What are the effects of the Full Moon on June 4, 2023 ?

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Full Moon of June 4, 2023

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The Sun is in the sign of Gemini. Communication and relationships are in the spotlight. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, resumed its direct race on June 3, the day before this Full Moon. This planet had been in retrograde since May 10. The role of Mercury, representative of our modes of communication, of our relationships, was crucial before the beginning of this Full Moon in Sagittarius. On June 4, Mercury has returned very close to its position at the time of the New Moon on April 20. A job to do again? He is again charged with the powerful energy of liberation, and thought and communication will go in all directions. But there is more to the retrograde. The slowest of the planets, Pluto, has been retrograde from May 1 until October 11 when it returned to Capricorn.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is a harbinger of many challenges. We can almost say that it is preparing for the New Moon of June 18. Indeed, a few days before, on June 12, Pluto will enter the sign representing authority in a broad sense: education, administration, government, etc. And this Full Moon is already outlining what lies ahead. We should see deep disagreements between the people and the rulers, the old and the young. The Moon in Sagittarius aims at an ideal. It does not like to be held back like a child who is forbidden to take risks. The sign of Sagittarius brings teachings such as philosophy, for example. The moon illuminates a path that has no limits. Sagittarians love to travel, discover new spaces of freedom, learn, and understand the world. They do not settle for small ambitions and even less for restrictions.

They feel they have a mission and nothing seems to hold them back. However, something is going to stick. The reason would prevent us from living our ideals. We feel a certain slowness that imposes itself on us. Here is the first test. The second is linked to the first. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius (where our Full Moon is located),usually the purveyor of luck, becomes excessive. And this is the flip side of this giant planet. When it is linked to Mars, our behavior can be extreme, as is the case here. However, we want more than anything else to consider moments of joy. Naturally, we go in the direction of conviviality, that we receive our families and friends. A bit of an epicurean, in short. But a little too much to the point of forgetting the essential. We want to share a meal as a sign of celebration by setting a beautiful table well-stocked. Beware of excesses of all kinds: food and drink already. The link between Jupiter and Mars would have us do more than we need to show off to others. Beware of being overweight too. This ego energy linked to the sign of Leo is to be mastered imperatively. It is necessary to direct all this energy towards the ideals that we carry. Let's instead follow the Sagittarius arrow, which indicates the right direction.

So what can we count on with this Full Moon in Sagittarius to give us hope? What is the zodiac's touch of optimism on June 4, 2023?

It's the surge of love represented by Venus, of course! Supported by Neptune, she invites us not to go astray by respecting the love energies of the previous lunation. If we have to fight, let's fight! But never forget to love others. We don't fight for ourselves. We fight for the community. Pluto's energy exerts a form of inhibition on Venus, which fortunately is transformed by Neptune. Neptune, the highest degree of love, invites us to open our eyes and hearts, to look beyond the chaos. Pluto, in retrograde phase, will soon enter Capricorn, and it is better to be ready to welcome the situation, to prepare for it. There are still some old patterns to be broken. Society is slowly but surely changing.

Sometimes a part of us may not understand what is going on. The bases of our society built during more than 2000 years are revised and corrected. However, History seems to be made like this. Like the zodiac, humanity is inscribed in cycles, and Man has always known how to evolve according to the energies imposed on him. Fears are legitimate. So are the debates. We would like to resist change to preserve our comfort, our traditions. It is not a question of one society taking over the other, of one part of the world over the other. So this Full Moon will probably see some debates about the paradigm shift.

A Full Moon under tension! Energies of fighting spirit and love must move forward together. Mars and Venus, the masculine and the feminine will work towards a better, more just world. Since we are in the sign of communication in Gemini, Debates may arise, and this will be a good thing. We have not finished discussing the direction to take to live together. This period will set in motion a new system: institutions revisited, authority changed, governance metamorphosed, etc. Remember that love is always the solution. It sometimes mixes with other energies, like this Full Moon where love and action go hand in hand. But the feeling to be experienced first in our soul is love. This feeling rises to the highest possible point for this Full Moon. At the same time, it is the understanding of the world that is expressed. We realize that we are all part of the same planet, and as such, it is obvious to want the best for our fellow man. This Full Moon proposes metaphysical morale for a better understanding of the world and an invitation to love it.

