The origin and customs of each day

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Depending on the culture, the week begins on Sunday (after the Sabbath) or Monday. In Western countries, a standard (ISO 8601) defines Monday as the first day of the week. Whether it's observation-based customs or pure superstitions, many traditions attribute value or influence to each day of the week, often in relation to the planet that governs it. Here you can discover the meaning of each day, the traditions that are attached to it and the advice of our ancestors to make the most of each day's potential.


The first day of the week is ruled by the moon and the planet of women. It refers to the sign of Cancer.
Customs and traditions
- This is not a good day for a wedding because it would subject the spouses to the influence of the moon and make them whimsical.
You should never wear emeralds on Mondays, otherwise you will see your week wasted.
- Three Mondays are harmful in the year: the first Monday in April, the day of the birth of Cain, the second Monday in August, the day of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the last Monday of December, the day of the birth of Judas.
The best stone : the pearl
The colour : purple
This day is great for Works related to water, planting and sowing, quiet activities, adoption of a child or settling in a new home.
To avoid: Judgments, oaths, separations, travels, work with fire, intense physical exercises.


Tuesday is ruled by Mars, planet of warriors and refers to the sign of Aries.
Customs and traditions
- It's the day of Mars, the god of war, fighting and clashes. This is a good day for battles and commercial deals.
- It is bad luck to offer flowers on a Tuesday.
- Newly weds on Tuesday's will be dynamic and happy in the household.
The best stone : the ruby
The colour : red
This day is great for Conquest, sporting competitions, the creation of a family, a move, loans or the promotion of a cause.
To avoid: Weddings, parties, meetings, polishing a blade, construction, travels.


Wednesday is governed by Mercury, the planet of mobility and refers to the signs of Gemini and Virgo.
Customs and traditions
- Wednesday favors commercial enterprises, travel and departures for adventure.
- Do not wear gloves and do not get married on a Wednesday.
- The new moon that falls on a Wednesday is very ominous.
The best stone : Amethyst
The colour : Yellow
This day is great for Travel, trade, contracts, wealth acquisition, house building, arts and crafts.
To avoid: To separate from a important things, to make donations, making a dyke or a dam.


Thursday is governed by Jupiter, planet of expansion and refers to the sign of Sagittarius.
Customs and traditions
- It is a prosperous day, placed under the protection of "great benefits".
- In Eastern culture, it's the best day for a bride to cross the threshold of her house.
- On Thursdays, do not wear rubies or do manual labour.
The best stone : sapphire
The colour : blue
This day is great for Marriage, studies, sowing and planting, the construction or the acquisition of real estate, metalwork, a party, an exhibition and horsemanship.
To avoid: Taking an oath, repairing a roof, practicing an art.


Friday is governed by Venus, the planet of feelings and refers to the signs of Taurus and Libra.
Customs and traditions
- Eve would have offered Adam the apple on a Friday, it's not a beneficial day.
- The night from Friday to Saturday is the Sabbath of witches and devils.
- In England, we avoid burying the dead on Fridays because 3 members of the same family could die before the end of the year.
- It was once a day for hanging criminals in England and the United States.
- In many sayings, there is a correlation between Friday, penance day and Sunday, the day of joy: "He who laughs Friday, will cry Sunday".
The best stone : the carnelian
The colour : green
This day is great for Teaching, organizing a party, invitations, eloquent speeches, agricultural work, architecture, and working with water.
To avoid: Conflicts, negotiations, demands and violent activities.


Saturday is governed by Saturn, the planet of control and refers to the sign of Capricorn.
Customs and traditions
- It is the day chosen by God for the creation of Man.
- Do not change jobs on a Saturday, it brings bad luck.
- Saturday is the day for weddings, it is a day that offers the most guarantees of happiness.
- It is said that Saturday is the day when the Virgin is drying her laundry because the sun is rising a little higher. A saying goes: "It is Saturday only when the sun shows itself".
The best stone : turquoise
The colour : indigo
This day is great for The foundations of a house, the occupation of a new place, agricultural or hydraulic work, the acquisition of animals.
To avoid: Selling goods or animals, fire and metal works, solemn declarations, big trips, expenses, loans of money, exhibitions and demonstrations.


Sunday is governed by the sun, the star of dignitaries and refers to the sign of Leo.
Customs and traditions
- God created the world in six days and rested the seventh, people imitate their creator and rest on Sunday.
- People born on a Sunday would be promised an extraordinary destiny, they triumph over the forces of evil and their work is always fruitful.
- It is good to start medical treatment on a Sunday, but it is bad luck to change your bed sheets.
The best stone : topaze
The colour : orange
This day is great for Official ceremonies, parties and fire-related work.
To avoid: Taking an oath, going on a journey, relocating, sowing and planting.

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