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Written by Alison

Since the dawn of time, men have been searching for the meaning of the world and their destiny. On all continents, at all times, insiders have addressed this issue and used elements of their environment to try to solve this puzzle. Many civilizations have observed the planetary movements and have developed different astrologies but others have based themselves on natural phenomena, seasons, trees, animals or flowers to find symbols corresponding to their personality. Others finally, like the Egyptians, have attributed a protective god for each period of the year.

So? What Egyptian God protects you? What are the characteristics of your Aztec sign? What is the correlation between your Western astrological sign and your Native American totem?
With David, travel to the land of ancestral symbols and enjoy all the exoticism and interest of discovering you through another culture, another era, another civilization.
Have a nice trip!

Your animal-totem: the Wolf

If you were born between February 20th and March 20th, your animal-totem in Native American astrology is the Wolf. Our modern civilization is not very tender with this animal, attributing a certain number of evils to it and that does not date from today since the tales already described it as a dangerous and aggressive creature. The Amerindians see in the Wolf a benevolent, generous and loving creature that his reputation suggests. The natives of this sign know how to protect the members of their clan with pugnacity and love, like a wolf mother. Receptive to the energies that circulate around, the Wolves are endowed with a great sensibility that can enrich them internally as well as intoxicating them, also according to their frequentations. In a positive environment, the Wolf is affectionate, tender, passionate. If he feels rejected, he can become savage, withdrawn into himself. His duality pack / isolation is the sign that he must appeal to a leader confident of him and inspires serenity to channel it. Written by David

Escapade in Egyptian astrology

If you were born between January 22nd and 31st, your Egyptian astrological sign is Mut. The goddess Mut is tender or feline; she is most often represented as a woman with a human head or a lioness's head and symbolizes maternal values. Born under the sign of Mut, you are enigmatic, secretive and it is an integral part of you in order to maintain a certain mystery to protect you. This does not stop you from loving others and you never refuse to serve, which makes you sociable and kind. Melancholy is also one of your character traits, yet you love life and love. Honestly, injustices stir you into emotional waves, and you are receptive to the causes and social environments in which you can invest. In the job, you are perfect and conscientious and this generally ensures a good career. Written by David

Discovering the zodiac of the pharaohs!

If you were born between December 19ht and 31st, your Egyptian astrological sign is Isis. Isis personifies patience and gives the natives a great openness, humanistic impulses. If you are betrayed, you will be no less idealistic and will always have faith in human nature. Of a conciliatory temperament, you always consider the positive and you settle in a blooming vibration. You always work in a way that will please your friends and your entourage and your magical good mood accomplishes this goal with ease. Moreover, when you go away, a big void is created in your loved ones. Solidarity, as well as intimate a life united to a partner, is essential to your eyes. The human sciences, psychology, sociology, community life represent areas where you could invest without problem. Determination is also one of your qualities to lead any project fighting against pettiness and hypocrisy. Written by David

Your animal-totem: the Goose!

If you are between December 22nd and January 19th, your Native American astrological sign is Wild Goose, the tenth totem spirit of the Wheel of Life. This bird, contrary to the popular belief that classifies it as stupid, is recognized as very intelligent by ornithologists; it is his stubborn and stubborn side that has made him a bad name. But if you want to use your totem, you will need to tap into your endurance and patience qualities. You need to engage yourself personally and sustainably in projects that you are passionate about, however if you decide to fly around; you could miss out on the essentials of your life. We must savor the passing of time and measure how much humor and lightness are essential in life. Note that geese fly at high altitude and display daring. Moreover, in antiquity, they always traveled in pairs and were considered guardians of the couple. Written by David

