What are the effects of the Full Moon February 27, 2021?

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Full moon of February 27, 2021

If the Full Moon of February 27, 2021 is the ideal time to get rid of material things that are no longer useful, as well as any mental baggage that has become cumbersome, it also helps to take a more lucid look at our inner state and supports the will, faced with the desire to eliminate constraints that no longer exist. Known as "Storm Moon", it is useful for facing life's trials, it authorizes transitions and purification rites, it is conducive to psychic healing and it is favorable, finally, to the acceptance of past errors.

This Full Moon of February 27, 2021 settles on the Pisces/Virgo axis and is all the more significant because of it. Indeed, here the symbolism of access from one state of being to another is realized.

Perhaps we should see in this Full Moon, a particular light on the occupation of the planet, the highlighting of our waste: all those, material or mental, that our civilization rejects, but also the ability to transmute our behaviors and transform them. The sign of Pisces, linked to the imaginary but also to infinity, takes on another dimension here: it obliges us to look reality in the face. Facing the triple conjunction of the sun with Venus and Neptune, the nocturnal star is impregnated with an original coloration that insists on the values of love, compassion, empathy. Not of sensual or carnal love but of disinterested love, linking man to his birth on earth and to his place in the world. The sign of Aquarius by its double belonging to Earth and Heaven favors a certain autonomy but there will still be many social demands on both sides. Under this February Full Moon, we must avoid being seduced or carried away by atypical or overly original theories, this applies to all sectors of life.

Thus, the signs of Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo),are in strong resonance with the question of overcoming our human condition. In a more trivial way, the natives of Taurus are confronted with purely material questions. Perhaps it is a question of turning a page for good, or of returning to questions that have not been completely resolved. The natives of Virgo take the side of synthesis after having analyzed all the details. They accept to be helped to move forward: either because they ask for advice or because they follow an example. The Capricorns live Christmas a second time: promises, adventures, completed projects, but silence remains their primary strength.

Caught between its two guardians, Saturn and Jupiter, and placed quite high in the sky, the planet Mercury accompanies this Full Moon. Relative to the media, communication, and everything that is agitated in our world, it denounces by its position all the filters to be passed to access the true information. Between the too much and the too little, you have to read between the lines. Messages do not really get through: caught in the net of what is right or wrong, of what is compliant or not, we have to find a space for reflection between the different councils, or the multiple injunctions, which are raining down from all sides.

Fortunately, the aspects encourage a certain flexibility. Thus, the signs of Air (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) are perfectly in the atmosphere and dynamics. Busy, for most of them, repositioning themselves in one way or another, they adapt to the circumstances and the situation. They make something new out of something old, or rethink the action from A to Z, by innovating in an environment or using a proven method. In short, they do not invent anything but renew everything. This can extend to their private life, their home or their immediate surroundings.

But beyond the purifying powers of Pisces Water and the qualities of Virgo, this Full Moon concentrates the irrational part of the planet Pluto. The latter at the end of the cycle in Capricorn leads to the stripping. It is the part of shadow that each one of us possesses in the depths of oneself, the struggle that results from it and the obligation to detach oneself from it. It is the energy that must be dominated and disciplined, the night that ends in the light. Plutonian values encourage to grow, to evolve, to become, they can manifest themselves in a powerful way.

Thus, the signs of water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces),are sensitive to collateral effects. This can give rise to questions, changes, needs for evolution manifesting themselves in the form of decisions that have been necessary for some time now. Or it is the beginning of an important reflection initiating the continuation of a life course. People born in Cancer may be confronted with revelations, inescapable truths that finally jump out at them. The natives of Scorpio stand out on a difficult path, an evil for a good that offers them full and complete satisfaction. As for Pisces, inscribed in their own truth, they exceed the limits imposed.

The signs of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are weighted by Jupiter in Aquarius. The effect is rationalizing for Leo, who has well delimited his territory for several months and continues to feel the benefits. Caution is still required. The natives of Aries, a little tense, lose the thread without really attaching importance to it. They rely on their own GPS and soon reach their destination. Friendly or amorous relations, very relative, detach themselves without them being disturbed. As for the Sagittarians, saved by the sense of collective and communication, they finally know how far to go. Nothing can really disturb them anymore.

Thus, the invigorating moon, strong of perseverance, comes to illuminate our nights. Faced with the mysteries enclosed in this Full Moon, humanity has no choice but to evolve towards a better version of itself. It will not be a question of duplicating itself, but of going beyond the previous state and embodying it. Quite a program!

