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Written by Alison

Season after season, David researches and finds for you the best fashion plans to perfect your style. It gives you tons of tips to complete your panoply of seduction, to avoid the harmful effects of excessive heat or polar cold. It guides you to the right choices in trends, colors and fabrics.

David is also excellent advice to make the most of sales and other promotions. With him, you will do good business, you will learn to define your personal style by using fashion without being a slave, the perfect cocktail to stay yourself and to present your personality in the best light: personal, authentic and to be in on it!

Sending messages is fashion

A new fashion trend is to proclaim our mood or our feelings on our clothes or accessories. It is rather well seen as a way to ward off our emotions and if the aesthetic is at the rendezvous, we feel even better in our skin and our outfit! A T-shirt "Speed" or "We should be all feminists" or an It bag "SOS" can become a way of asserting his individuality while attracting the attention and looks in the street. The shape is the bottom that goes to the surface, said Victor Hugo, well, the embroidery on your jacket, with its flashy letters will immediately show your personality a bit connected to an original spirit and a bit trendy all short. Sending messages can combine today with a fun look and what's more colorful for the summer than to put on a tank top "Teenage runaway" to adopt a touch "young" that will give you a little scoundrel. Written by David

Run a shopping spree before the sales!

And if you started to go to the shops before being surprised by too many people on the first day of sales? Give yourself the opportunity for an hour or two by selecting your favorite brands and try on the clothes that make your eye. If you really flash on a model, ask the seller to put it aside, and if this is not possible, relegate it to the bottom of the display to reserve it for you the D-day - try! When you get home, you will begin to review all the parts of your dressing room to start making some space and, by chance, you will probably fall back on clothes you had forgotten about. Besides, it may be that you will have to start so that you are organized and do not end up with a jacket in two copies. Never easy to be a fashion victim! Written by David

Mantra of the day: soooldes

Go for the sales! The only way to get rid of the temptation is to give in, had advised Oscar Wilde, but have you noticed that each time we give in to our desires for consumption, that does not solve the problem since we put the cover 6 months after! But if shopping makes us feel good, realize that the thing is a pleasure like any other without falling into the madness consumerism; it is always good to take and it's like to afford a sweet little pleasure wrapped with a certain taste without feeling guilty. Okay, a colorful jersey pop here, a pair of chic boots here and there. A velvet bomber for back, then another model who slams and a pair of trendy sneakers and for - there, we promise to stop the operation a ruinous hair - finish, the little black dress reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's because it's a cult classic. A classic like sales. Written by David


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