Full Moon on May 5, 2023

This Full Moon day will be most eventful for some of you. It is a time of change and awareness, both individual and collective. Certain events will cause you to believe a part of the situation that links you to others to some extent. Rely on your intuition and try to put aside the multiple opinions that are circulating you. This is a rather tricky time that may lead you to experience some difficulties in your life. And this, as much on a relational level as in the so-called "private" spheres. For example, your family, your close friends, or your partner. It is favorable to focus on what resonates and echoes within you and stop taking outside influences personally. This particular conjuncture is very disturbing, and you have to make well-centered management of your energies and your thoughts.

It is a delicate passage that requires special attention. Some of you want to "take it easy, " urging you not to get caught up in the moment. Even so, this perspective could help you in the long run. It would bring you a sense of calm and a feeling of duty. These are exciting avenues in many ways. In fact, it is crucial for your evolution, in general.

Moreover, a certain modesty previously prevented you from "going through the veil" and taking full measure of the situation. You are involved in one way or another. This is ultimately a perfect springboard for investigation and a chance to heal your heart. This passage touches your soul and aligns you.

In the professional realm, you are at a crossroads; you have a certain ease of liking yourself in whatever you do. Because of this, it is difficult for you to make a choice or to stay put for long. Your drive propels you into new projects with your unique perception and creation.

Your desire for ambition and adventure can lead you to "burn the candle at both ends." Therefore, weariness and inevitable exhaustion may be more mental than physical. You like to turn situations upside down to find the loophole or, on the contrary, the solution to different problems in your projects.

It is important to reposition yourself to the essentials to keep the focus on what is important in your life. This will prevent you from your propensity, at the moment, to question yourself incessantly on various subjects. Most of which are, in the end, of no great interest. To succeed in mastering this part of you that doubts everything at present would help you thoroughly to benefit from your capacity for discernment. This would allow you to listen to your intuition about what drives and attracts you. It makes it easier to get involved in a new activity or wish to stay where you are.

In any case, every choice you make these days must be weighed, and every word weighed. You will sometimes feel as if you are "stepping into a crab basket," so much discomfort and misunderstanding may arise in your daily life. You are in no way the direct vector of these situations. Sometimes, you feel like the sky is falling, but this is only temporary. The stars seem to be against you, but, on the contrary, they lead you on a path unknown to you. And which, however, is interesting in the longer term in your life path. Of course, unconsciously or not, you could trigger a reaction that may be intense and unexpected in others. Don't get too upset about it. Just be sure to curb your moods and take the time to say things with the intention that your words will be received in the desired direction. From this perspective, you will understand that taking special care of your relationships with your loved ones is favorable. This may seem difficult to you, given the situation. Hang in there. It will get better as the current energies diminish in power. As the days go by, you will see that a certain harmony resurfaces, and your relationships will be easier.

This "hellish crossing" is only a step to unload a considerable weight that weighs on you or your heart. It can be symbolic or real, related to something that undermines your well-being, your serenity. It can shake you up quite violently. Encourage activities that bring you joy and that bring you into a state of relaxation, of comfort. Pick up a book you've meant to read or go for a hike in the woods. Feel the fullness of nature or listen to music that inspires you and try to feel the harmony in everything around you. This will make it easier for you to get through this impasse. Above all, don't be afraid of this Full Moon in Scorpio. It can, in some ways, bring you more benefits than hardships. This period is a spring cleaning, perfect for closing a chapter before starting the following season, which is your next step.

Finally, you have to weigh your words carefully without overloading yourself psychologically. It would benefit you to take some time for yourself by enjoying an activity that makes you happy and helps you release "feel-good hormones," the endorphins. You won't have too many of these, as some of the passages of this Full Moon can be perilous and quite restrictive in various facets of your life. Know that this will pass soon enough. So, enjoy this situation as an experience. It offers a different way of looking at things than what has been revolving around you. This uncomfortable plunge causes you to affirm and refine certain aspects of your life.

