What are the effects of the Full Moon November 27, 2023 ?

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Full Moon November 27, 2023

Full moon ritual : During the full moon and to start again on good bases, it is very useful to set up rituals. There are several that can help to attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals .

The intentions of the previous Full Moon in Scorpio on November 13 will find their effects during this Full Moon on November 27, 2023. It is in Gemini, a sign of communication, movement and curiosity. Opposite, the Sun has entered Sagittarius, but remarkably, it is still conjoined to Mars, which is moving at almost the same pace. In Sagittarius, sign of Fire, we aim for ideals, we are interested in what happens far away from us, beyond our borders. This is why Sagittarians are often passionate about travel and foreign countries. On the other hand, Gemini is interested in his immediate environment. He enjoys moving around in the surrounding areas, as this is enough to make him feel out of place, and this is done in fairly short periods of time which suits him perfectly.

The New Moon in Scorpio brings up possible anger situations. If you've had to fight, this Full Moon will sound the sentence. For there is a referee and it is Saturn. In square to the Sun, Mars and therefore the Moon, Saturn is the judge. The ruler of Capricorn represents authority, administration, education (therefore parents). These dissonant aspects with Saturn are not easy to live with. Saturn, when it is dissonant, is always difficult. It holds back and slows down everything. Saturn makes it seem like you never get there. While the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are in some way in love with freedom of movement, Saturn imposes its heaviness on them and forces the planets there to work with a sense of responsibility and discipline. A sense of duty will therefore color this Full Moon in Gemini on November 27.

Two other dissonant aspects darken the sky: Venus square to Pluto and Mercury square to Neptune. The first one certainly announces the entry of Venus in Scorpio on December 5. Everything related to the libido will be expressed through the prism of Pluto and love may then become uncontrollable. Also, Venus conjunct the South Node may cause us to relive past love events. For the second, (Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon in Gemini) it is a climate where trust can be tested. You will have to deal with unclear statements, and it will be difficult to distinguish the true from the false. This gives us some indication of this dissonant Saturn. What are those in power telling us? Can we really believe them? What about our supervisor? Will he do what he promises to do? These are questions that will be answered by the waning Moon. Still, the Moon in trine to Pluto can offer some insight in the midst of a very difficult sky.

We can rely on our intuitive faculties to help us discern truth from falsehood. Some voices will be heard that will help decode the fuzzy messages from above. Let's also note the entry of Mercury into Capricorn on December 2. He will then be in trine to Jupiter which should free up speech. A clear and precise speech. This Full Moon will also see the resumption of the direct course of Neptune. This will take place on December 7. Neptune will remain in Pisces until May 2025, a very important year if we believe the readings on the subject. In the meantime, our relationship to spirituality is becoming clearer. Neptune is laying the groundwork for new spiritual paradigms, and even if the evolution is very slow, it is still happening. This is how to approach this full moon in Gemini, certainly difficult, but not without solutions.

Full Moon on October 28, 2023 at 22:20

Full moon ritual : During the full moon and to start again on good bases, it is very useful to set up rituals. There are several that can help to attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals .

A partial eclipse of the moon awaits us this October 28. The full moon takes place in the sign of Taurus at 22:20. So you have a small chance to witness this slightly colored full moon. The Moon in Taurus is conjoined to Jupiter! It is quite an extraordinary thing that the great beneficus is there, so close to the Moon when it is partially eclipsed. The values of Taurus are then in the light of the moon and under the protection of Jupiter. You may know this, but it bears repeating, the full moon brings to light the fruits of your seed from the previous new moon on October 14.

You had made intentions, and now you can welcome what the full moon has to offer that is the result of your past intentions and actions. A full moon in Taurus emphasizes the material and concrete aspects of our lives. We are in the axis of possessions (Taurus) and dispossessions (Scorpio). The word dispossession should not scare you. There are many other words that describe the energies of Scorpio, but all of them have a meaning with the need for purification, for rebirth. The Sun is thus conjoined to Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. This triple conjunction marks a very rapid reflection, a mind that works non-stop, but in Scorpio, words are direct, frank, without concession and sometimes acerbic.

These are the energies that oppose a Full Moon in Taurus, which means that you are looking for calm, enjoyment and simple pleasures. Jupiter can bring a festive climate and we have no doubt that you will find moments to have a good time, to celebrate, to meet your friends around a nice table, in a joyful and good mood. Everything should happen in a certain stability. Indeed, our luminaries are in harmonic aspects with Saturn. The one we sometimes fear so much is in fact there to give body and thickness to time. Moreover, even if Saturn is retrograde on the day of the Full Moon, it does not return to Aquarius, and goes back into direct course on November 4 in Pisces. This is all very positive! The ruler of this Full Moon, Venus, is in Virgo in trine to Jupiter and Uranus. Here's something else to look forward to! It will enter Libra, so in domicile, on November 11.

The sky is moving in a very positive direction which allows us to foresee a beautiful future with all these planets in harmony with each other. The slow planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and even Jupiter are shaping the days to come and we have the right to be optimistic! As you have understood, this Full Moon in Taurus invites us to live the values of love, sharing and joy! With Jupiter, optimism is the order of the day. Leave behind the small worries of everyday life and let yourself go to live the happiness that comes your way. The art of the table, gourmet food, in short, a certain epicureanism awaits you and you must not sulk this pleasure.

It is in these moments that you will see the benefits of the previous new moon. This astral state helps us considerably to better live the sometimes difficult Scorpio energies. You can thank Jupiter for this. The most voluminous planet, representing Zeus, the God of the Gods in Greek mythology, makes its presence felt wherever it goes. Its trine to Venus, the other beneficial planet of the zodiac, is a real joyful aspect that can largely remove all the doubts that could remain in each of us.

