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Detox after the holidays

Written by Olivia

Even though it might seem like globalization has won out, each of us still have our own tastes that resist whatever may be imposed upon them. Imagine you are about to have friends or new guests over and have to whip up your favorite recipe that has this certain something that makes your heart race. So kindle the fire of your creative power, and the dish you want will slowly start to take form. We will give you a close-up look at each zodiac sign to see what they like to eat.


Make Yourself A Place in the Sun. There's nothing like feeding your skin with sunlight in a tanning bed for a few sessions to perk up your mind and your body. This will give you back the taste for working out using the inexhaustible energies that you have naturally and abundantly. This is the right formula for you to attack the new season with ardent enthusiasm.


To forget the foie gras and the capon, a small smooth transition to juices and soups for a few days will free your body of bloat. Push eating sugars, processed foods and cheeses from your mind. A few days of fruits or vegetables, raw or steamed, with rice or potatoes in a reasonable quantity, and your body will thank you.


Time to Withdraw
This is the ideal solution for you, to embark on a hike in the middle of the bush with, why not, a guide to accompany you and supervise you for a gentle cure. Without going the route of drastic therapy, a healing walk will make you sweat and forget civilization. Walking is your creed, alone or with others, but as long as it makes you feel refreshed.


Treat Yourself to a Steam Bath
You aspire to be more carefree before taking your mark at the starting block again, so enjoy a few days to reconstruct yourself emotionally and physically. One or two sessions of hammam with a bath and deep scrub will do you wonderfully. And if the decor looks like a Thousand and One Nights, your imagination will be charmed to perfection.


Body's Minute Times 10
For smoother, softer and younger skin, at the top, go for a full body exfoliation ... more than once. A good scrub will eliminate your dead cells without wasting time and will reduce roughness while leaving a moisturizing, refreshing and fragrant scent on your body. You will be pampered so that you will feel more alive and as beautiful as a lion shaking its regal mane.


Put on a Face Mask
To recover your prime youth, you will give yourself a little session at the beautician for a moisturizing facial. You can also make it yourself with effective natural ingredients. We suggest a spoon of organic honey without sugar, half a cucumber and two spoons of plain yogurt; you will mix everything and apply it on your skin, which will slow down the effects of premature aging. Then you will rinse with cold water. And you're good as new!


Neither Rest nor Respite
You will have no trouble finding the right formula at a makeup specialist who will re-powder your nose and offer you a natural and flirtatious beauty. Because you never tire, social events or evenings between friends revives you endlessly or constantly. You will not forget an express manicure including filing, cleaning and shaping. The works!


A Sight for Sore Eyes
You who likes to work your allure and charisma, once is not enough, you will submit to the expertise of an eyebrow specialist to draw for you a precise brow with zero defects. If you have a bushy eyebrow you will make it thin; if it is too short you will ask for a semi-permanent tattoo. Your eyes will become like a most enigmatic light beam, something that will make you fall in love or in lust


Illuminate your complexion
Think of enhancing your face. Do not hesitate, revive your complexion and smooth and sculpt your skin with technologies that now perfectly define the ideal complexion of each. You'll look fresher than ever before, like you've come back from a long journey where adventure has redrawn your character and given you a smile for life.


Digging or weeding is your business; in addition, it is now recognized that an hour of this activity is equivalent to an eight-kilometer walk because gardening requires movements that mix flexibility, endurance and muscle strength. This expends a great amount of energy after the holidays, which will only be good for your respiratory and cardiovascular system. Drink water on a regular, scheduled basis and you will be at the top.


Reign Over Your Hair
You will go to the hairdresser for an unstructured type of haircut, with untamed bangs and layered hair. A fringe à la Bettie Page that falls just above your eyes, slightly irregular or undisciplined, and it will give you a comeback look, which will put the world at your feet. And even if you don't find it suits you, you will feel flattered by the world because they perceive you as unconventional and outside the box.


Sleep Like a Dog
According to a study by the hotel chain "Premier Inn", the key to happiness is sleeping on your left side; you who love to be in the arms of Morpheus and dream, you will not feel guilty to rest, and even more if it is done intelligently. Falling asleep on your left side will allow your organisms to optimize the filtering of toxins, and as it is there that the communication is established between the various organs, all beneficial! Your nights will be even better and your days too.


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