Full Moon on April 6, 2023

This Full Moon of April 6, 2023, is in Libra. In this sign, sensitivity is mixed with its values, i.e., Justice, harmony, balance, beauty, art, dialogue, and altruism. And let's talk about generosity. Another sign that strongly expresses this value is the sign of Aquarius, which saw the entry of Pluto only a few days ago. While Pluto has spent years in Capricorn deconstructing and then rebuilding everything related to authority and administration, he is attacking the Aquarian values: altruism, collectivism, and equality. The whole symbol, the conception of revolution, and non-conformism will be profoundly changed and even upset for several years. As usual, we will have to accept all the benefits and sacrifices that this will bring. Pluto's work undoubtedly transforms our environment and ourselves, but it is a transpersonal dimension. Don't look for how it affects you as a person. We are in a revolution that is directed at all of humanity. We are in springtime, in Aries, the time of sowing, of self-affirmation.

The moon is proposing an altruistic attitude at the same time that a profound change will take place in our society and on the whole planet. Confusion is likely to take over our minds. Things from the past are not settled, which seems to be in the light of this April 6 Full Moon. Fortunately, other energies in this sky promise solutions to this somewhat tense situation that deeply draws on our resources. We will see that Saturn saves us from mental misguidance by helping us to keep control of our thoughts and that he helps us to act in the right way to secure ourselves. The notion of universal love born from February 6, 2023, is still present, which gives this Full Moon a perfect coherence.

This Full Moon in Libra, as we now know, highlights a need to take care of "the other ."This is the spirit of the spring seed. We need to pay attention to others and sometimes even care for them. Some people have suffered a lot in the last few years. Anxiety has taken hold of many spirits who may have lost faith in our society changing profoundly. In some people, there may be resentment anger. One would like to dwell on these bad memories, to go back and start all over again. But things take their course. It is necessary to turn the page of the past from now on! Live in joy and love, especially when the sky lends itself to it as it did for this Full Moon. So you can count on powerful energies to help you do this. Once again, we can count on what is coming from the authorities and institutions. It seems that communication is finally being established. It is helping us keep our wits about us and be pragmatic. Is everything bad? Are there no lessons and benefits to be learned? We have the protection of the elders in this process. At the same time, we are guided in our actions. We can undertake to fulfill the demand of this Full Moon. Let us then act for the protection and happiness of all.

Another planet that we know well and speaks to us about love in this Full Moon is, of course, Venus. She is at home in Taurus and receives vital energies that make her subtle, deep, and mysterious. If she is already sensual, count on her support to love others without distinction. This is an excellent thing to go along with this Full Moon. You'll be able to add love to your intellect, and you'll be able to take advantage of it yourself, and above all, make those around you enjoy it.

You have been warned this is a great Full Moon that just requires an effort in your intellectual approach, a measure of thought. While we could sink into a form of revengeful spirit, of rehashing past times, the idea of building a future together pushes us to think and act in the right direction. Aggression is not an option. To the question of "how," let's use our feelings and that rather magical ability to love everyone. Through this, you will find the answer to the question posed by this Full Moon: can we be altruistic? Yes, by loving one another. What better way to start the spring season than with seeds like this? The harvest time will come, and then it will be the fruits of our present actions that we will have in our hands. This Full Moon is a bit like rebuilding after an earthquake: we resent the Earth that bears us for having swallowed us, our homes, and our loved ones.

We have a feeling of injustice that seems entirely legitimate. Yet, our will, love, and sensitivity must be turned towards those we must help. Let's recreate a fair and pleasant living space to continue to build for the future. It is advisable to reach out to those who have suffered more than you. And not only your family or friends. Let's love everyone and help those in our path without distinction. It's what this Full Moon in Libra, on April 6, is all about. It is intoxicating. Full of energies of love and selflessness that make us look forward to learning the lessons of the past. Wounds are healed, and the virtuous circle of self-giving and unconditional love generating love is established for the greater happiness of all.

