What are the effects of the Full Moon on February 5th, 2023 ?

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Full Moon in Leo on February 5, 2023

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This Full Moon in Leo on February 5 at 7:30 PM will bring you to light according to your seed of the preceding lunation, provided you do the work it requires. Even though we are in the sign of Aquarius, evocative of freedom and singularity, your sensitivity and creativity will have to obey specific rules that this Full Moon imposes. A certain restraint will be felt. You may experience powerful energies of revolt that will push you to stand out and let your most original personality live.

However, other antagonistic forces are asking you to remain in a more thoughtful and composed position. You will have to negotiate and make the most of a Full Moon under tension. This Full Moon raises the question of how to stand out or be in the spotlight while respecting what the planets are asking of you. You will see that you will have to make a particular effort while knowing that any work on yourself will lead to a necessary and beneficial evolution. On the condition that you accept "the game."

You will therefore feel an almost irrepressible urge to rebel simultaneously as you will be aware that you must follow the rules, the laws in force. Rather than obeying an unconscious desire to oppose everything, you will have to work on your thinking. It can then open doors and find ways out of things that seem to be sources of conflict. You will have to privilege the debates of ideas to put forward your opinions because it is only like that that you will transform this will of rebellion into something constructive. All this will occur in a benevolent climate if you only take care not to mix everything up. Ideas will be expressed. Clearly, your opinion will be heard if only you agree to put aside your feelings, or at least to make it a separate issue. And you will see that this will probably be an effort on your part.

You will see that this situation should not leave too much room for feelings. You should not want to bring them in at any cost, even if it seems to come naturally. They simply have no place there if you're going to move things forward. It is time to distinguish between your desires and your feelings. In the current Cartesian debates, we are in an energy of unconditional love that does not accommodate reason. Moreover, it is in love that you will be able to show your originality. You can try to show your lesser-known, more unexpected side and thus stand out.

So, you will live this Moon in Leo without difficulty and will take all the benefits. The light will be on you, for you will be in tune with the place of feelings in this Full Moon. Communication feeds very well on solid and high values such as love for your fellow man. This Full Moon allows you to experience the ease of saying things in a caring way. Love dialogues should be fluid! You will know how to make yourself heard and understood if only you accept to live love in a dimension that is perhaps unusual to you. This Full Moon invites you to take an interest in spiritual, even esoteric subjects. Astrology perhaps? Thus, you will experience the development of your intellect. This will represent the singularity you are looking for, allowing this enlightenment that we spoke of at the beginning. We are not here in primitive energies.

See this Full Moon as an opportunity to love unconditionally. The values of forgiveness are here. You will need to take hold of them, as this will allow for resolving disagreements or old conflictual issues. Meditation can be a new routine in your daily life. This Moon could trigger this newness in your life to allow for this distancing from your emotions. Think of further readings that will enrich your way of conceiving spirituality. Change your way of loving others in a world that until now has pushed us to the most selfish feelings. There are times when the planets ask us to put aside our individualism and open ourselves to more collective values. When the mind is freed from primary analysis and opened to something more profound and subtle, whole life can be changed, and new horizons can be opened.

On a more general level, at the level of our society, this Full Moon in Leo promises a popular affirmation that is bathed in powerful energies of fire with the Moon and Jupiter. Therefore, the atmosphere is hot, and everyone will want to express themselves and assert their point of view vehemently while having to conform to the rules in force. Numerous verbal jousts will be heard, and debates will become heated. Let's expect some demonstrations and protests here and there, as the need for action and a certain nervousness will feed the popular vindictiveness. This Full Moon is carried by serious issues, which divide but find their source in the desire for the happiness of a community, a concern for equality, fraternity ...

You have understood that this Full Moon sees uprisings of people expressing a feeling of anger, a need for freedom. A certain nervousness is rumbling. A deep need for change is felt, which is held back by the hierarchy or the authority in place. We will have to confront our divergent points of view, accept the challenges that this suggests in a rather hot climate, and we will have to keep our feelings out of it. These and the sentimental sphere are guided by the more subtle energies of unconditional love and spirituality. In your intimacy, these values will have to be at the center of popular demands and at home. Then this ull Moon in Leo will take all its meaning and allow a beautiful highlighting of each one.

