Jupiter arrives in Aquarius

Written by Susan

Jupiter feels good in Aquarius, from here he can encourage all the reflections and especially the actions relating to the collective, humanitarian problems. New technologies are also in the spotlight and, for a year, we are able to see important developments in these areas. This atmosphere, a little futuristic and very focused on the masses, will not be suitable for everyone but each will have to strive to contribute to the building of a more fair human community...


When Jupiter goes into sextile with your natal sun, luck is concretely manifested through new opportunities. You develop new methods to express your potential. It is an excellent period of personal growth. You seek by all means to put harmony between you and the others and if you do not let yourself be invaded by doubt, the circumstances will help you a lot. Your life softens and becomes easier, at the moment you can solve outstanding relationship problems or reconcile with yourself. You encounter unexpected supports that "fall from the sky". We just have to keep our feet on the ground so as not to squander these good dispositions.


Jupiter square to your natal sun causes overconfidence or frustration when things do not go as you wish, which may be the case. You seek a new way of acting or being, your aspirations grow but you often show yourself credulous or naive. In addition, your reactions are excessive, you dramatize and you take financial or emotional risks. You show a blind enthusiasm, ignoring the advice and neglecting to consider the details. Be careful: even though Jupiter is never really evil, he amplifies everything. An anodyne dispute may, under this influence, provoke a breach of contract or friendship, etc.


It is the passage of expansion on your ego, a promise of personal fulfillment through opportunities and facilities that you induce, perhaps unconsciously. You do not lack confidence in yourself during this time, and self-confidence, we know, is the best weapon to move forward and progress in life. This combined with a lot of lucky possibilities brought by this transit should bring you everything you need to give a new impetus to your life. The hardest part here is certainly to keep your seriousness, to find a balance between the concentration needed to understand where the real opportunities are and your furious desire to party.


Jupiter in Aquarius does not specifically influence Cancer but it induces collective ideals, a supportive atmosphere and humanistic relationships between communities. It gives you a new open mindedness, perhaps a different philosophy, and so it's a good time to meditate or to study more closely the topics that interest you, be they spiritual, social, artistic or economic. Modern technologies are highlighted and your investments in this area will be profitable, whether it's your business or the purchase of new equipment.


Jupiter in Aquarius opposes your sun and can push you to various excesses, abuses and exaggerations. It is a situation that can generate tensions in exchanges and more particularly in couples or partnerships. You sometimes feel that you do not have what you deserve or that others do not value your talents. In any case, a feeling of frustration may periodically surface again, making you irascible, impatient or intolerant, when it is not all that at once!


Jupiter in Aquarius does not have a personalized impact on Virgo but it installs a climate of freedom and a desire to make autonomous reflections and concepts more humanistic or more collective. It colors the natural devotion of the Virgo with a spiritual trait, a fraternal understanding in the human race ... It can give you a new openness, amplify your projects or even push you to study.


You feel more happy, optimistic and confident in life, in yourself and in your ways. Jupiter expands your desires and wishes and you find many opportunities to showcase yourself or your expectations. The world of pleasures and creations is favored and it is an excellent time to conceive a child, to live a great passion or to produce successful artistic works. Success and popularity accompanies sellers and intermediaries, it is a very pleasant period.


During this period, you run the risk of regularly experiencing bouts of dissatisfaction with the events you are going through. You have the impression not to be considered worthy, not to be rewarded for your efforts. This frustration could be felt more on the family level where some excesses, whether they come from you or your loved ones, could disrupt the atmosphere. You must remain vigilant all year to avoid incidents due to your impatient, demanding or intolerant behavior. Also beware of excessive risks that this tension may cause you to take, whether financially or emotionally.


The influence of Jupiter from the fraternal and friendly sign of Aquarius will make you feel good by animating your routine with a lot of happy surprises, rewarding encounters and fulfilling achievements. You have the wind in your sails, good looks and a healthy glow, you have no trouble seducing or convincing and this influence is as beneficial to your love as your finances or your professional life. So it's a great thing for artists, sellers and lovers!


Since Aquarius, your neighbor, Jupiter will highlight your finances and give you the opportunity to settle debts, borrow advantageously or recover amounts due. In any case, you are ingenious in the management of your assets and a growth of your wealth is possible. If you want to achieve good results, soften your behavior and open your mind.


The conjunction with Jupiter and your natal Sun only occurs every 12 years and strongly promotes your personal growth and social expansion. You feel confident, optimistic, enthusiastic and you express your potential with great ease. You are very positive and open, you bring luck, success and you meet with many opportunities. It is a privileged moment to broaden your horizons by traveling, meeting people, studying or launching a new project. Under this influence, new interests and other ways of thinking develop. You have the opportunity to improve your existence in many ways. Enjoy it to the fullest.


Since Aquarius, Jupiter encourages you to retire, to retreat. It is in intimacy that you savor your comfort and tranquility. Your natural individualism perfectly matches the collective movements and you feel at ease, in your place in a world that is moving, even unstable. Your intuition helps you a lot to keep the bad news in perspective and you take pleasure in relaxing and being healthy by practicing meditative exercises.

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