Full Moon of September 29, 2023

The Full Moon on September 29 is in Aries, domicile of Mars. While the Sun has entered the sign of Libra, this Full Moon illuminates the warrior sense, the competitive spirit, the assertiveness in the sign of Aries. So we need to look to Mars to better understand the celestial energies of the next two weeks.

Mars is in Libra and in square to Pluto. This is not a very comfortable position for Mars, who in Libra is unable to act in his warlike power. The usual power of initiative is greatly reduced. On the other hand, if Mars is not very available for himself, he becomes altruistic. This leads us to believe that legal actions can be unraveled, concrete support is given to those in need, etc. It is the sense of justice that animates Mars. But the square to Pluto is not the most reassuring of the zodiac. Violent demonstrations can then take place, revolts, which would be linked to past events if we are to believe Mars' conjunction with the south lunar node. Fortunately, Mars is in sextile to Venus, which softens the effects a bit. So always remember to take refuge in love.

And while we're on the subject of love, let's take a closer look at Venus: although she's in sextile to Mars, she's also under the influence of Uranus. This means that events will interfere with your love life and you will have to accept that your ego will be shaken. Beautiful Venus in Leo does not like to question herself, and yet... Venus is also opposed to Saturn which demands stability. These are big issues for the one we usually look at when looking for a solution. Venus is caught up in energies that are difficult to control, especially since she wants to stand out at all costs in Leo. This will be reflected in daily life, whenever we need reassurance in love. However, we must accept Saturn's humility when sentimentally disturbing events come our way.

A balance must always be found between the mental and the spiritual life, as the New Moon of September 15 already spoke of. The trine in Earth signs facilitates everything that calls for practicality and reason. So there is nothing very difficult in this opposition of Mercury to Neptune which is actually a positive point of this Full Moon.

An important event of this Full Moon that will have repercussions at very high levels: Pluto goes direct into Capricorn on October 10. Each change in Pluto's path is major as its energies are so powerful and act deeply in our society. With this square to Mars, institutions will undergo profound changes against a backdrop of justice and even a feeling of injustice.

In 2024 Pluto will enter Pisces before returning to Capricorn for a while. We are therefore at the dawn of a new generation that will be completely transformed. For the moment, it is time for major reforms and agreements are being fiercely contested.

After the calm of the Full Moon of September 15, here is a rougher sky that calls for tensions that are visibly necessary for the transformation of our society. On an individual level, sentimental life is not at its best, and work on one's ego is necessary. Certainly, the desire to defend just causes will manifest itself and sometimes, the fight is necessary to restore a lasting peace.

Full Moon of August 31, 2023

The Full Moon of August 31 will be in Pisces, domicile of Neptune. It is again a "supermoon", at its perigee, so very close to the Earth. Its effects will be felt all the more by each individual. Its changing appearance is echoed in our unstable mood. Lunatic people are influenced by the speed of the Moon, which always shows us the same face, but in different lightings from the Sun.

In Pisces, the Moon is charged with Neptunian energies: imagination, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love... These two planets, very different in speed, are nevertheless very close: they evoke dreams, imagination. But if one is centered on the sacred feminine, the family, the origins, the past, the other touches what is most essential.

The Moon is conjunct Saturn which is retrograde in Pisces. Saturn refers us to the superior authority. These are the restrictions that are imposed on us, education, institutions, the father sometimes... The two planets are opposite the Sun and Mercury is retrograde. The Moon illuminates Saturn and highlights tensions in the hierarchy, authority, discipline, obedience.

Neptune opposite Mars in Libra forces us to find a balance between consensus and letting go. Mars in Libra is weakened, because it is blocked in its vital impetus, it is a diminished Mars that only expresses itself through the feeling of justice, Mars is in sharing when it is in Libra. With the opposition to Neptune, one forgives, even if the sentences must be just.

Many things are accumulating during this full moon in Pisces: Virgo energies with Mercury retrograde while the moon illuminates the necessary wisdom. Venus is still retrograde in Leo, but it goes direct again on September 4. We will have had time to take stock of love. But in Leo, she invites us to rethink this need to be loved, to feel in the light. For now, Venus is in square to Jupiter, which makes her last days of retrograde excessive. Summer encounters will therefore take on a special character with this Venus in direct race, we will see more clearly.

As for the slow planets, with the exception of Saturn, they form beautiful sextile and trine aspects. We are heading towards a calmer situation, especially when Pluto will have finished his work in Capricorn. He will make a brief passage through Aquarius in 2024 to remain there permanently in 2025. After so many years of having our traditional patterns overturned by Pluto, we will enter the generation of Pluto in Aquarius.
The sextile to Neptune and the trine to Uranus promise beautiful changes, in harmony. We would like to hold on to Saturn, which represents the old patterns, but this supermoon in Pisces on August 31 brings us face to face with our responsibilities, which lead us to change, to new structures, to new founding pillars, to other institutions.

Since the end of the year, the Saturn-Uranus square, which lasted almost three years, has ceased. The battles have been fought between the Old World and the New, and even if Saturn still resists, it will necessarily renew itself. This full moon in Pisces is a last look at the past. All that is of the order of reason is shaken, but resists. The reflection is deep and slow with Mercury retrograde and trine to Jupiter and Uranus. Finally, a beautiful note of optimism for this full moon.

Definition of the Full Moon:

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.

During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.

A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).

People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...
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