The 4 Toltec agreements

The 4 Toltec agreements are a code of wisdom that allows you to live in the world with serenity and in a more balanced way. The book "The 4 Toltec agreements" has always crowned the top sales because the mantras found there are of great power. Let's go over them. The first agreement: That your word is impeccable: in other words, to speak with integrity, to say only what one thinks and never to use the word against oneself or against others. The second agreement: Do not take anything personally: what others do or say reflects only their own reality; it does not concern you because it is only the projection of their mind. The third agreement: Do not make assumptions. In other words, have the courage to ask questions and express your needs. Communicating clearly with others is healthy and avoids misunderstandings and inconveniences. Fourth agreement: Always do your best. The "better" is constantly evolving. Whatever the circumstances, do your best and you will avoid judging, guilt or remorse. Written by David

Your animal totem: the Owl

If your birthday is at this time and until December 21 included, you are, in Native American astrology, the sign of the owl. This animal has particularly attracted Native American masters by its mode of hunting on worms or rodents, to rid these pests who consumed the provisions of winter, which gives it a protective role. On the other hand, his big eyes piercing the darkness of night have been assimilated to clairvoyance. In terms of personality, owls are enthusiastic, free and artists. They have a great ability to listen, which places them among guides, teachers or counselors offering an original worldview. The people of this sign love to go head to head in the adventure of life and feed on its substantive marrow. As their intelligence can embrace the two sides of the same energy, dark or bright, they will have to make a choice: to become a rebel or recalcitrant or a kind of shaman filled with wisdom. Written by David

A bit of Egyptian astrology?

If you were born between November 28th and December 18th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Osiris. He is the god of the dead and the master of the survival of the dead in the underworld. He is represented with a false beard, a butt, a whip and a crown. Osiris taught men to farm the land and fish. These natives are curious, constantly looking for new experiences and developing all their life their multiple knowledge. They are often scientists in their chosen fields. Osiris is open, confident, and sociable; he has no trouble getting relationships and having a good popularity rating. But it can be naive or distracted and then know some disappointments ... It is an idealistic sign that aims the impossible, which is not discouraged by a failure and always finds the strength and courage to bounce back against the adversity. Written by Zagon

Aztec Astrology: Grass

Do you fall in love easily? If so, you may be a sign of the herb in Aztec astrology. (To calculate your sign go to the page on my-horoscope-of-the day provided for this purpose...). Grass has a lot of energy and uses it to conquer hearts. Indeed, his artichoke heart clings very quickly to his potential partner but at the risk of lulling illusions and difficult to live a setback sentimental. Grass can have trouble finding a point of balance between his desire to charm his lover and that to stabilize. However, once the chosen one of his heart is found, he founds an ideal home. Let us note that the dual aspect of his personality makes him mysterious: he alternates the phases on the surface of his skin and the passages of withdrawal. Relying on a more consistent basis of one's personality is part of one's life path. The planet of the sign of the Grass is Jupiter and its number is the 11th. Written by David

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Thot

If you were born between November 8th and 17th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Thot. This god has the shape of a bird: a white and black ibis but sometimes also like a baboon. Thoth is the lord of time; he governs the cycles of lunar light. He is the boss of the scribes because he is the inventor of language and writing. The natives of this sign are clairvoyant, lucid and always seek to surpass themselves, to go further, higher or deeper... it is a discreet and authentic sign that cannot stand bragging and boasting. He is also very good at detecting lies. In Egypt, Thoth was the patron of astronomers, healers, and enchanters. These natives have a constant thirst for acquiring knowledge. They do not hesitate to take risks but if they are brave, they are not reckless. Written by Zagon

Your Aztec astrological sign: Flint

In the sentimental domain, the Flint's personality does not appear at a very warm welcome because this sign of the Aztec zodiac is of a temperament reserved on the personal level. Is this your case? Perhaps you are Flint in Aztec astrology; check on the page of my-horoscope-of-the-day provided for this purpose! Flint does not like to show his feelings: he prefers to stand on his own to gauge the people likely to form a harmonious duet with him. Far from him the idea of being fickle, it is important to him to form a strong couple, united by mutual loyalty. In the professional field, he knows how to be immersed in more or less harsh contexts thanks to his natural authority and his soul as leader. However, it is advisable to release some weight and be more flexible so that his resistance does not play against his interests. Written by David

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