Full Moon of January 07, 2023, in Cancer

This Full Moon will bring a wind of change to your surroundings and relationships. This period will be full of nuances and invite you to take a good look inside yourself at what you do or don't like. An intensive sorting of thoughts is required. Combined with an awareness of the emotional aspect that marks all your experiences and relationships. It is a transformation of your needs concerning the "collective" aspect of your life. You must refocus on what allows you to live and function well in your reality. It is time to "sweep up" and remove what has served its purpose and is no longer relevant. This can be related to a place of life, a job, an activity, or a relationship. Anything can happen! It is intense, disturbing, but, to a great extent, revealing what awaits you soon. It is a new beginning, a new creative impulse. It is a sorting out of the action. You must take action to determine what will come next as an opportunity. What is to come is directly related to your propensity to see within yourself. Do what needs to be done to open the door to new experiences and avenues that were not yet in the realm of possibility before this particular time.

It is a "funny moon" because of its penetrating character and fluidity. For those who know how to take advantage, it's a golden opportunity served on a platter at the beginning of the year. It can be disturbing. You may even feel some physical discomfort, especially in the stomach or throat. This is your body's way of telling you what it wants you to accomplish during this time. Positioning yourself as either the executioner or the victim of the situation will only lead you to delay the inevitable. You will have to deal with it this time, or another opportunity will present itself to bring things full circle and start a new chapter. Or continue this one differently. Some of your desires are meant to help you modulate some of your needs. However, be careful not to fall into belief and be tricked differently. As much in a sensual way as in a material way. This is a sweet time for love with a capital L. But the illusion is available too. Caution is therefore called for. Know how to weigh the values dear to you and what is negotiable with your heart and intelligence.

Indeed, you are led to make room for novelty on the professional side. You can make an exciting change for your future. This openness will allow you advantages and latitude that animate and attract you. Be careful not to let emotions overwhelm you, and remain aware of essential details in your process. You will have to calibrate some of your actions and align your decisions well to take the path most conducive to your fulfillment. This will delight you, whet your curiosity, and propel you through this new creation. On the heart side, there is a beautiful opening to a so-called "quality" encounter that will surely charm you. As mentioned, beware of the "all or nothing" trap and a possible tendency to forget yourself for the other person. You won't be able to find fulfillment and happiness for long in this way. You have probably noticed that it is increasingly challenging to meet someone wearing a form of a mask that hides your real personality. Therefore, take the time to get to know yourself better and transform what no longer suits you, if necessary, before any new serious encounter. The rest will be more straightforward if you carry out this analysis, first of all, internally. Move on to concrete action and eliminate the different patterns that may still link you to a "program loop." It only leads you to relive the same situation in your love life. It's not bad luck. The critical adjustments you must make are happening, first of all, within you. Once you are comfortable with yourself, you will open your horizons to other experiences following your discoveries and what you are looking for in your life together.

From a family and relationship standpoint, you have to take your place and stop questioning yourself about a situation that is repeating itself and that you can't take anymore. Stop taking it upon yourself and take advantage of an opening to proceed to the immediate settlement, in all delicacy, concerning some of your "relational indigestion." You will finally be able to move on and enjoy your time with the people who are important to you in a climate of renewed harmony. Be fair but considerate of others. You can find the right words to free yourself while respecting each other's limits. Some people may be offended by your sudden and determined verve. Remain in tune with what brings balance to your relationships. Allow yourself to express yourself in a way that is receptive to the other's sensitivity to previous events.
In short, you must update and sort out what is still valid and acceptable in your life to get you through a crucial stage. New things are coming, and this Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect springboard to jump into this astral bath with its purifying and recalibrating aroma.

