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Written by Alison

Since the dawn of time, men have been searching for the meaning of the world and their destiny. On all continents, at all times, insiders have addressed this issue and used elements of their environment to try to solve this puzzle. Many civilizations have observed the planetary movements and have developed different astrologies but others have based themselves on natural phenomena, seasons, trees, animals or flowers to find symbols corresponding to their personality. Others finally, like the Egyptians, have attributed a protective god for each period of the year.

So? What Egyptian God protects you? What are the characteristics of your Aztec sign? What is the correlation between your Western astrological sign and your Native American totem?
With David, travel to the land of ancestral symbols and enjoy all the exoticism and interest of discovering you through another culture, another era, another civilization.
Have a nice trip!

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Horus

If you were born between September 12 and 19, your sign in Egyptian astrology is Horus, a multi-faceted god, a heavenly hawk with a right eye that is the sun and a left eye that is the moon. You do not refuse responsibilities, and as a whole and honest person, you engage in social or intellectual enterprises, with a pure and unselfish heart. The gods have given you a form of power that allows you to govern with humanism and greatness while taking a step back that makes you remain humble and modest. Your mind hits quickly and it gives you the ability to store a lot of knowledge. If you lack flexibility and feel overconfident, you are also taking risks; however your pragmatic side is rooting you on earth. Written by David

Back to Aztec astrology!

Do you have a somewhat whimsical temper, with mood swings, and are you sometimes subject to whims? It may be that you were born under the sign of the Wind, in Aztec astrology. Check! If so, you also have a lot of creativity and ingenuity. You do not have the same to avoid the complications, the pitfalls of life and you know how to finely trample. It is only after a long period of instability that you develop a philosophy of existence that is wiser, at least more relaxing. The Aztecs wore a duck mask topped with a trumpet to be as comfortable on the water as in the air: the personality of the native is a little enigmatic and difficult to identify, at ease in different elements. Note also that the temples erected in honor of the Wind include circular figures because this deity does not like angles and asperities. Written by David

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Mout

If you were born between 8 and 22 September, your Egyptian astrological sign is Mut. The goddess Mut is tender or feline; she is most often represented as a woman with a human head or a lioness's head and symbolizes maternal values. Born under the sign of Mut, you are enigmatic, secretive and it is an integral part of you in order to maintain a certain mystery to protect you. This does not stop you from loving others and you never refuse to serve, which makes you sociable and kind. Melancholy is also one of your character traits, yet you love life and love. Honestly, injustices stir you into emotional waves, and you are receptive to the causes and social environments in which you can invest. In the job, you are perfect and conscientious and this generally ensures a good career. Written by David

Your Egyptian astrological sign: the Nile

If you were born between September 1st and 7th, your Egyptian astrological sign is the Nile. This deity is most often represented as an androgynous figure, surrounded by fertile attributes, offerings or with plant hair. The Nile was considered a god because of its miraculous annual floods, depositing alluvium capable of fertilizing the earth. In terms of character, natives are very receptive to people and places that feed their energy. They also manage to feel what is happening or hiding under the facade of things. They are very creative and everything that comes with beauty and luminous intelligence inspires them. Their personality is not without the charm the other. They are altruistic, courageous and full of positive energy. Sometimes, with their quick-tempered temperament, they can explode without warning but this does not prevent their entourage appreciate because they like to serve. Written by David

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Geb.

If you were born between August 20th and 31st, your Egyptian astrological sign is Geb. God of the earth, plants and minerals, he was the brother of Mut, the goddess of heaven, and nothing could separate them. It is said that it is Geb's bursts of laughter that produce the earthquakes. The natives are great creators, good organizers who play an effective advisory role thanks to his inspired words. Endearing, alive and emotional, you are rather of a solitary nature. You must be careful not to over-absorb the disturbed energy of others and take care of yourself. You are not subject to ego attacks; on the contrary, you know how to rise above the human mass and the narcissists. You are good at focusing on difficult tasks without scattering yourself... Written by David

The Rabbit in Aztec astrology

Do you recognize yourself as being smart and resourceful, hardworking, with a calculating spirit and full of initiative? Maybe you are Rabbit in Aztec astrology. The sign of the Rabbit is smart, smiling, seductive, charming but its lightness does not win the support of all. It has two facets: discreet and timid and frivolous and happy driller who does not recipe every time. Deep down in his heart, he feeds irrational anxieties that can push him to swing between anguish and circumspection. His mind is very fertile, imaginative and concerned with the smallest details. He needs to plan things so he does not lose control of the situation. It needs some benchmarks to not have the impression of being in foreign land. He also feels the need to help others and his verbal fluency can lead him to professions related to journalism, commerce and communication. (To know your Aztec astrological sign, visit the page of provided for this purpose). Written by David

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Sekhmet

If you were born between July 29 and August 11, your Egyptian astrological sign is Sekhmet. This goddess with lion's head carries a solar disk. Warrior at heart, it gives you qualities of pride and even vanity. You know your value and it may happen that some circumstances do not fit, according to you, with your qualities, which can be frustrating. You have an innate sense of justice and this can lead you to activities related to the judiciary. It should also be noted that these natives have powerful psychic skills and a very good intuition. You are very sensitive and your strong emotions can overwhelm you. You like business, affairs and your insight gives you a clear view of things. It may be that you are uncompromising with those around you, but it is for you the sign of your integrity. Written by David

Back to Egyptian astrology!

If you were born between July 29th and August 11th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Sekhmett. Sekhmett is a terrifying goddess whose face shows no pity, no sweetness and seems to condemn the eyes of faulty humans. But it's still fair, equitable and we cannot influence it. She is a strict goddess who sets the boundaries between good and evil, right and wrong. She also has the power to heal. The natives of Sekhmett are honest, of high morality but often uncompromising with the weaknesses of others. They are sensitive and can, under the influence of their emotions, get angry or feed crazy passions. They do not easily trust and never forgive a traitor. It is a very observant sign that nothing escapes, his words are precise and his actions are clever but he lacks flexibility, indulgence. These natives also have a slightly pessimistic side. Written by Zagon

Buddhist habits

When you drink water, think about the water you drink. Only. It's a Buddhist habit that reveals that if you have to do something, you do not have to do anything else. To focus on one thing is to undertake an optimal way while being more satisfied with oneself. Another habit: no longer exercising control over our experiences. Enjoy the moment while realizing the impermanence of events. Another habit is to consult one's mental health. Sometimes going to the doctor for our physical health is not enough, we must ask "How do I feel?” Which refers to the deep feeling of ourselves and will give us information about what we need to change. If you do not feel good, ask yourself "why?” When you discover the answer, change the thing that makes you mentally uncomfortable. Written by David

All about Anubis

If you were born between June 29th and July 13th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Anubis. Anubis is represented in two ways: either an elongated dog or a man with a dog's head. Anubis is the son of Isis who gave him his name. He is the god of the night, the shadow and the secrets. The natives of Anubis are a little cyclothymic, their moods are changing but they always find a way out of their problems on their own. They are emotional and delicate natives who hide their anxiety behind a smiling mask and a little mysterious. This discreet sign is very attached to its past and is attracted, for its future, by ideals often inaccessible, which makes it rather fatalistic. Written by Zagon


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