Neptune arrives in Aries!

Written by Mary

Neptune is one of the ultra-slow planets of the zodiac, it remains in every sign for 12 to 15 years, so it is a major world influence. Neptune leaves his home of Pisces to venture into Aries, just like at the end of the nineteenth century, in the 1860s. It is a sign of great inventiveness, practical sense tinged with imagination, unprecedented progress in art and personal development, more in line with humanistic interests.


The passage of Neptune in conjunction with the natal sun is a call to let go of the conceptions of the past and to give them a more collective meaning. Neptune encourages you to listen, to welcome, to forgive and to let go. Some will say "what's the point?", while others will come to relativize; unless you feel drowned in a sort of confusion that is more or less destabilizing. You may find yourself blurred by not knowing who you are or what you really want. You are distracted and a little in the clouds. This position, romantic as it is, is very uncomfortable in terms of security. There is sometimes a slight loss of contact with reality, shocking but agreable experiences.


Neptune enters Aries and brings a dynamic touch to the spiritual world. Everyone is much more receptive and concretely willing to act towards a common ideal. The notions of independence and freedom will be particularly valued.


Neptune comes into Aries and is in sextile with your sign. He brings something more dynamic to everyone's ideals, many of whom will come out of their daydreams to really get to work and achieve results in harmony with the mainstream collective.


Neptune in Aries risks some confusion, especially in the social or professional life. You become aware that things are eluding you and you must fight against your habit of dramatizing the mysteries. This state of widespread anxiety could lead you to addictive behaviors with situations or people that are worthless to you. The ideals that hitherto seemed fair and useful to the community take on a much more individualistic twist.


Neptune who comes into Aries promises you dreams that come true, objectives that become concrete and ideals that are more individual and more related to the personal will. It is an atmosphere that gives you a feeling of freedom and autonomy that is very useful in the development of your projects. The momentum that is developing, promises excellent investments in financial, human and even emotional terms. Your meetings and the chances of life will bring you luck, do not hesitate to build new relationships, the more you seek high or far, the more they will be gratifying.


Neptune enters Aries and brings a dynamic touch to the spiritual world. Everyone is much more receptive and concretely willing to act towards a common ideal. The notions of independence and freedom will be particularly valued.


This passage of Neptune can make you too radical, you will feel invested in a sacred mission and an inexpressible knowledge. You have the greatest difficulty communicating serenely and freely. You are blind to yourself and your goals, you refuse advice and navigate in full fog. Referral errors, deception and scams are possible if you take your desires for realities. Your mind is more secretive, more withdrawn, you do not always show yourself honest in your attitudes, even with yourself! Your projects are utopian, you have trouble making your intentions known...


Neptune enters Aries and brings a dynamic touch to your usual meditations. Your fantasies will grow, The notions of individual will, independence and freedom will be particularly valued.


Neptune comes into Aries and brings a very rich atmosphere to your dreams and fantasies. You do everything you can to make your boldest projects come true with infectious enthusiasm.


The transit of Neptune square to the natal sun may durably blur your ideas. You show yourself regularly distracted, awkward, blundering or completely out of touch with the realities of life. You must make an ongoing effort to consider things, people and situations with lucidity. This blindness even prevents you from recognizing your own mistakes and you risk hurting yourself in the long run if you do not follow some well-advised advice. It is in your family sphere that things are likely to be the most unclear and therefore the most difficult to manage.


Your feelings about certain situations will evolve towards a more instinctive vision of things. You will think less, have a kind of mental laziness, and you tend to accept all the pleasant suggestions too easily. You can enjoy great creativity if you use this beautiful energy intelligently without losing touch with reality. It is the management of your emotions that decides the success of this period: if you manage to channel them, to make them profitable rather than suffer them, you will be able to obtain excellent results. Whatever you do, it's a nice time for daydreams and projections on a shimmering future ...


Neptune enters Aries, in trine with Sagittarius and brings a dynamic and concrete touch to your most cherished aspirations. You are more than ever concretely ready to act towards a common ideal. The notions of independence and freedom will be particularly valued.


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