Detox diet after the holidays

Written by Alison

The holidays are over. Still under the effects of an orgy of foie gras, chocolate and champagne, a flash of consciousness passes through us: we will have to act! Whether it's to get back into shape as quickly as possible or to avoid collecting unsightly fat, January means a recovery. But the energy and efficiency of this special winter diet depends largely on our zodiac sign. Here are a few words about each approach and some good tricks so we don't slip up.


It is known, you tend to be free. After a heavy hand on the inevitable feasts of Christmas and the days that followed, on January 1, you are ready to change everything. So, we jump in our sneakers and go! Yet, avoiding the ten-kilometer jog on New Year's Day anyway. Follow your instinct, why not, but do not fall into extremes by excess of voluntarism. Find an individual program, focusing on bodybuilding, it's more to your taste and you will not get cold. On the diet side, focus on protein and vegetables. And think "superfoods", which are made for you.


Ouch. What is this weight indicated on the scale? No, it is not out of order, no need to insult it. You only have to pick on yourself if you turned into a butterball. So it's useless to completely upset your nature by imposing famine, your mood would not hold steady. Instead, visit some online sites to find recipes based on good homemade soups and organic herbal teas that will advantageously replace your alcoholic and sweet digestifs. Also think about massages to keep a little joy in this program.


At the beginning of 2018, what is the fashionable celebrity diet? Come on, when it comes to fashion, at home, it's a reflex: you're interested! A good route may lead you to take a look at the GI, a glycemic index of foods. In addition, you are not a big eater. You tend to nibble, but you will do so knowingly, to avoid cravings due to a strong secretion of insulin. If not, trust your usual fidgeting to shake you up.


Oops, this mission does not look easy. Who will get you out of your winter lethargy, once the magic of the holidays has ended? First step, camouflaging your little belly under a XL size sweater. No need to add more reasons to your lack of self-confidence! Then, proceed softly, with the idea of finding your figure through walking or especially limiting the cakes and cookies. Forget comforting yourself and replace these habits with fruits. Think, for example, the celebrity baby food diet, regressive and ideal for you!


Did you put on a little weight over the holidays? Have you? What a question! Not at all! In any case, it is not good for your self-esteem, but once challenged, you are quite capable of motivating yourself. The Internet is brimming with tutorials to help you keep up with your physical exercises. As for the pleasures of the table, simply limit yourself by eliminating the superfluous: the breadbasket, the butter on all the food and the great wines. Visualize yourself in a Seychelles bikini and stick a picture of yourself as a star - even if you use Photoshop - on the fridge.


In general, your reasonable nature does most of the work: you committed far less excess than others. But as you are a perfectionist, you are ready to make a dietary shift. In your case, it will be rather a detox based on steamed fruits and vegetables. In the morning, you start scrupulously with a lukewarm lemon juice. Remember to list foods according to their characteristics, to avoid an unbalanced diet and unfortunate associations. And bingo, the trick is done.


Weakness, weakness, oh the joys of love... Having remade the world with family or friends on New Year's, you always had a drink in hand or your hands dipped in the box of chocolate. As a result, you do not look like anything anymore. Angry at yourself, you decide to find your figure right away. If you do not have a personal trainer, find a program or application to help you. Stretch out a chic outfit, a headband to hold your hair or trendy sneakers, just to sweat in style.


Diets, what a bore! On the one hand, this general pressure makes you angry, on the other, you are lucid enough to recognize that it is founded. According to your nature, you are therefore tempted to stop everything: total diet, abstinence from alcohol, in short it is nothing after all too much. Be careful, because in winter, do not prejudge your strength. Perhaps try the Paleolithic diet. You can eat meat or poultry fed on grass and especially, stop industrial products. Closer to the way of life of our ancestors, you will be well!


Yuck. You, so good-natured, love eating so much! So hearing about restrictions or worse, deprivation, what a wound! The only way to face these few pounds that poison your life, after the holidays, is to have some fun. For example, trying a diet inspired by your travels: diets based on Asian cuisine have something to inspire you. You have nothing against spices or strange flavors to make things not look too bland. Go for goji berries, tabbouleh with herbs and ceviches.


Diet? It's almost your usual way of life, you who hate excess and lack of willpower. The more difficult the event, the more you like it. But do not fall into anorexia, all the same ... Opt for a reasonable approach, with small portions and seasonal products. Motivated, you have the profile to interest you in the macrobiotic diet, which promotes longevity. Itis very wise, but still rough enough, so it's made for you ...


Hardly narcissistic, you do not spend your time in front of the mirror judging a possible slim down or conforming to social norms. So, think about your health already. You are not a force of nature and you probably need a good cure using vitamins. Take again the simple principles of life: sleep early rather than burn the midnight oil. Your liver - your delicate organ - will thank you!


No pun intended; it is the sea-inspired diet that will suit you best. First of all, because you are not a lightning bolt of war. You do not feel like making an effort, especially not spending hours at the stove to eat almost nothing. Opt for fish fillets en papillote: it is all by itself or do honor to the seafood. But you should forget about desserts for a while, just to look like a mermaid or a newt again!


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