Mars enters in Aries

Written by Susan

Mars enters Aries, the sign that he governs and will release his powerful energy, which you should enjoy to the maximum. The exchanges become more frank, more spontaneous. It is a time to make decisions, take initiatives and go to new conquests. Intuition and instinct guide actions. Mars brings a lot of energy, vitality, dynamism, courage and daring to overcomes all obstacles but it can also encourage precipitation and impulsive reactions.


Full of ambition, you feel a compelling need for action and conquests but you are strongly advised to channel your powerful energy and not take too bold of initiatives or to start precipitous actions. You must be wary of your impulsiveness that could make you commit some imprudence or push you to be brutal, creating tensions in your relationships. You lack tact and diplomacy during this period and you hardly support authority. Cultivate patience and reflection to reap the benefits of this transit.


This new planetary configuration will encourage you to focus on your personal goals, on the realization of your projects. All your actions are full of energy and will. You may tend to take a little more risk than usual and follow innovative and daring ideas. You let your instinct and your intuition guide you, in order to build something solid. You will also use this period to give yourself the time to think deeply about your goals and future actions.


This influence tends to free you from your inhibitions, you feel more confident in your means, more competitive and full of energy. You have the opportunity to assert yourself and accomplish everything you want with greater ease. Your way of communicating is more powerful, more passionate, more combative, you go straight to the point with a lot of frankness and daring. Be careful, however, not to offend some feelings. It's a good time to promote, implement and realize your creative projects, you will easily attract attention, support and recognition. Do not hesitate to put yourself ahead ,at work you could well move up a rung.


Your susceptibility is a little exacerbated by this planetary configuration. You do not tolerate criticism, you tend to take any comment for a personal affront and you respond without taking the time to think about the consequences. At work too, you have some difficulty supporting authority during this period. You feel quickly frustrated and impatient. Be aware of this attitude and stay objective in your assessment of situations. Choose your battles with care and defend yourself only in case of real need. Avoid any impulsive action, you can channel this powerful energy by focusing on a specific goal.


You are overflowing with energy and assurance, you assert yourself with authority, you impose your will with great efficiency. This is the time to implement the bold projects that are important to you, you know the art of selling your ideas and convincing. You have the courage, the enthusiasm and the will to achieve any goal that you set yourself in your personal or professional life. Your libido is exacerbated, your desires are powerful. You spice up, happily, your life as a couple and if you are single, you may well meet a new love during this time.


This passage from Mars to Aries brings you more energy and daring that further increases your effectiveness in all your actions. You have the urge to surpass yourself and you are perfectly focused on your personal goals. Be careful not to fall into the trap of overwork. You may become very nervous and overly critical creating tension in your relationships. Know how to channel your energy in a positive way and you will achieve beautiful goals. When it comes to your emotions, you open up about your feelings with a little more ease, you are more demonstrative and more whimsical than usual.


Mars in Aries comes to give you a boost and challenge you. You are nervous and feel the need to act or to do something but you feel frustrated by anything that is against your will, whether it is others or events. The need for harmony and balance that characterizes you is more difficult to meet than usual. You are having some difficulty using your diplomatic skills at this time and your relationships may be a little tense. Allow yourself some time for rest and reflection and you will be able to focus your energy on a positive goal.


Mars brings a favorable climate to all your affairs and you can take this opportunity to reorganize your daily life, your lifestyle and your work. Your enthusiasm pushes you to excel, to focus on your personal projects and why not to vary and broaden your goals. You feel the enormous potential for change that surrounds you and you take the opportunity to challenge yourself and bring to your life the renewal you need. Your exchanges with people are more supported and more spontaneous and you could meet interesting people.


This planetary configuration brings you extra energy. You feel full of vitality and you are confident in your strength and in your means. It's a good time to clarify your goals, start new projects, take on more responsibility or try to get promoted. Your positive and enthusiastic attitude makes you attractive. Full of vigor and daring, you strongly feel the need to act, take initiatives and fight to achieve your ambitions. You see clearly in situations and you easily overcome any obstacle. You need to spend your physical energy, this transit is quite favorable to the practice of a sport.


Mars in this position gives you a tendency to overwork. You are nervous and you are strongly advised to monitor your mood. Susceptible, you tolerate no criticism, no comment and you tend to assert yourself in an aggressive manner rejecting any authority. You are irritable, agitated, easily frustrated, and your attitude may taint the consideration you usually get. Be aware of your attitude so as not to risk creating tensions in your professional and personal relationships. Put important decisions back, try to avoid impulsive reactions and channel your energy toward a specific goal.


If you have an idea or a cause that is important to you, now is the time to promote it. You are overflowing with positivity and energy, your exchanges are frank and engaging, you have a magnetic appeal to others and you easily get support. You have the opportunity to launch a project and get everything you want without having to face a lot of opposition. Enthusiastic and focused, you are firmly on the road to success and you are likely to find it. Let yourself be guided by your instinct and you will work wonders.


These past few weeks have been hectic and Mars leaving your sign to enter Aries will allow you to slow down and breathe a bit by regaining the comfort of your inner world. You will be able to benefit fully from the fruit of your personal efforts and from this very positive evolution that you have been able to give intuitively to your activities and your projects. Your dedication, your initiatives and your past decisions are rewarded. Your instinct has allowed you to make some very creative changes in your life and this is the right time to look over your accounts.

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