Full Moon of March 07, 2023

This Full Moon in Virgo leads you to organize, bring to fruition, and reap what you have previously sown. To do this, you must look beyond your current situation to achieve a precise and detailed vision of what you want. Some of the shadows are beginning to become more apparent. This allows you to better orient yourself in the direction you have chosen. Some of your ideas are ready to take shape, and you have the momentum and will to propel them forward if that is what you want. You are committed to your current projects while feeling the need to get away or define yourself more.

This is a time to get involved in a new activity or take time to explore a passion. For example, the arts, esoteric sciences, music, astrology, etc. Anything that gets you to use your right brain, creative brain, and imagination. It is a moment to let a part of you express itself, sometimes well buried, which asks to be awakened and to inspire you more. This openness to a form of "unpredictability," even if minimal, brings you to spice up your existence. You may feel that you are "losing your bearings." This will be temporary. You will quickly regain your footing by letting yourself be carried away by your discoveries and, who knows, a new way of seeing life.

You may have difficulty reconciling your need for stability with your desire for more freedom at work. You want to achieve greater fulfillment in your professional life and go beyond what is required. In fact, you want to surpass yourself and accomplish things that you have never done before. This questioning invites you to revisit specific career moments and think about a change to give free rein to this desire for independence. Your material security makes you doubt that this "dream" will ever take shape in reality. You have many projects and ideas that need to take shape. However, the importance given to your everyday comfort is holding you back in your momentum towards this change that a part of you wants.

In your family sphere, this is a time when you have to remain calm in the face of certain information that is revealed to you. The watchword is to maintain a neutral and peaceful attitude. You are in a position to listen and to accompany as a "benevolent ear." However, remember not to let yourself be drawn into a situation that does not concern you directly. Taking a step back and a step up without getting involved is sometimes challenging. Still, the ideal solution is often to keep your head above water and not get caught in the wave. You may feel shocked and upset by a situation that brings tension, even a conflict with a family member. This is the time to silence the doubt and continue to choose to listen to yourself. Stop procrastinating. It's time to see reality as it is and take action accordingly. And this is for your well-being and peace of mind.

On the love side, this is a time that requires some adjustments. If you are single, your standards are high, perhaps even unattainable. You wish to vibrate at the frequency of love, forgetting that nothing is perfect, including the human being. You wish to remain autonomous and free while accepting to open your heart. It would be desirable to remain transparent while accepting the other as a whole. You tend to look at a potential suitor like a garage owner looks at spare parts. The big picture will allow you to take advantage of some subtleties that can create a harmonious whole, even if you don't have all the boxes checked off your list. If you're in a relationship, it's time to energize your relationship. You tend to rely on each other or the other way around. This becomes burdensome and causes you to detach or want to distance yourself from your loved one. This is not necessarily a situation leading to a breakup, but rather awareness. It requires a commitment on both sides to resolve this impasse.

In all cases, you must expand into an unknown area or one you have already thought about but did not realize. You have the energy and the power to make this move that may surprise some people and, most importantly, yourself! Think about doing it for fun without thinking about going further. Even if you want to be at the height of this new activity, this new project. Your creativity needs to be expressed. It's up to you to choose the medium that makes you vibrate. This will allow you to change your mind and relax while taking time for yourself.

Also, your desire for independence goes hand in hand with your pleasure in material comfort and appreciation of your assets. And you work hard to achieve your goals. When you accept that the only freedom lies within you, you will finally take the full measure of what lies ahead in your life's journey. Some inner tensions may allow you to revise your attitude and actions regarding your personal or professional life. A lack of transparency could hinder your chances of further clarifying certain shaded areas. You must get out of the "opacity" created by a sometimes hermetic attitude and choose to reveal yourself more. Or, on the contrary, to continue on your path of authenticity. By taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way to reveal yourself by consolidating what you have previously undertaken. Either way, it is up to you to consider where you are and make the changes necessary to develop your potential.