Full moon of January 28, 2021

The full moon of January 28th or cold moon is also called the Wolf moon because it carries all the ancestral fear of man, that of the time when the hungry wolf came out of the deep forest and prowled in the snow around the dwellings to find its food. This is how the Wicca, the cult of mystery and ancient religions, calls it "moon after Yule" (winter solstice festival) and attributes to it powers of invincible strength and protection. The powerful energies transmitted by this Full Moon thus cross the centuries. They bring men back to the dawn of civilization, to those distant moments when human sensitivity was still attentive to nature and its manifestations.

In those times when witches and wizards served as intermediaries between peoples and invisible worlds; in those times, finally, when men thought that the January Full Moon watched over the rest of sleeping plants and that it could reveal the hidden gifts of everyone. Will the winter moon of January 2021 reveal any wonders? Will the time have come for wonderful discoveries that will enrich our world? Or is it time for new knowledge that will advance humanity? The development of the Leo - Aquarius axis gives rise to many hopes, but the opposition of the moon to the sun calls for caution: let us keep our dreams alive. Sometimes associated with the end and desolation, the cold moon is also conducive to new beginnings. We will meditate serenely on the coming of spring which works in mute

However, some heavy aspects remain. Society, faced with major ethical, philosophical, and social issues, will have to find new solutions. The planet's resources are once again at the center of concerns, as well as natural movements: those of water, air and/or fire. If the celestial bodies that "move" towards the sign of Aquarius, concentrate in very few degrees a whole range of more or less attractive proposals, it will still be necessary to look very closely at where to direct the action.

This prevention concerns Aquarius of course, because even if they are in the right place at the right time, they will be careful not to miss anything of the information that filters. But also, the Taurus, or ascendant, will have some difficulty in adapting their attitude towards the banal complications of existence. Fortunately, the presence of Uranus allows them, again and again, to make timely decisions, especially when faced with proposals outside their usual environment: a different sector of activity. It is a way for them to get in touch with another reality and to bounce back.

This somewhat exuberant Full Moon traces interesting possibilities because, despite a tendency to withdraw into oneself, it remains creative. On the one hand, Leo will find it difficult to avoid manifestations of authority, whether they are their own or someone else's. On the other hand, Leo will find it difficult to avoid manifestations of authority. Moreover, they may overreact to obvious stimuli that reinforce their decision-making role. It is true that the approval and admiration of those around them pushes them to move forward.

Love and passion, on the sentimental or professional (studies) level, occupy Scorpio: even if the Plutonian force, always in action in Capricorn, is doubled by the Venusian sensitivity, the native works in depth in the process of transformation. The feeling of having achieved something and of being able to start afresh on something new no longer leaves him. If some feel dispossessed, others, on the contrary, have found their oxygen.

Do Sagittarius and Gemini show, in this period, a lack of adaptation to reality? Not totally deciphering it, the ones form more or less coherent projects, the others remain under the Neptunian influence, which disturbs their natural transmitter. The native of Gemini, a little under water, knows that one hides something to him but has difficulty to know what.

It is by turning outward that the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) find good fortune. Although the aspects respond differently to the demands of the signs: the balance of power for Aries, often unjustified worries for Libra or a return to the past for Cancer and Capricorn, the fact remains that this Full Moon will seek what is deepest in each one of them. If Capricorn refuses to let the contradictions of his personality show, Cancer likes to listen to the tribulations of each other so as not to solve his own problems. Aries and Libra, held under hypnosis by the moon in Leo, take refuge each in his little foibles: action for the first, expectation for the other.

The Pisces/Virgo axis works here separately. Virgo crystallizes old quarrels or old stories, the natives of Pisces as for them, work to develop confidence while refusing to admit that it sometimes takes time. Their master Neptune playing the troublemaker, they will have to remain attentive not to get lost in the maze of confusion which obscures their interior life. The natives of Virgo, moving away from all demonstrations of self-pity, will then find a friendly or loving shoulder to lean on. They will then draw a definite line on what has been denied to them long ago and they will admit that the art of subtlety amounts to not telling others what they do not wish to wait for. Pisces find the solution in simple common sense, in other words in their second nature and will no longer let themselves be swept away by emotion, they recover clear ideas.

