Mutable Mode in Astrology

Written by Alison

Mutable signs represent the end of the season and the point when one thing comes to an end and another begins. Those born under these signs are therefore naturally prepared to see their world change and to adapt to new lifestyles. They are often particularly opportunist. The mutable signs are Gemini in spring, Virgo in summer, Sagittarius in autumn and Pisces in winter..

You adapt to situations without necessarily seeking to control them. You are quite easily influenced, muddled, inconsistent or casual. You have a tendency to question yourself all the time and run away from constraints and responsibilities. You are not stubborn, but change your opinion all the time, which can be wearying for your partner or colleagues. You often go through temporary periods of stability, but then suddenly and briefly turn in the opposite direction. You can often seem quite enigmatic. This rather bipolar approach can sometimes work against your interests and your ability to achieve things on a regular basis. It would be good to be aware of this to adjust things as need be, by developing your perseverance and confidence in your own judgement or intuition.

Those born under mutable signs manipulate their intellectual achievements by integrating and changing them, or even inventing new concepts or untried methods:
- Geminis are social animals. They are full of curiosity and analytical, with a critical approach to the way others think, but then using this as food for thought. They are restless and responsive in intellectual matters, spending only a short time on a subject and then moving on to something else. They are light-hearted and talkative, and blow with the wind.
- Virgos are anxious and perfectionist. They scrupulously analyse every situation in detail. They are changeable and perfectionists who are constantly on the look-out for new ways of moving forward.
- Sagittarians are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They consider knowledge from a global point of view and put it into perspective. They are enthusiastic in their activities and able to handle several things at once. They are hungry for discovery and new adventures.

- Pisceans rely on a process of magical osmosis to fuse with others intellectually and emotionally. They are emotionally unstable and can quickly go from profound ecstasy to total depression. They find it easy to forgive and forget.

If there are too many mutable signs in a personal chart:
This person is adaptable, but easily influenced and easily distracted by his/her immediate surroundings. He/she is not good at long-term projects.

If there are too few mutable signs in a personal chart:
This makes it difficult for a person to move forward by adapting to circumstances. He/she rarely gains in awareness as things are rarely questioned.

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