Mercury in Virgo: Inspiration!

Written by Daisy

Mercury will provide effective support to those who are keen to progress. With this influence, communications and exchanges will take a more formal turn and give rise to contractual commitments. Mercury promotes intellectual acuity, tactical sense and thought precision. This period will not be light, but can offer everyone the potential to get to the bottom of problems, dissect them and finally find solutions.
For those whose natal theme is dominated by Mercury, this period will be particularly intense and will bring inspiration and creativity. What influence does Mercury in Virgo have on each sign?


For you, ladies and gentlemen who are accustomed to rushing, the passage of Mercury from the sign of Leo into Virgo will somewhat slow down your ardor. It will be necessary to be meticulous and review in detail your plan of action because, practically speaking, you are not always the first in your class. Take advantage of this change of tempo to make the necessary adjustments and get off to a good start.


Dear Taurus, you who are in a phase of transformation and consolidation, Mercury will strengthen your ability to focus throughout his stay in Virgo. Under the influence of Mercury, you will meet many opportunities to give a concrete and more precise form to your ideas, those that will allow you to gain efficiency and productivity in your professional life. The exchanges or contracts signed during this period will have profound consequences.


Native Gemini, Mercury in the sign of Virgo will come to form a square to your Sun. This could cause some irritation while you will be titillated between the pleasure of saying the punchline or that of doing just what it takes. Your perception of reality will experience a greater need to get closer to tangible realities, the passage from Mercury into Virgo pushes you there but that can put you off. Try to appeal to your sense of objective analysis: facts, facts, facts!


With Mercury in sextile to your sign, expect good news and exchanges that could open doors for you, especially on the socio-professional level. Mercury in the sign of Earth will also help you channel your emotional overflow, help you verbalize your feelings, better understand your emotions and your real needs, in order to better channel your sensitivity. This configuration is beneficial for tightening your most important connections through dialogue.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo requires you to make some concessions through your exchanges and especially your demands. In Virgo, Mercury will force you to humility for a period of time by asking of you a little more discretion than usual, even if you want to take the microphone and be center stage. You have the opportunity to find a happy medium in an elegant way, if you bet on deep reflection.


Mercury in your sign and in your home will give you a support that is not negligible. Here is a period that promises to be grandiose and fruitful for the natives of Virgo. Your critical mind will be at the highest peak of its form. Your ability to make yourself useful will take on a new dimension and you could also be touched by inspiration, which you will be able to combine with reality, flexibility and precision. This may be the time to put in black and white the new methods you have in mind and to patent them.


You will have little time to breathe under this configuration. Mercury in Virgo can be an opportunity to take stock of the situation, even if you tend to find the style of the Virgo a little too stilted to your liking. Expect to feel more stirring in your surroundings and more demands, the circumstances will push you to be more reasonable, which will help you to better channel your creativity.


Just like the other signs of water Cancer and Pisces, the passage of Mercury in Virgo will offer you the possibility to better channel your emotions by appealing to the good sense of the Virgo, your mind will be stronger and more able to dissect the most complex things. All manual creative work can be a great way to express your imagination, especially if the finished product is of practical use.


You who always love to aim further and higher, Mercury in Virgo will put your feet back on the ground or will set things straight. Begin by completing what you have initiated and measuring the first results, then you can consider moving to step B of your plan. Mercury in Virgo does not like sword fights in the water and you will have to make a special effort to (re) give your projects and your ambitions a utilitarian and practical dimension.


With the transit of Mercury in trine to your sign you will have an ally and be able to launch into deep changes. Mercury in Virgo will accompany your ambitious spirit and build through better planning and organizational skills. This period will be favorable to all very complex work. Your common sense is enriched by a sense of positive, complementary analysis.


As a sign of air, Aquarius will have to adapt, just like Gemini and Libra, to the earthly spirit of Mercury in Virgo. Generally oriented towards others and a destroyer of the values of fraternity and solidarity, Aquarius will be able to find in Mercury in Virgo a precious ally who will help them to implement their great humanitarian ideas in real life. Provided you agree to deal with practical details that become unavoidable.


In opposition to your sign, the entry of the sign of Virgo in Mercury will remind the gentle Pisces dreamers that life on Earth even made of unconditional devotion to others requires a minimum of practical organization. Finding this balance will be the major issue for these natives, your close ones will place you in situations that require you to enter practical details that must be simplified and resolved.

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