Jupiter passes in Cancer

Written by Susan

The planet of pleasures and personal expansion feels good in the sensory and warm sign of Cancer. The emotions are exalted, the family takes on a lot of importance, as well as gourmet pleasures, whether cooking or when it comes to sensuality. This atmosphere is focused a little on the home and will come with various pleasures, some will have to adapt to keep balanced and fulfilling relationships with their close entourage.


It is a year of tensions, excess and headaches with the family. You have trouble disciplining yourself and setting limits. Your greed, your thirst for recognition or your excessive ambitions may make you unpopular. Your haste, negligence or abuse can endanger your finances or your love if you do not reign in your overflows. Fortunately, Jupiter is never really evil and it depends only on your willingness to not harvest an unpleasant incident following your behavior, which is sometimes outrageous.


A good year for luck, a happy state of affairs and material or domestic growth. Your environment is very fulfilling, your parental fiber or your family ties will be exalted and your home will grow, either by moving, by renovating your house or by expanding it. It's a great year to make real estate investments.


It's a peaceful year, favorable to your heritage. You have various opportunities to consolidate your finances, whether it's lending, repaying, recovering or investing, all the monetary transactions are protected by your common sense, subtlety and opportunism.


Jupiter passes in your sign every 12 years, it would be a shame to miss the boat! This year will see a whole lot of opportunities, enhancements, successes, recognition and promotions. Even if Jupiter brings luck, it depends however on you to seize it: the benefits do not fall from the ceiling and some may have to fight a certain gloom to enjoy this excellent influence. Indeed, if you indulge in indolence or neglect, Jupiter risks encouraging you on this path. Stay vigilant and disciplined to make this excellent influence profitable.


It is a peaceful year, favorable to your family intimacy. You have various opportunities to improve or beautify your home and you will take an unusual pleasure in withdrawing into solitude and developing your very next business. It is a period of gestation.


It's a beautiful year with Jupiter, he only wants what is good for you and gives scope to your social or associative life. Your meetings will be warm and constructive, you will benefit from well-placed protection, benevolence, listening and understanding. Take advantage of this year to broaden your field of knowledge and build new and fulfilling relationships.


This year, you may want too much, and come off as too impulsive, casual or capricious. Your demands may affect your emotional relationships as much as your wallet. Tensions are likely in your professional life and, if this is the time to show yourself as tenacious and courageous, then it is not a good time to ask for a promotion. Wait until Jupiter stops exacerbating the worst tendencies of your character.


The influence of Jupiter in the friendly and protective sign of Cancer promises a beautiful period of development of your best assets. Your intuition is precious to you to discern the best opportunities to shine but also to widen your pretensions. Indeed, you have the opportunity to travel, learn something, to take on an apprenticeship or meet interesting people. Stay tuned, available and adaptable to make the most of these great influences. Luck is coming...


Jupiter will highlight family values, inspire you to take a closer look at your home or offspring. It is a greedy atmosphere that could, in some, cause weight gain. But overall, with a hint of self-discipline, this transit is rather favorable.


Jupiter risks, at times, straining your relationship. You feel frustrated in your situation or your reputation and the reality seems very mediocre. You have trouble disciplining your ambitions, your moods and your pessimistic visions can greatly annoy your partner. Your seriousness turns to rigidity, your courage turns to recklessness or you take reckless risks in your relationships. All this is a little destabilizing and you may be mistaken for having a lack of discernment. Jupiter is not evil enough to induce a painful breakup alone, but it can provoke behaviors that annoy your partner temporarily...


If Jupiter in Cancer does not have a direct impact on Aquarius, it does induce an atmosphere of well-being, especially in your daily life: your usual activities will seem less restrictive, more comfortable or better adapted to your needs. This can result in a more pleasant environment, friendly new colleagues, better-tuned schedules and a fulfilling routine.


This is a decade that ends beautifully, with a beautiful display of your talents, your assets, your qualities. It's a time for pleasure and creativity. Artists will be inspired, entrepreneurs will seek to expand their independence, some will think of starting a family. A powerful influence sends you, since the transit in Cancer, family concerns, an immense desire to grow more attractive and stabilize the comfort in your home and for the members of your family, especially if you have children.

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