Full Moon on December 08, 2022

Full moon ritual : During the full moon and to start again on good bases, it is very useful to set up rituals. There are several that can help to attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals .

There is a wind of change and transformation going on right now. You are currently in a favorable position to bring on a different vision, a chapter of your life unfolding now, or a new adventure ready to bloom. This requires some reasoning and introspection to fully understand and skillfully evaluate all that is going on. This is a "weird" time for you. You feel good, but at the same time, you feel rushed and a bit "pushed around."

To some extent, this may surprise you because it is all about your feelings. It is not visible or tangible in your environment. It is a state of being that brings you more questions and allows you significant advances in every part of your life.

At this time, what is at stake is your ability to remain free and benevolent despite the changing world and what is present in your professional life mainly. This state of affairs is causing you to have some doubt about your ability to "deliver the goods" and consider advancement. This is entirely possible, and you can make a request and remain confident for the future. You know that doubt and fear will never do you any favors. So, take steps and develop the necessary skills to position yourself differently professionally and succeed in your field if you haven't already. Be inventive and sweep away your doubts through openness and healthy communication to put down anything that makes you insecure at times.

Some planetary configurations will confuse you somewhat. Be direct while wrapping your actions and words in velvet so that everything goes smoothly. This can be a light moment if you choose to put your ego aside and welcome the difference. As you see the ridiculous situation, you will understand how easy and beneficial it is to let go of complacency and misunderstanding. You will be in direct or indirect contact with people who will give you important messages about your evolution and path. This will lead you to rethink some of your functioning and make changes in your vision of life.

Take advantage of this period to consolidate your material achievements and assess your level of knowledge and skills. And this, in multiple fields. You may share your talents with others. Or on the contrary, you may choose to return to an area that interests you or engage in something new to diversify or revise your learning. This is not necessarily to change your career field but to bring dynamism to your ideas and learn new things. These can be used at some point to expand your personal background and take your mind off things. Sometimes, simply being open to the new teaches you how to better live in the present.
By keeping your thoughts in focus, you will get through this last Full Moon of the year in harmony. Take advantage of this time to recharge your batteries and treat yourself. Some of your previous romantic relationships may resurface. This is related to the time you are going through. This is present so you can "close the book" with all these people. During this exercise, you will understand their similarities, and part of your love pattern will become clear. This is excellent news. You will free yourself from the old ghosts haunting your closet.

This is the perfect time to clarify your thoughts. Precision will help you to perfect your plans and your daily planning. This year ends with a sense of "taking charge" of what remains to be done. To start the next cycle with a sense of hope and accomplishment. This year of 2022 has shaken you up a lot. But it is also the year that you transcend many things that you no longer need. This day, therefore, brings you to a happy ending with the last cleansing that can be released.

Your family life will benefit from a boost, a breath of newness. This may be related to a new encounter or a new family member making their entrance. It smells of love, support, and a desire to make peace. Or, more accurately, to be at peace and in harmony. You'll be in a position to foster goodwill and welcome this newness. Primarily, you may find yourself included in a project, an event produced and developed by your loved ones. This sweet time can be pretty satisfying for you if you feel the call to get involved.

This Full Moon in Gemini has everything to fascinate and please despite a few necessary adjustments. This tidying up is typical of this year's upheavals, which may have shaken you. So by cultivating your self-confidence and being rigorous in your flexibility, you can turn your discomfort into opportunity. Look your greatest fears in the face and smile. This temporary state is a fabulous way to let go of some limiting beliefs that have paralyzed you for too long. So yes, SMILE and laugh out loud, and those fears may just be swept away by your confidence in your abilities. It is suggested that you remain a "good sport" and accept some challenges without expecting results. It is simply a rewarding experience that you may benefit from in one way or another. In closing, whatever happens, be specific and feel free to respectfully communicate whatever you feel is appropriate.

