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5 signs that show you're in love

Written by Mary

How are you when you are in love? The heart pounding, the butterflies floating in the belly, the uncertain hands shaking... We know the physical symptoms that confirm that we are in love. But what are the other signs related to your behavior? This is what we propose to see according to your zodiac sign. Astrology can help you see things more clearly!


- You just miss your fitness session at the gym.
- You are more impulsive.
- You have completely let go of everyday tasks; at worst, a little hasty storage if the loved one comes to visit you.
- You make an appointment with him the same day to book a nice table - even if you have not yet confirmed his availability.
- Nevertheless, you can spare your independence between two dates.


- You become tactile.
- You can imagine all sorts of dishes to cook and share with your partner.
- You tell him reassuring things like engaging yourself more seriously with him.
- You become jealous, exclusive.
- The tone of your voice changes due to be pleasantly disturbedÂ…


- Thousand thoughts overlap under your boiling head: you become even faster than usual!
- You create small theater pieces presenting yourself unavailable while you are free as the air.
- You take two steps forward, three steps back.
- When your partner leaves you, you run after him.
- You provoke the laughter of your surroundings thanks to your brilliant fantasy.


- You gradually open up to your partner, sometimes surprising yourself.
- You always make room for him and in the design of your future two.
- Indirectly manifest your desire for hugs.
- You are planning a family future with little ones.
- You become the seeker of many attentions, even capricious.


- You cover your partner with gifts.
- You love to show yourself on your arm and parade in society.
- You are demonstrative about feelings.
- You take care of your style and your image and make it more glamorous.
- You earn more money to meet the material needs of your duo.


- You pamper your olfactory identity by investing in a light fragrance that will make you clean and attractive.
- You try to reason with yourself by searching in a book for logical answers to your passion.
- By very sincere little touches, you surround with affection the chosen one of your heart and answer his needs, even the most vain ones.
- You think less about work and more about him, which disturbs you a bit.

- You begin to review your routine to fit your new situation.


- You become addicted to shopping to look after your look.
- You propose to the elected of your heart to go to a party, a show, provided you are with him, that's all that matters.
- It can happen that you sometimes blush because of your heart racing.
- You can daydream and become less productive at work.
- You only see an ideal future with your partner without any shadow on the board.


- You feel a huge lack when your partner is not there.
- You feel more alive than usual in his presence.
- You want to control your duo to encounter no surprises.
- Conversely, you are ready to commit the impossible to demonstrate how passionate you are to love.
- You have a need for constant fusion with the loved one from where your very coaxing and caressing side.


- You smile all alone in the street because you think back to the moments that you spent with the elected of your heart.
- The awkwardness occasionally overwhelms you and you sometimes take your feet in the carpet.
- You idealize your soul mate to the extreme.
- You plan with him towards the horizons of the world for a journey.
- You bombard him with messages or SMS as if the distance between the two of you was just a decoy.


- You organize your projects by spontaneously including your partner.
- You share your ideas for the future in the medium and long term with him to plot your way hand in hand.
- You send SMS to your sweetheart to know if everything is fine.
- You pretend to be detached from him, which is a way of protecting yourself.
- Paradoxically, you think only of him and of seeing him as often as possible.


- You are interested in what the elected of your heart does and in his personal convictions.
- You give him poles to make a stronger, more intense connection.
- You pass a moral test to know if you are really in love and will negotiate with your precious independence.
- You have new and great humanist ideas that are emerging.
- You invite friends to introduce them to your partner.


- You give much, much affection to the chosen one of your heart.
- You give him little gifts in the form of hints.
- You ask him his opinion on a film to see, a piece of furniture to buy.
- You become romantic to lose your head.
- You make everyone happy.

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