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Introduction: Rather reserved!

Aquarius ascendant Virgo: You don't mix much with others, but you are very helpful if you are needed. You can be entrusted with a mission in all confidence. You risk some sentimental frustrations, because you are shy in the expression of your feelings and a little critical in your analyses. You don't like too much socializing, you prefer to withdraw in solitude or at least in intimacy to reflect or to carry out scientific research.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Virgo: Smart and dedicated
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Virgo: Shy and picky

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Personality: Too cerebral!

You are endowed with a nature that incites you to analyze, to dissect the beings and the situations without complacency. You know innately how to be wary of your own emotions. Your sharp mind naturally pushes you to take a step back, to flee any impulsive movement before making your decisions. This inclination avoids you many problems and especially commitments which are likely to lock you in.

Vitality / Temperament: Between adventure and safety!

Shy or detached, you have a taste for secrecy and you tend to stay away, to be a spectator. Pudique, you deliver little. Very helpful, you only show up when you are needed. You have in you two opposite natures difficult to reconcile. On the one hand, you seek total freedom, you take risks and encourage change, on the other, you cling to security and conformity. You like to get off the beaten track, but you tend to be anxious, doubtful and regretful afterwards.

Love and emotional relationships: A bit clumsy!

In love, you are looking for emotional security, but you are distrustful, prey to doubts and you tend to analyze feelings, to rationalize emotions. You need an understanding partner, a relationship based as much on friendship as on love. You can sometimes appear insensitive in your emotional life because you express everything in words that are not always appropriate.

In the family: This is your comfort zone!

You have children with enthusiasm and generosity. You are full of good will, but you must learn to regulate your ardor towards more sober temperaments. In this, your children can teach you a lot by forcing you to control certain outbursts that are incompatible with a serene daily life. You are a Sunday handyman, but you know how to surround yourself with talent and a friendly weekend at home is easily transformed into a construction site where everyone gives their best.

Relationship with money / material goods: Conscientious ant!

Professionally, it is in intellectual work that you find the most satisfaction. You are fastidious, conscientious, you get to the bottom of things, you like work well done. You will blossom by concretizing your capacities and it is in your work that you find the most tangible proof of it. You tend to question the value of what you do, which pushes you to constant improvement. You are an original who hides, you prefer to work alone, in the quiet to make discoveries.

Socio-professional life: Focused on real estate!

Studious, observant, you have a sharp sense of analysis. You have a great facility to act on a lot of concrete details and to make your patrimony evolve discreetly, but surely. You bet on sure values like real estate, you do not make risky investments, you prefer modest but sure incomes to mirific projects without guarantee.

Sphere of friendship: Benevolent friends!

In spite of your sociability, you live badly the indifference of the crowds, your selectivity makes you evolve with people who exceed the primary sides of humanity. You flee quarrels and arguments like the plague. You feel vulnerable and constantly mobilize your energies to take precautions. You choose your few friends carefully and are slow to give your trust.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You are down to earth, thoughtful, you like order, routine and for you it is inconceivable to lose control. You are disciplined and you lead your life without excess. With you, there is no room for the unexpected, everything must be planned.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

Your frankness sometimes translates into a lack of diplomacy. You analyze, count, tidy up and store, at the risk of getting lost in the details. You listen to everyone and everything, sometimes to the point of hypochondria. Your concepts are intellectual and practical, but without overflowing. You feel the need to perfect your knowledge.

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