Full Moon of November 8, 2022

This November, the Full Moon is ushered in by the conjunction of the night star to the planet Uranus and the North Node in the sign of Taurus. This foreshadows many surprises impacting social life, with the return of buried subjects thought to be forgotten forever. The Taurus-Scorpio axis, on which it falls, is the axis of digestion, even rumination, which can be very slow and sometimes unpleasant! Taurus is not in the habit of venting about their problems. In that case, they can be reluctant to procrastinate or negotiate their positions.

Their ability to pick up where he left off makes them quite accessible to any proposal for a rewarding relationship, literally or figuratively. This makes them sociable people needing to be recognized in their environment, not just in their professional sphere. They expect others to understand and accept them as they are, often finding effective ways to be appreciated. While they may be reluctant to leave their comfort zone, they find the energy to challenge themself and change direction once they understand their genuine need. Their circle of friends, quite large most of the time, knows how to support them so that he expresses the best of themself. Often a manager, they are careful with their material or intellectual assets. They can be an artist: decorators, or craftsmen, endowed with a certain sense of beauty and goodness.

They are also marvelous in the luxury and restaurant business. But Taurus also appreciates the educational field: facing its opposite, Scorpio, it brings softness and framework to the intellectual and demanding values of the sign of Pluto, which always stands out by its charismatic personality and power. Although turned inward, the Scorpio native has a unique ability to captivate those around them, imposing themself socially with their caustic humor. This Full Moon's mission will be to promote ideas that, although brilliant, will be no less challenging to impose. It will direct your gaze towards those sectors where finance dictates the rules of the game and those where it is essential to educate, nourish and defend.

What about the signs of their individuality?

The fixed signs (Taurus/Leo/Scorpio and Aquarius) need time, either because life dictates it or because they need to put some deep thinking into place. The native of Taurus, under the light of the Full Moon, has a roadmap to settle down and start again, from scratch if necessary. For a project which has difficulty taking off or finding its interlocutor, it is necessary to persevere. Otherwise, it is only procrastination! If Leo gives in to a mixed assessment, they have reasons to rejoice. They could implement their partnership or reach a target, and the end of the year looks positive and gratifying. The native of Scorpio, who celebrates their birthday, has excellent news to announce to their close relations: promotion, increase, success, the step will be taken at the beginning of the year 2023. Why not put yourself on stand-by, Aquarius? If November does not convince you, be reassured: you will transform the test towards February 2023 at the time of your birthday, and you will obtain other results.

The mutable signs (Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius and Pisces) are betting on big projects. Still, they are dragging behind them a profound reflection that has been going on for a few months. For Gemini, time works, yet patience is not its strong point. The period will be put to good use by restructuring certain areas of life: the choices taking shape are essential and lasting. The drifts of all kinds, which could have impacted or crossed the destiny of Virgo, will fade away little by little. The planet Pluto, which is still in Capricorn, will help them to straighten the bar and reshuffle the cards to their advantage. What is the mistake not to make? This is the question Sagittarius is asking themself. In the past few months, they have had a hard time unraveling the skein, yet they finally found the right thread and woven their web. The Pisces native fully sees the future. They can change their life, their country, or live in their imagination by projecting themselves on a private screen in different scenarios. Projects linked to foreign countries or situations subject to the respect of legality are in the spotlight.

The cardinal signs (Aries/Cancer/Lance and Capricorn) are on the move. You will have to react quickly and at the right moment, but you will have to concede ground to others to make a point. A whole program. The native of Aries measures their chances of getting through the drops: he can preach the false to know the truth or launch a challenge to someone who could well... take it up and win! The conjunction of Venus to the Sun in Scorpio awakens the native of Libra. Their senses are at the helm. They can sniff out bargains and capture the atmosphere. You can't hide anything from them. Uranus, which is next to the Moon in Taurus, electrifies Cancer. Their seduction is multiplied tenfold, their reactions too: it is not a little to say! Capricorn is a little rough around the edges this month, so you must not upset them too much if they decide to assert their point of view. Otherwise, you risk seeing the goat turn into an Aries.

