Full moon in Sagittarius: mobility!

Written by Susan

The sun in the sign of travel, with the moon in the sign of movement, makes for a day of learning as much as by highly informative encounters or meetings and enriching experiences for many of us. The shy, the fearful, and the anxious will most likely be under a lot of pressure, face to face with challenges that they might not feel like taking on. Others will take advantage to show off their skills, especially intellectual ones.


This will be an optimistic and joyful ambiance. Your attitude will be positive and shield you from any setbacks. The effort you've put into your work will finally pay off. Travel is encouraged, and new assignments may be offered to you. In the realm of relationships, you will have thrilling exchanges with others, and your open-mindedness is likely to attract even more people to your cause.


In this atmosphere, which looks to be an exhilarating one, you might lose your bearings and feel totally overwhelmed and give into excess in some form. You will swap your seriousness for a little more casual attitude. Don't feel guilty if you can't focus or have to put certain tasks off until later. This day was made for having fun and partying with friend, so enjoy it, but don't abuse it!


Under this full moon, you will subjected to mood swings and instability. This climate feels oppressive to you. You will have relationship troubles and so will choose to claim your independence strong and loud, listening stubbornly only to yourself. You lack any and all objectivity or sense of moderation. Needless to say, your aloof attitude is likely to annoy more than one person.


This full moon will put emphasis on your sensitivity while at the same time forcing you out of your shell a bit. This would be a good day to get and move, to plan a night out with friends or a date with your partner. So don't worry - there's no point! Take advantage of the present to release some pressure, get closer to others, and to escape the daily grind.


This full moon will give you a nice little pick-me-up to help you assert yourself, gain popularity, and leave your mark. Thanks to the present climate, you'll be able to show off all your positive assets and make an impression. If you wish to talk about a new project, negotiate a contract, or ask for a raise, this would be the ideal day for starting up talks.


This turbulent mood will throw you off balance. Everything seems to be going by so fast and every which way. It feels like you no longer have control over anything. You can't seem to focus or to get used to this slightly more casual, aloof climate. This will bring you not a little stress and lead to dissatisfaction. No need to panic - everything will soon work itself out!


This full moon isn't intended to upset you. On the contrary, thanks to this moon, you will be able to communicate, to get out and go where you want, to get in touch with others. Today favors travel of any kind, fun, going out with friends. Watch out, though: your enthusiasm can lead you to overspending.


Under this full moon, you can rely on your problem-solving skills to dodge any obstacle in your path. And yet, you will still have a little trouble focusing your energy, and so could end up wasting it on too many things at once, by trying to drag your friends or family into a project or goal that you are incapable of making a reality. You lack objectivity and a sense of moderation.


This full moon will put you at the helm and steer you due north. Despite your tendency to be scattered, you will have the foresight to avoid committing any sort of blunder, will show great motivation, and will find right arguments you need to convince others. Your good mood will draw in sympathy. Today is the perfect day to build new bonds, to share quality time with your friends and family.


Under this full moon, you will feel a strong need for solitude. You prefer the comfort, the peace and quiet of your own home over the raucous ambiance around you that makes your head spin. You need to protect yourself from outside influences and take the time to recharge your batteries and think only about yourself for once.


This full moon will fill you to overflowing with charm and energy. This ambiance encourages you to move, to make contract with others, to knock on some doors, show off your good qualities, and to stand out. This is an excellent day, too, to clear your head, go out with your group of friends, or plan a trip.


Everything's going by too fast, and trouble seems to surround you. This atmosphere will weigh on you, put you on edge, exacerbate your sensitivity. It's too casual, too dispersed. This isn't the best day for starting up deep discussions getting down to action in any domain. But don't worry - it won't last!

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