What are the effects of the Full Moon May 23, 2024

Written by Evie

Full Moon in Capricorn on May 23

Full moon ritual : During the full moon and to start again on good bases, it is very useful to set up rituals. There are several that can help to attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals .

The last month of spring has just begun with the sun entering Gemini. Home to Mercury, Gemini is the most curious sign of the zodiac—exploring various subjects, inclined towards learning and exchanges. It faces Sagittarius, where the full moon forms on May 23, 2024. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is opposite Gemini in the zodiac, resonating in our psyche. While in Gemini, we seek to learn by skimming through various thoughts, in Sagittarius, we strive to delve into grand theories. The idea in Sagittarius is to discover our ideals, those that will be the pillars of our existence, define them, and spread them. Thus, religions and philosophies are born in Sagittarius.

The moon is indeed opposite the sun, but also opposite Venus and Jupiter, which happens to be the ruler of this full moon. Jupiter will enter Gemini on May 26, but at the very last degree of Gemini, it is already beginning to absorb Mercurial energies. It's somewhat like large shoes for the most imposing planet after the sun. Hence, we will need to learn to deal with the world of ideas more than the world of grand ideals. Gradually, grand theories will emerge, drawing on the Gemini's experiential nature. In Gemini, we need to practice, to test, and it is through thought experiments that we can imagine theories and philosophies. Let's not forget that Einstein conceived his grand theories through simple thought experiments...

Venus enters Gemini the day after this full moon: love becomes more cerebral, and our romantic relationships need to be nourished by intellect, by exchanges that feed the heart. It's not a time for passion but a time to connect the mind and the heart to create an alchemy that benefits both. Try the art of seduction through words by sharing what you have learned, which should resonate on the emotional level.

But don't worry; this full moon is not just cerebral. Neptune, trine to the moon and sextile to the sun, ensures an atmosphere of compassion and benevolence. Added to the sun-Venus conjunction, Neptune establishes a climate of gentleness. Exchanges are pleasant, rooted in sharing rather than pedantry. The naturally nervous and excitable Gemini season is greatly softened by Neptune, smoothing edges, making us carefree, almost blind. This will also help us not to feel too much of Uranus' impetuosity, which opposes the moon.

Pluto also has a role to play, sextile to the moon and trine to the sun: intuition is on the menu for the full moon. Pluto represents instinct, intuition, and of course, the esoteric. Take an interest in the invisible and share this curiosity with those around you since we are in Gemini.

As for Mars, it continues to move through Aries, very dynamic, masculine, but also spontaneous and optimistic. In this Gemini season, Mars sketches a period full of enthusiasm and energy that we can naturally appreciate, provided we don't let ourselves be carried away by anger expressed through Mars' sesquiquadrate to the moon.

Full Moon April 24, 2024

As we have just entered the Taurus season, the full moon on April 24th forms in the sign of Scorpio. It involves the axis of possessions and dispossession, gains and losses, material and the invisible, labor, and stock market investments. Taurus is a time of enjoying the nature around us and the goods we have harvested during the Aries season. Now, we sit at the table without rushing, embracing a somewhat Epicurean way of life.

However, the moon and the sun are square Pluto. The most dissonant aspect in astrology involves the most misunderstood and feared planet. Pluto rules this full moon in Scorpio, making it particularly significant. At the second degree of Aquarius, Pluto now tackles overturning our high technologies and our relationship to social life, including increasing distancing, for example. This dissonant aspect of Pluto induces fears and the feeling that certain things could be lost in complete helplessness, and it is our relationship to the axis of possessions and dispossession that is in Pluto's grasp. The fear of loss? Anxieties about your income? Concerns about bequests and other forms of inheritance? Each person will see how it resonates within them.

It is interesting to note that Jupiter and Uranus have recently started their cycle in Taurus, meaning that Jupiter will move around the zodiac to join Uranus in over 12 years. We talk about it today because the ruler of this full moon, Pluto, is in the domicile of Uranus, and there is a connection between Pluto and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that could find a trigger these days. We are going to witness a revolution in our way of consuming and nourishing ourselves. Money is also at the center of discussions with the topic of cryptocurrency. Destruction of an old system for a new 100% digital system?

Mercury is still retrograde but quickly turns direct two days after this full moon. In Aries, the mind will regain its natural vivacity, and its conjunction with Venus speaks of love. It might be time to express what has matured enough in our hearts. But it is also a time to reflect on what we love and, therefore, on our way of making a living. Probably, ideas will flow following this introspection during Mercury's retrograde.

As for Mars, the desire, it is still between Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. One gives it form, the other softens it. Mars's sense is still far from what we know, protecting us from any aggressiveness. The fact that Pluto is in dissonance with the sun and the moon should still alert us to Mars's secret activities. The speed of Mercury, its haste, should not make us blind. Mars is, however, sextile Uranus and Jupiter, ensuring diversity and opportunities, but we must not forget that this full moon can potentially cause losses for those who rush. The sesquiquadrate of the full moon to Neptune helps us decide on this matter: attention! In doubt, it is better to postpone certain investments.

