She is both a mother and a friend, a confidant, who will know better than anyone else how to give her children the advice they need in troubled times without getting under their skin or lacking understanding. It will be hard for her to put up with run-of-the-mill esthetic tastes.


The Scorpio mother is all-encompassing and knows how to make herself the center of her children's lives through her uncompromising yet subtle influence. Her example will give her children an unswerving tenacity and teach them to never give into life's worries. She has a protective motherly love, yet one that clearly teaches how to manage life's difficulties. Becoming a mother will turn her persistent and stubborn, and even more ambitious and active in supplying her children with long-lasting comfort.


The Sagittarian mother possesses great psychic energy and enthusiasm, which will constantly push her children to move forward and progress - even if not at a fast enough pace for her taste. The warmth of her personality will create for her a home where her children can enjoy life. She will always be bubbly and joyful, ready to tackle any problem! She is willing to dive into deep thinking with her children; this is her way of teaching them.


The Capricorn mother takes her role of mother very, very seriously, to say the least. She is aware of her responsibilities, which push her to teach her children how to fulfill their own duties without deviation or too much sentiment. She keeps cuddles for home, and will guide her children through the social world with a sense of pragmatism. Her realism will turn them into adults who are capable of managing a budget, even a tight one, with great wisdom!


The Aquarian mother is a woman capable of great kindness and devotion to her children and will be able to maintain a social life of her own where she can shake off her commitments. Her children will learn early that she's a busy person, and so will learn to become responsible members of society.


The Pisces mother is an expert at cuddling and completely exudes tenderness. Her sensitivity makes her extremely receptive to her children's feelings. But, she also tends to project her own on them and to confuse the two. She is capable of making great sacrifices for her children without even asking for anything in return. Motherhood will give her a solid foundation in her life, which will help her to move past her fears and aversions. If her life as a woman is balanced and fulfilling, she will become a mother full of compassion and attention.

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