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Gastronomy News

  Written by Alison

David invites himself into your kitchen to give new colors to your culinary preparations! Eccentric sandwiches, the right way to make a success with his gratin dauphinois, the benefits of garlic and olive oil in an inventive cuisine... David talks about fruits, vegetables, old and new techniques to succeed all your dishes. He makes you discover exotic flavors; he informs you about the role of spices and condiments. If it takes little to miss a dish, just a detail to sublimate! With humor, lightness and gourmet, David takes you on the paths of gastronomy every day. Enjoy your meal!

The virtues of cashews

The virtues of cashews

from David, the 17/10/2019

Although it is less rich in calcium and fiber than almonds, cashews get a good reputation among nutritionists thanks to its mono-unsaturated fats, that is to say, beneficial for health. Clinical studies encourage a point consumption of these oleaginous fruits which are in good place to reduce the cardiovascular risks and of type 2 diabetes. It is of course necessary to obtain them in an organic grocer preferably, without salt and dry roasted and to turn away from those that are mixed with palm oil. Note that their copper, phosphorus and iron content is a very good antioxidant to protect and defend the body and thus fight against the effects of aging. Their magnesium is perfect for fighting mood swings or barbells. So, do not miss out on it: in the morning in a yoghurt or a muesli, at the four o'clock break with your apple!

Feng-Shui cuisine

Feng-Shui cuisine

from David, the 08/10/2019

It must be assumed that any food prepared in a kitchen will be invested with the energy that prevails, so always make sure that your food room is always clean. Get rid of all your outdated products lying in the bottom of your closets or your fridge because the freshness of the dishes they contain will be an important vector for the health of your home. Another important point is that the sink and your cooking plates must not cohabit next to each other because the energies of water and fire are very opposite and can create disharmony in your home: you can always arrange a separation with wood (e.g. utensils) or a green plant. Also avoid leaving sharp material because Feng-Shui is not very customer of all these forms angular or sharp. On the other hand, if the worktop is facing the door, turning the back on visitors does not propagate a climate of invitation, so you can place a mirror to cancel this effect or a sparkling casserole. Finally, a good light is a sign of good health and good mood, so be sure to make it clear and relaxing.

A good breakfast

A good breakfast

from David, the 25/09/2019

A healthy breakfast is the one that will provide enough nutrition to spend all morning without having to nibble. For this, it is essential to favor a contribution of protein, fat and fiber. Sugar is OK, but not enough. Moderately sweet organic muesli are recommended (such as rye, buckwheat, oats) provided they are unrefined. Thanks to their fibers, they swell in the stomach, giving us a feeling of fullness while they regulate the level of fat and sugar in the blood. Opt for wholegrain bread, always richer in fiber and accompany it all with dried fruits, or a banana: they are good appetite suppressants made of antioxidants rich in fibers, too. Be aware that if you are a fan of coffee, roasted cereals are recommended because they are less aggressive on the digestive plan, as rooibos tea, by the way.

Eat a handful of almonds

Eat a handful of almonds

from David, the 28/12/2017

The origin of the word almond comes from Latin Amandula or Greek Amigdalon which means divine gift or a rare and precious good. Just that, yes, but it's already starting to put us on the track as to its healing benefits. Almond contains magnesium, vitamin B, proteins and amino acids. Despite its high calorie content, it causes weight loss for those who consume regularly; 4 to 5 a day is the ideal pace. It is rich in fiber and protein, it reduces hunger and the desire to eat in the day. It also stimulates brain activity and helps the brain stay focused thanks to the oils and amino acids it contains. In addition, it reduces stress and risks of insomnia. The fact that it is rich in phosphorus optimizes the power of the brain as well as the sight. It also prevents body cells from premature aging. In short, it is not for nothing that the Egyptian civilization considered it a panacea.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds

from David, the 23/12/2017

Known since antiquity, legend has it that Greek athletes used it to stave off hunger, avoid weight gain and keep the line. If cravings are waiting for you during the day, take some fennel seeds and you will find that your hunger subsides. Not insignificant fennel freshens the breath, it was somehow the chewing gum of its time. Another legend says that, in order to win his victory against the Salins, Romulus erected a temple near Rome, surrounded by fields of fennel, to personify youth, vigor and health. In Italy, fennel was the food of the Gods and the one who consumed it could have access to knowledge. If you want to use it in cooking, it enhances the flavor of fish and white meat with its aniseed taste. Its properties combat digestive problems and stimulate the muscles of the intestine. It soothes asthma and is beneficial for high blood pressure.

Need some inspiration?

Need some inspiration?

from David, the 19/12/2017

The universe of Harry Potter bewitched the tricks by putting on the market utensils that will not fail to charm your cooking skills. Any addict of our favorite wizard will be able to get four spatulas in the colors of the four houses of Hogwarts where the animal symbolizes the house. And to really play the game until the end, you can don the apron that is available in child and adult model. The Muggle you're in power will be able to reveal himself in front of his stove by sprinkling small touches of magic. And as the holidays are fast approaching, you are also entitled to the candles that recreate this world of fantasy imagined by JK Rowling; there is something for everyone because there is the one called Magic Wand diffusing a scent based on sandalwood and evoking the magic wand ... or the one called Draco which unites peppermint and chocolate to captivate you with desire.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey

from David, the 24/11/2017

Obviously, in this season, honey is recommended to treat sore throats and can be diluted in tea as well as mixing in yogurt. But among them, it is a honey considered as a divine nectar because of its many healing virtues, it is the manuka honey, come from New Zealand and very used by the Maori they see as a miraculous product. Its antibacterial power differentiates it from other honeys and puts it above the basket. It kills bacteria and is even more effective than any antibiotic. For wounds, sores, or burns, do not hesitate to use it as a poultice. For infections or sore throats, you will dilute it in your tea or hot water at the rate of two spoons daily. It is even managed in some treatments to treat with conclusive results edema and other diseases. Learn about Manuka honey labels to choose a healthy product that works.

Eat apple

Eat apple

from David, the 20/11/2017

Recently a study across the Atlantic has revealed that the apple would get excellent results in reducing the risk of diabetes, or even cardiovascular disease. This fruit is rich in vitamins, especially Boskoop and Pippin, so do not hesitate to make it your appetite suppressant of the day, especially as it will stimulate you and invigorate you. In addition, it does not lack fiber, which will facilitate your transit and help your digestion. Moreover, it has been scientifically recognized that the apple is a very good anti-aging because of its vitamins B, E and its richness in sugars and seeds are rich in antioxidants; you can then apply it on your skin. Currently, on the market, appear more and more creams based on apple. Antioxidants found in the peel of the apple have become an effective weapon in the fight against cholesterol. No need to remind you that to enjoy all its benefits, it is better to buy organic! (because it's one of the most processed products)

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