Full Moon March 25, 2024

The spring season has just begun with the sun entering Aries on March 21. A new cycle starts with a full moon forming in Libra on March 25. There was a significant transit just before: the entry of Mars into Pisces. Mars is now part of a stellium composed of Neptune, Saturn, and Venus, which rules this full moon in Libra. These four planets, including Venus, immerse our full moon in the water energies of Neptune—its intuition, extreme sensitivity, and the need to connect with the origin of everything.

Nevertheless, the moon is in Libra, an air sign representing justice, harmony, and marking our relationships with others. Opposite the sun in Aries, this full moon wants to see how we can combine our warrior strength with altruism. This aligns with the essence of the Libra scales: always considering others, which contrasts sharply with the Aries sign.

The moon is also opposite Neptune. The ruler of Pisces is still in its home sign and is part of a cluster that only reinforces its major role in this full moon. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, is a planet of love, but it is more compassionate and detached from carnal love. Neptune does not separate love from spirituality. Thus, we see a full moon unfolding in a very compassionate relationship with others, where love takes its rightful place, but in a highly elevated and spiritual sense. However, as it is a moon opposition to Neptune, one must be cautious not to become too illusioned, which is a risk with Neptune. This aspect suggests not to "fall asleep on one's cloud." The risk is to see nothing coming, blinded by a veil.

We can then rely on the Venus-Saturn conjunction, which will help maintain reason regarding our relationships with others, especially in matters of love. This could even turn into a certain coldness, depending on each person's astrological chart. In any case, we needed to find a bit of "earth" in an otherwise too intangible climate in which we could get lost.

A very important point: Venus is sextile Jupiter and Uranus! This gives us every reason to hope for this full moon in Libra. Luck is on our side, as well as the possibility of finding spaces and times of freedom.

Also noteworthy is the sun's sextile to Pluto, which, despite the dark aspect that the ruler of Scorpio always brings, allows us to immediately understand the psychological mechanisms around us.

As for Mars, the desire, being in Pisces, softens considerably. But it will soon be conjunct with Saturn, which will strengthen the God of War. Let's not forget that Mars is linked to the spring season. It is the initiator, the one who gives us the strength and courage to face adversity. This brings us to the conclusion of this full moon: facing adversity but not losing ourselves in it and continuing to live in love and compassion. That is the essence of the moon and sun opposition.

Full Moon February 24th, 2024

Full moon ritual : During the full moon and to start again on good bases, it is very useful to set up rituals. There are several that can help to attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals .

The full moon on February 24th forms in the sign of Virgo. A sign of work, concentration, and analysis, the moon, our sensitivity, becomes mental and observant. Emotions are very contained in Virgo, a sign of introversion, and there is a tendency to keep everything inside.

All these qualities of an earth sign are accentuated by the presence of Saturn, which is opposite the moon in Pisces and conjunct the sun. Saturn is the most restrictive planet in the zodiac, and its opposition will strongly constrain energies that were already heading towards letting go and fun. It can already be said that this is not a relaxing full moon. It is a time of both work and introspection.

If work is done in Virgo, introspection takes place in Pisces. Indeed, in the domicile of Neptune, we find the sun and Saturn, of course, but also Mercury, which is none other than the ruler of this full moon. Mercury in Pisces is at the opposite end of the analytical spectrum of Virgo. Mercury in Pisces opens our minds to something that, a priori, surpasses it—the awareness of the greater whole. It is the world of the imagination that opens up to us, one that, contrary to all logical rules, touches the origin of the world. It is an expansion of consciousness. Ultimately, this full moon in Virgo is strongly influenced by the sign of Pisces, whose ruler, Neptune, is still present. Know that the cycle of Neptune in Pisces brings beings carrying a message of openness, peace, and love.

The moon is also in trine to Jupiter. We know that a Jupiter trine is certainly the most favorable astrological aspect. Jupiter is also sextile the sun and Mercury, giving all its strength and offering all opportunities to help us combine the world of the mind with that of spirituality. It is, therefore, a rather harmonious full moon despite the Saturn, the ogre, who would like to force us into general dissatisfaction. Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that have to do with our social life. One does not go without the other. When Jupiter wants to decide everything on its own, Saturn imposes a hierarchy, a just order of things. This situation between dissonant and harmonic aspects involving these two planets offers us a certain balance, even if some will feel one more than the other depending on their birth chart.

On the other hand, Jupiter is square Mars in Aquarius. In this assertive sign, we tend to direct our desire towards a certain originality that sometimes turns into extravagance or rebellion. This is the case with this full moon in Virgo because Jupiter, when dissonant, amplifies everything. Therefore, we should be attentive to our reactions, which can be very, even too, spontaneous. Venus is also conjunct Mars and therefore square Uranus. Love is also to be observed closely: too much attachment or a need to detach? It depends on each case, but it is necessary to take time for reflection as encouraged by the moon in Virgo. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is conjunct Jupiter. Impatient Uranus does not tolerate constraints! How to manage this situation? The patience of Virgo or the enthusiasm of Aquarius? Let's lean a little more towards the energies of gentleness and compassion of Pisces.

Definition of the Full Moon:

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.

During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.

A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).

People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...
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