This pretty January Full Moon sparkles with the gold of Leo and the silver of Aquarius, it lights up a path in the sky. Perhaps it indicates what is true knowledge? Leo and Aquarius shine brightly here and the Full Moon transmits an unfailing link: the one that has always existed from the individual to the collective. Its work is to show us with strength and brilliance, how the world can choose, by thinking intelligently, to overcome its difficulties.

Full Moon: December 30, 2020

Before closing the door to 2020, the Full Moon on December 30th traces a royal path towards the end of the year. We will have to be attentive to its powerful message, which will be revealed at the beginning of the day, around 4:30 am. In other words, these aspects will strongly condition our preparations for New Year's Eve. Indeed, installed in the sign of Cancer (its home),the Moon is powerful and does its work without insistence but also in-depth. It influences the tides and makes our psychologies evolve. Its vibrations will overcome our refusals or hesitations, and it is time to respect the spells and invocations of this magical Moon.

The summer Moon (in the sign of Cancer) blossoms in the darkest part of winter, this Full Moon states its enlightened principles and gives us some guidelines. The metaphor of the light at the end of the tunnel seems the most appropriate.

In the sign of Capricorn, the aspects forming on the other side of the axis are no less remarkable. Mercury joins the Sun to support Pluto, which is approaching the last degrees of Capricorn; Saturn and Jupiter have already moved on. Thus, the forces of night and the forces of day come together: we are suspended in a face-to-face between darkness and light. Humanity will hopefully see and hear from this astral dialogue: the negotiations will no longer be relevant, neither will the proposals. What is not will no longer be, we will have to make do with what has been sown for many months, even years. This material will be used for our future constructions. "in for a penny, in for a pound", as the saying goes. In December, this Full Moon presents us with the bill, as it were, and offers us the balance sheet.

This brief pause in time is a gift from these Full Moon days. It will increase our chances of understanding our riddles. Things change polarity; the cold consciousness of our sometimes inappropriate behaviour gives way to protective instincts and sheltering what is unique and irreplaceable. The intensive, unmanageable events that have traversed our world may come to a turning point. This will be coupled with an awareness of human needs, too human, to give up one's share of immortality.

The strength of the matriarchal power of the Moon in Cancer bursts forth from its night light, reminding us that we are born to grow and transmit. In the Sun in Cancer, the strength of daylight has reached its peak. In the Sun in Capricorn, it reaches its decline. This Full Moon plays the prolongations by supplanting the solar forces, that is why it will protect us from irrational, illogical attitudes, which tend to disturb our consciousness emotionally. As individuals, we will have to face the reversals of the vital impulses we have had to experience at one time or another. It will be a question of participating in life as best we can and with our means.

Avoiding being overwhelmed by negative powers will mean facing things with prudence and wisdom but without excessive fear. The natives of the Capricorn-Cancer axis are the first concerned. They will feel strengthened and regenerated by the lunar rays. Fears, uncertainties, and missteps will no longer be theirs. They will accept the risks and will succeed in investing in all the fields of life that were previously denied to them. The natives of Taurus and Scorpio will begin to feel the effects of the decisions taken during the summer or the new infrastructures of life that they will have put in place. If they have made the right choices, their lives will be as they expected: success, congratulations, or evolution, they will feel perfectly in their place. Leo and Aquarius may lose some confidence in the future or have doubts about the decisions they need to make to prepare for it, but the love and affection they receive will help them get through it. Aries and Libra will have to cope with the turmoil of family preparations or "closures" of all kinds. The means they will give themselves will be equal to their ambitions. At the end of the year, they will find the resources they need to take stock of the situation imposed on them by the stars.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will feel a touch of nostalgia floating around them: flashbacks and memories that make them drag their feet and say, "it was better before" could make them a little "heavy" to those around them. The latter will not hesitate to point this out. Fortunately, as good mutable people, they will keep the necessary distance to become themselves again. This wave of regret only lasts a few hours; these natives will get back in touch with the past or will update abandoned projects.

The sign of Cancer is imbued with fertility, but it is also a symbol of the end of things. We will have to draw all the capacity to offer ourselves a new beginning from the Full Moon on New Year's Eve. We will have to measure the meaning of our acceptances or refusals, withdrawal or integration. This Full Moon may, alas, force us to look up at it to find our reflection. We will see hope perhaps, questioning, yes, but above all, the beautiful promise that everyone is capable of being reborn and starting over again. We cannot erase the past, but we have the means to build our present.

