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Christmas, May 1, carnival, Halloween... Our calendar is full of diverse and varied parties that David dissects you, month after month. He reveals the origin, often very old, of these festivals, telling you unusual stories about them and giving you great tips to bring your personal touch to each of these events.

For a good bowl of culture, to broaden your knowledge, to party knowingly, nothing like the chronicles of David, full of humor, poetry and especially valuable information. Do not miss any opportunity to have fun, and on the right date!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

At the dawn of this new year, the whole team of wishes you all the best and encourages you in all your most cherished wishes, even the craziest ones, even the most impossible ones. Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Frohes New Jahr... Of course, the ways to formulate it are not lacking and we welcome this new year which will strengthen, no doubt, our relations with all of you, without changing our intentions: enlighten you! This remains our most ardent wish. To take years is not very serious because each age has its pleasures and its happinesses. We totally adhere to this vision of life and we invite you to do the same so that each moment is a gift. Written by David

It's New Year's Eve!

"New Year's Eve is probably the most celebrated holiday on the planet, and what did you decide to do this special evening?" For the most original of us, they will be somewhere in Iceland in an igloo, to drink under the aurora borealis, others, more romantic, will fly to Vienna for a traditional ball, in the footsteps of Sissi or to go up the "Path of New Year's Eve". Some will go out of their way to a dream beach in the Maldives and watch the fireworks, because swapping their sweaters for a swimsuit can be fun, and in London, night owls will survey Soho before attending. New Year's Parade, a few eccentrics will go and slash the champagne in a castle in the center of France or Scotland or will perch in a cabin in the forest, or even sleep in a teepee or a trailer ... In short, whatever your choice, we wish you an excellent eve with yours! Written by David

Santa Claus is here tonight!

We wish you a good tuck and a good Christmas Eve with family, relatives and friends. Hang the garlands and banners, surprise your guests with a table decorated in a chic and warm kind, turn on the candle for a delicate light atmosphere, sprinkle all corners of the living room small decorative candles in the shape of pine cones... Between the salmon , foie gras or stuffed turkey, it is possible to lighten your menu so as not to overload it. You can consider for example, vegetable terrines input or log vegetables, this can be an original and friendly alternative. Crusted chicken fillet is good and refined if you prefer a lighter and more digestible white meat. Sharing a good meal is the goal but not only, the main thing is being together with gaiety and complicity. Happy holidays to all of you and celebrate with your heart! Written by David

Today is the day of Peace

Peace Day was established by the United Nations in 2001 to bring nations and associations together around the idea of peace. "Embodies the change you want to see in the world," said Gandhi, "it is important to understand that everyone is responsible and that peace begins with an individual approach that involves looking at each other without complacency. Introspection involves stopping, making a break with the sirens of the outdoor life. Listening efforts and self-understanding are the essential acts to put in place on a daily basis and to ritualize a meditation exercise. If the meditation effort is seen as a fashion for some, it represents the commitment of one life for others. The craziest thoughts that jostle in our head can bring us peace only if we manage to watch them pass like a train, at least for a moment of the day. Written by David

Independence Day for this 4th of July

The Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence vis-à-vis Great Britain that took place July 4, 1776. Many festivities are in full swing, fireworks from night and day are shamelessly fired, artists deliver performances on stage to music to mark the coup, and large parades are organized across the country and in particular, that of Macy in New York, the largest. If you want to immerse yourself in this commemorative atmosphere, you can still taste it in some places around the world, like, for example, in Paris at the American Dream or Harry's Bar, mythical pubs that are not afraid of the party! Keeping in mind that the text of the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson is still revolutionary because largely inspired by the spirit of the "Enlightenment": it opens with the "All men are created equal". Written by David

It's Father's Day!

In case you forgot, today is Father's Day. And if you have not forgotten, maybe you will find what would please your daddy. We can suggest some ideas. Is it subject to fatigue? A pillow for massaging the neck or an essential oil diffuser and you could make him happy. Is he often late for appointments? A watch with Einstein's image to forgive him the fact that time is very relative. Does he like good wines? Why not a wine aerator or a light carafe. Is he a big nostalgic of the fifties? A retro popcorn machine will do just fine, but a turntable with one or two discs may be just right. And if it is not physically demanding, perhaps it is just waiting for your visit to enjoy your presence, his best gift. Written by David

Organize your shopping!

To avoid spoiling your life, it is recommended to do your Christmas shopping no later than the first week of December and again the first rushes begin to appear around December 5 and 6 ... And preferably, do your shopping in week on the occasion of a day off that you ask, at the opening of the store because the shelves are full. You will avoid elbowing in the crowd and you can approach the holidays more serenely. The best way to gain speed is to split your purchases with family or friends, which will save you from ending up with a duplicate toy or running for hours. And now, the case is in the bag: you have succeeded your challenge, stronger than Schwarzy in his toy race, without stress and without anxiety. Thanks WHO? of course! Written by David

Very nice new year!

For New Year's Eve, many of us are going to discover new cities here and there in Europe to celebrate the event in new sets that will mark the occasion. In Barcelona, ??city dwellers like to gather around the fountain of Montjuïc or on the beach to watch the fireworks... In London, where the French are the most numerous (2h30 from Paris, by train), the essential place is Westminster Bridge or Big Ben... At the New Year's Eve in Amsterdam, the celebrations are very festive, especially in Oosterdok, north of the Centrum district, behind the ship "Amsterdam". In Berlin, the main festivities are in full swing between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. In Rome you can admire a beautiful explosion of colors near the Colosseum, of course! With our Scottish friends, Edinburgh is not outdone, the traditional songs, especially "Auld Lang Syne", resound among a procession of thousands of candles! And the Brussels fireworks are shot at Mont des Arts, in the city center. Anyway, wherever you are, the whole team of my-horoscope-of-the-day wishes you an excellent New Year's Eve! Written by David

Merry Christmas!

A little humor on this day of celebration. The very young and famous actress Shirley Temple told the end of the myth of Santa Claus in these words: "I understood that Santa did not exist when I was 5 years old. I entered a department store and he asked me for an autograph. How many children have doubts about Santa's existence! But today, everyone is supposed to believe, children as adults because it is more a festive and warm mood. And for the children who express doubts about his existence, maybe it is good to answer them "Do you wonder if he exists? According to you ? Do you really want to believe it? Often the answers provided will indicate if they still have an interest in living in this magic. But today, fateful day if any, where gifts rain more or less in the house, they will probably avoid this type of questioning. In conclusion, the whole team of joins me in wishing you a very, very beautiful Christmas! Written by David

Eve for latecomers...

If you have fallen behind in your preparations, do not panic! You can always ask children to make small decorative items before Santa Claus arrives, and to help you, websites like or provide tutorials that show you how to divert everyday objects with paper, plastic, cardboard. You also have the option of Dollar Tree (more than 14,000 stores in USA and Canada) that offer a host of products at ridiculous prices: foot glasses with gold ribbon pattern, red sub-plates adorned with small fir trees and even chair covers in red and white felt reminiscent of Santa Claus. And if you still dry question gifts, there are simple solutions such as prepaid cards: it usually wins a lot of success because they allow you to buy what you want. Merry Christmas! Written by David


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