The Full Moon of November refutes what you have learned and know. It will not be a question of resting on one's laurels but of working to find solutions. All avoidance, renunciation, sometimes cheating, or attempts to take advantage of a comfortable situation, will be swept aside and challenged. This is how the Full Moon illuminates the shadow.

Full Moon October 09, 2022, in Aries

This day is related to the realization and transformation of what has been in your thoughts for some time. You have taken time to reflect and question previously. It's time to set the process in motion with the fire of action and propulsion, which is peak during this October Moon. This is quite a "volcanic" time. Your temperament may be affected in various ways. You may feel on edge, or you may be tongue-tied and looking for more opposition at this time. Take the time to harness that fire that burns within you. Channel that power creatively through proactive action instead of spreading this fuel everywhere and finding yourself without any creative flame for your future projects. Instead, seek to heal your wounds and limitations instead of rebelling on behalf of others or brutally confronting them.

By channeling this strength, you will have an ideal springboard to bring your projects to fruition. Being aware of your energy will allow you to intervene and energize your social or professional environment.
In love, this is an ideal time to get totally involved in your relationship if you haven't already done so. You'll have the energy to take on this new reality from an exciting and unique angle. This is directly related to your past demands. They are now placed before you as an opportunity to evolve in this sphere of your life. A new space is created that allows you to open your heart more and let yourself be touched by the needs of the other. Finally, you will be led to consider the other as an extension of who you are and not as a totally separate entity. This eventuality will allow you to touch your heart more, and you will experience good moments of happiness.

You will have to sort things out in business and take a clear stand. This is the time to take your place and invest in what you are confident in. It is suggested that you don't listen to everyone around you who has their own ideas on the subject. You can rely on what you already know. And then conduct your own "investigation" on the topic to refine your findings. This is the time to take the trouble to do this, and it will be beneficial for the future. Skipping steps will not bring you abundance. Otherwise, you may regret it and have difficulty changing specific parameters of the situation when the time comes. Take the time necessary to do things your way without rushing. Even if you find it dull and slow at the moment.

Some allies will be there for you as you go through a pivotal time soon. We say "turning point" because it can take many forms. It is about a lightning event that can be considered "negative" as it is about an opportunity, a gift from heaven that "falls into your lap. At this moment, you must know that whatever the first meaning you will see in the multiple possible situations will be beneficial for you. Believe it or not, it is directly related to something meaningful. More than that, it's directly related to who you are becoming. It will allow you to move forward more quickly and efficiently when you land on your feet and choose resilience and compassion. These people close to you will help get you out of this state of instability and temporary misunderstanding. Trust their good faith and be attentive to the messages they have to deliver. Certain parts of your personality will be in great transformation following this obligatory passage. This is an excellent path that is opening up to you. You will understand the extent of the truth much later.

Under the sign of Libra, which also influences this Moon, a feeling of tug-of-war will lead you to reconsider a situation that you had wished to experience. You need a new lease on life, and you are already feeling it at this time. This new state of affairs will support this adjustment, returning to the past, which is not a return after all. It is only to realign you to your path. You will feel almost instantly a great relief. A great weight is lifted off your shoulders, bringing lightness and emotional and physical relaxation. You may feel less tension in your shoulders, jaw, and lower back. This is surprising to you, but it is a reliable sign that it was the right thing to do. Some people will find everything intense and improbable. Know that this is a necessary time for many and will be experienced by everyone in their own way.

That being said, this period is conducive to new discoveries and many significant changes for the future of your life. It is a moment that you have been waiting for without knowing it. Take the bull by the horns and move forward while harnessing this fire, this power that wants to express itself. Start the movement positively while respecting the sensitivity and path. Certain truths will allow you to move on more quickly, to reset yourself to ground zero in perfect harmony, if you wish. You just need to protect yourself from certain truths that do not resonate with you and focus on what drives you. Traps can be avoided or crossed fluidly with the help of people around you. Take advantage of all this movement to go and put down roots in nature and harmonize with the elements. This will facilitate this important transition that is underway and will bring you more discernment.

Definition of the Full Moon:

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.

During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.

A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).

People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...
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