Full Moon on November 30th, 2020

The Full Moon on November 30th highlights the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. It takes place at 10:32 a.m. and, therefore, permeates this Monday, at the heart of our activities. Winter is getting a little bit earlier, and we are immersed in the pale glow of the cold season. In the evening, we will light a fire and candles to replace the sunlight and warm up the winter atmosphere; so much so that we are only a few weeks away from Christmas and the winter solstice. The ritual celebrations and the end of year celebrations will confirm this vital link to nature, which allows some people to tame the worries of a year that is coming to an end, and for others to rejoice in the festivities that lie ahead. A true moment of sharing and hope for a more peaceful world.

This Full Moon is talkative. It questions our awareness of our environment and our perception of the issues at stake. However, the characteristic of the sign of Gemini usually does not linger too long. The opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius will not change the situation but will stop the dissipated momentum of the sign's functions. Soothed by idealism, the taste for learning, and the learned virtues of its opposite, the Moon in Gemini will accentuate the effort, deepen the reflection, and sublimate the deductions. It will then be opportune to enunciate the problems that no longer pass through the sieve of introspection. The chances of filtering and eliminating them become undeniable. This absorbing effect will find its way through the square of the lunar nodes in Cancer (installed a few degrees from the Moon) and Neptune in Pisces. Indeed, everything that was a psychological blockage: the invisible but oppressive "glass ceilings," missed acts, and other "joyfulness" will find their obstacle point.

The lunar nodes will enact revised and corrected principles and will illuminate our landing with unfulfilled expectations or broken promises. There will be enough energy to give themselves another set of specifications intelligently. All signs of Air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will feel the "detox" effect. The natives of Leo and Aries will progress on the line of mindfulness. The Sun in Sagittarius, supported by the active presence of Mars in Aries, will dispense its generous and rewarding benefits. They will dare to connect with their deepest self, confess defeat or victory depending on their birth chart, and move on to something else.

The presence of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio's sign speaks to us of the coming together of bodies and minds. Under this Moon at the end of November, it will be useful to regain contact with the other. Human warmth, the pleasure of sensual touch, and genuine communication. It will be necessary to express one's desire. As Scorpio does not know half measures, it will be required to emerge from the limbo of non-communication or icy relationships that have become obsolete. Pure speech will bring its share of questions but also relief through effective renewal.

Finally, placed under the hold of the planet Pluto, Scorpio symbolizes rebirth from the ashes. Some natives of this sign and the natives of Cancer and Pisces will see their love leave for a bit or will count on the reformation in one field or another. Capricorn's natives will also be concerned by these aspects: Pluto's presence in their sign connects them directly to this program of renewal and new beginnings. In any case, most of the natives of the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) will feel powerful impulses that will incite them to push the door of their becoming. Precursory signs, strange premonitions or dazzling intuitions will lead them towards their guides; the latter will manifest themselves in one form or another. They will then have a clearer vision of the conduct and paths to be followed. The insolvent will dissolve in perfect osmosis with what is expected of them. The emphasis on the essential will make it possible to establish the focus of the person's development.

FBy liberating the mind from daily agitation, the Full Moon of Sagittarius-Geminis will allow us to favour the plane of meditation, study, and access to ancestral memories. This inexhaustible reservoir of information comes from the entire universe. Our ideals can be overturned by experience but also enriched. By developing the emotional but conscious universe, these Full Moon days will allow us to find the right balance in all forms of relationships. It's a challenging program, but the positive effects will change the way we see things. This Full Moon encourages us to refuse any intellectual or relational dependence.

Whether the person is inserted in a constraining environment or wishes to remain in control of their decisions or gifts, the planetary aspects will encourage and help find a form of freedom and independence. It will be necessary to learn to be more selective and react according to personal rather than social motivations.

Finally, humanist currents could be highlighted, heavy responsibilities assumed and claimed, a higher intellectual dimension could draw guidelines that no one had ever thought of. It will be a question of finding the right compromise between daily life, the reality on the ground, conciliation, and human contact, which are part of the inescapable principles of Gemini, with elevation, idealistic concepts, linked to the fundamental principles of the sign of Sagittarius. Beyond their differences, these two are similar. They have in common the unalterable will to apprehend reality in all its dimensions.

The Full Moon on November 30th will allow us to explore our world, environment, and surroundings, get to know them better and try to understand them. But above all, it will give us a permit to make the most beautiful of free dives: the one we will make deep in our hearts.

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