Full Moon in Leo on February 5, 2023

This Full Moon in Leo on February 5 at 7:30 PM will bring you to light according to your seed of the preceding lunation, provided you do the work it requires. Even though we are in the sign of Aquarius, evocative of freedom and singularity, your sensitivity and creativity will have to obey specific rules that this Full Moon imposes. A certain restraint will be felt. You may experience powerful energies of revolt that will push you to stand out and let your most original personality live.

However, other antagonistic forces are asking you to remain in a more thoughtful and composed position. You will have to negotiate and make the most of a Full Moon under tension. This Full Moon raises the question of how to stand out or be in the spotlight while respecting what the planets are asking of you. You will see that you will have to make a particular effort while knowing that any work on yourself will lead to a necessary and beneficial evolution. On the condition that you accept "the game."

You will therefore feel an almost irrepressible urge to rebel simultaneously as you will be aware that you must follow the rules, the laws in force. Rather than obeying an unconscious desire to oppose everything, you will have to work on your thinking. It can then open doors and find ways out of things that seem to be sources of conflict. You will have to privilege the debates of ideas to put forward your opinions because it is only like that that you will transform this will of rebellion into something constructive. All this will occur in a benevolent climate if you only take care not to mix everything up. Ideas will be expressed. Clearly, your opinion will be heard if only you agree to put aside your feelings, or at least to make it a separate issue. And you will see that this will probably be an effort on your part.

You will see that this situation should not leave too much room for feelings. You should not want to bring them in at any cost, even if it seems to come naturally. They simply have no place there if you're going to move things forward. It is time to distinguish between your desires and your feelings. In the current Cartesian debates, we are in an energy of unconditional love that does not accommodate reason. Moreover, it is in love that you will be able to show your originality. You can try to show your lesser-known, more unexpected side and thus stand out.

So, you will live this Moon in Leo without difficulty and will take all the benefits. The light will be on you, for you will be in tune with the place of feelings in this Full Moon. Communication feeds very well on solid and high values such as love for your fellow man. This Full Moon allows you to experience the ease of saying things in a caring way. Love dialogues should be fluid! You will know how to make yourself heard and understood if only you accept to live love in a dimension that is perhaps unusual to you. This Full Moon invites you to take an interest in spiritual, even esoteric subjects. Astrology perhaps? Thus, you will experience the development of your intellect. This will represent the singularity you are looking for, allowing this enlightenment that we spoke of at the beginning. We are not here in primitive energies.

See this Full Moon as an opportunity to love unconditionally. The values of forgiveness are here. You will need to take hold of them, as this will allow for resolving disagreements or old conflictual issues. Meditation can be a new routine in your daily life. This Moon could trigger this newness in your life to allow for this distancing from your emotions. Think of further readings that will enrich your way of conceiving spirituality. Change your way of loving others in a world that until now has pushed us to the most selfish feelings. There are times when the planets ask us to put aside our individualism and open ourselves to more collective values. When the mind is freed from primary analysis and opened to something more profound and subtle, whole life can be changed, and new horizons can be opened.

On a more general level, at the level of our society, this Full Moon in Leo promises a popular affirmation that is bathed in powerful energies of fire with the Moon and Jupiter. Therefore, the atmosphere is hot, and everyone will want to express themselves and assert their point of view vehemently while having to conform to the rules in force. Numerous verbal jousts will be heard, and debates will become heated. Let's expect some demonstrations and protests here and there, as the need for action and a certain nervousness will feed the popular vindictiveness. This Full Moon is carried by serious issues, which divide but find their source in the desire for the happiness of a community, a concern for equality, fraternity ...

You have understood that this Full Moon sees uprisings of people expressing a feeling of anger, a need for freedom. A certain nervousness is rumbling. A deep need for change is felt, which is held back by the hierarchy or the authority in place. We will have to confront our divergent points of view, accept the challenges that this suggests in a rather hot climate, and we will have to keep our feelings out of it. These and the sentimental sphere are guided by the more subtle energies of unconditional love and spirituality. In your intimacy, these values will have to be at the center of popular demands and at home. Then this ull Moon in Leo will take all its meaning and allow a beautiful highlighting of each one.

