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Written by Alison

Everyone knows that sport is good for health and for morale, but which sport, for whom and how? David looks at this issue, more than ever, and gives you unsuspected tracks on some very old sports, such as wrestling or Tai-Chi; completely original like the booty shake or timeless like dancing.

Chronicle after chronicle, David encourages you to move, explore or rediscover new physical activities. He keeps for you the agenda of collective events, like the week of mobility... In short, with his columns, you will not have any excuse to stay lazily in your couch, in front of the TV!

Discover Tai Chi, straight from a thousand-year-old Chinese art!

This art of Chinese gymnastics is increasingly emulated in the West for its regenerative effects on the body and mind. It relies heavily on slowness and lightness and is out of all competition; it's a kind of gym with bare hands that is inspired by martial arts techniques. And what's amazing is that this activity burns more calories than an endurance sport like skiing or squash. Several centuries old, this practice has adopted a series of light and flexible postures that compose a harmonious and synchronized dance. Very accessible, you will probably find in a gym in your town a teacher offering weekly sessions. By working your Qi (vital energy), you will care almost effortlessly of your mind and your health. Moreover, the followers of this practice assure that by indulging in Tai Chi, the reduction of the stress will necessarily eliminate diseases and contribute to the economy of billions of euros to the companies. Written by David

Swimming makes you Zen

If you are one of the lucky seasiders resorts this summer, do not underestimate swimming as it demonstrates that it is an excellent physical and psychological stress reliever. For those of you who have never really enjoyed meditation or yoga sessions, know that the swimming you impose on you will secrete these pleasure hormones, the endorphins, which create an effect of deep well-being and total zenity. through your being. Immerse yourself in the water is obviously not for nothing since the aquatic element mass your whole body and also creates this feeling of weightlessness a little as if you find yourself in a lunar context where the principle of attraction is would have fainted. And chaining and repeating the same movements to ensure you a swimming harmonious disconnects your brain and sends to oblivion all the little worries every day. So, do not wait any longer, consume your aquatic pleasure without moderation! Written by David

The right time to play sports

The sport produces different effects on our body according to the schedules where we indulge it. The ideal is to do it in the morning because it wakes up our body, so our metabolism will consume more calories. In addition, it will give us the catch for the day. Sport between meetings or at lunchtime is also recommended for those who wish to evacuate their tension or anxiety, not to mention that it also strengthens our physical strength. To improve your performance, it is good to practice an activity at the same time, so your body will get used to the challenge to always do better and you will progress, optimize your performance by respecting a well-managed schedule. If you choose an evening schedule, it would be better to opt for an activity such as yoga, water aerobics or stretching. This decompresses and avoids any excitement that would disturb your sleep. Written by David

The ages of life

Most cultures traditionally identify 3 stages in existence: childhood, adulthood and old age. In the Hindu tradition, the eyes of childhood are symbolized by the frolics of Krishna among the shepherdesses; in the Christian tradition, it is the episodes of Christ's childhood that are most often represented. The tasks incumbent upon the adult are symbolized in the Christian tradition by the ministry of Christ and in Greek mythology by the legend of Theseus, who killed the Minotaur and saved the lives of the young Athenians. The wisdom attributed to the elders is incarnated in the Greeks by the god Chronos who reigned over the world during the golden age; in Christian iconography, it is God the Father who is identified with the old man with the white beard. In most Eastern traditions, youth and old age are held to have two complementary aspects - innocence and wisdom - of the same reality. Written by David

Free wrestling

The World Free Wrestling Championship is being held today in Paris. This is the iconic sport of the ancient Games that we have recovered in the era of our modern world. The rules have evolved in some respects for example, the fact of not having the right to break the fingers of his opponent. Phew! If you want to get started, at least you are reassured. More seriously and for those who are interested, this sport can lose up to 360 calories for a weight of 70 pounds over a 30-minute session. Do you now pay a little more attention? This sport is also recommended for children who have problems of concentration because it is a strategic art that mobilizes a lot of energy and requires self-control. Think of your teens who could find something to be profitable. In short, it seems that this sport has many qualities for young and old! Written by David

Do you know Sup Yoga?

Have you ever thought of indulging in Sup Yoga, this practice combining meditation with nature? Sup Yoga comes straight from the States: it is about adopting yoga postures on a paddle board, a little bigger than the surfboard. It seems, according to the practitioners, that the two mixed disciplines are a real inner revolution in that the rhythm of the breathing for yoga marries perfectly the tempo of the water and the waves. The harmony that would result would be very effective on our thoughts and therefore on our body. This can be practiced on a lake, the sea, in short, on any type of water. Many yogis have confirmed that the exercise of yoga has found a new energizing impulse thanks to the proximity of nature and breathed air. It may be time to get started... Written by David

Local yoga to keep a young face all your life!

A scientific study appeared in a medical monthly "Jama dermatology" to demonstrate that facial yoga, ancestral method of facial gymnastics, would erase the passage of time on our features. After a few months of exercise, the assiduous people who took the test have seen 3 years of age disappear on their faces! Creams are no longer essential to give a facelift to our skin. Just choose your moment: morning or evening, to administer a self-massage that will be most effective in the medium term, to find a toned skin and give punch to the muscles supporting the face. It may however be recommended to apply a moisturizing serum beforehand to relax the skin. Then relax, plump your lips, correct the furrows and the double-chin and give pep to your zygomatic! Written by David


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