Full Moon of January 07, 2023, in Cancer

This Full Moon will bring a wind of change to your surroundings and relationships. This period will be full of nuances and invite you to take a good look inside yourself at what you do or don't like. An intensive sorting of thoughts is required. Combined with an awareness of the emotional aspect that marks all your experiences and relationships. It is a transformation of your needs concerning the "collective" aspect of your life. You must refocus on what allows you to live and function well in your reality. It is time to "sweep up" and remove what has served its purpose and is no longer relevant. This can be related to a place of life, a job, an activity, or a relationship. Anything can happen! It is intense, disturbing, but, to a great extent, revealing what awaits you soon. It is a new beginning, a new creative impulse. It is a sorting out of the action. You must take action to determine what will come next as an opportunity. What is to come is directly related to your propensity to see within yourself. Do what needs to be done to open the door to new experiences and avenues that were not yet in the realm of possibility before this particular time.

It is a "funny moon" because of its penetrating character and fluidity. For those who know how to take advantage, it's a golden opportunity served on a platter at the beginning of the year. It can be disturbing. You may even feel some physical discomfort, especially in the stomach or throat. This is your body's way of telling you what it wants you to accomplish during this time. Positioning yourself as either the executioner or the victim of the situation will only lead you to delay the inevitable. You will have to deal with it this time, or another opportunity will present itself to bring things full circle and start a new chapter. Or continue this one differently. Some of your desires are meant to help you modulate some of your needs. However, be careful not to fall into belief and be tricked differently. As much in a sensual way as in a material way. This is a sweet time for love with a capital L. But the illusion is available too. Caution is therefore called for. Know how to weigh the values dear to you and what is negotiable with your heart and intelligence.

Indeed, you are led to make room for novelty on the professional side. You can make an exciting change for your future. This openness will allow you advantages and latitude that animate and attract you. Be careful not to let emotions overwhelm you, and remain aware of essential details in your process. You will have to calibrate some of your actions and align your decisions well to take the path most conducive to your fulfillment. This will delight you, whet your curiosity, and propel you through this new creation. On the heart side, there is a beautiful opening to a so-called "quality" encounter that will surely charm you. As mentioned, beware of the "all or nothing" trap and a possible tendency to forget yourself for the other person. You won't be able to find fulfillment and happiness for long in this way. You have probably noticed that it is increasingly challenging to meet someone wearing a form of a mask that hides your real personality. Therefore, take the time to get to know yourself better and transform what no longer suits you, if necessary, before any new serious encounter. The rest will be more straightforward if you carry out this analysis, first of all, internally. Move on to concrete action and eliminate the different patterns that may still link you to a "program loop." It only leads you to relive the same situation in your love life. It's not bad luck. The critical adjustments you must make are happening, first of all, within you. Once you are comfortable with yourself, you will open your horizons to other experiences following your discoveries and what you are looking for in your life together.

From a family and relationship standpoint, you have to take your place and stop questioning yourself about a situation that is repeating itself and that you can't take anymore. Stop taking it upon yourself and take advantage of an opening to proceed to the immediate settlement, in all delicacy, concerning some of your "relational indigestion." You will finally be able to move on and enjoy your time with the people who are important to you in a climate of renewed harmony. Be fair but considerate of others. You can find the right words to free yourself while respecting each other's limits. Some people may be offended by your sudden and determined verve. Remain in tune with what brings balance to your relationships. Allow yourself to express yourself in a way that is receptive to the other's sensitivity to previous events.
In short, you must update and sort out what is still valid and acceptable in your life to get you through a crucial stage. New things are coming, and this Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect springboard to jump into this astral bath with its purifying and recalibrating aroma.

Definition of the Full Moon:

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.

During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.

A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).

People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...
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