What are the effects of the Full Moon of December 19, 2021 ?

Written by Evie

Full Moon on December 19, 2021

The Full Moon at the end of 2021 takes place on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis, even though the Moon exercises its talents in the sign of the zodiac's twins, it is Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, who pilots the Full Moon. Thus, colored by both the lightness of Gemini and the weight of Jupiter, it refuses to give credence to pseudo high ideals. The insistence on this axis introduces unavoidable values of concrete cooperation, of fighting against manipulations (Gemini) aimed at serving sometimes abusive interests. Social rules or a contrario transgressions are linked to Sagittarius, sign of Jupiter. It is therefore the Sun that takes the upper hand, facing the Moon in Gemini.

On the natal level, Sagittarius is difficult to follow as its ardor and independent spirit constantly push it further and higher. The native of this sign is charismatic and energetic. They often attract sympathy. Funny and direct, his charming manner is also a way to hide a sometimes restless nature that pushes him to adopt an adventurous and even daring behavior. Adaptable, he feels at home everywhere, taking only the best from his immediate environment. However, he often remains impregnated with his native environment: the sign of Gemini opposite, is the reflection of it.

The native of Sagittarius recreates thus, from a few details, all that can make link with his roots, even thousands of kilometers away from his home. Every medal having its reverse side, he is sometimes authoritarian and little inclined to consensus. His knowledge, extended to various fields, makes him interesting but critical. He wants to be listened to: education and coordination positions or business, but also the legal profession, the plastic arts and dance, are part of his field of expertise. He is a pedagogue who knows how to be enterprising and sociable. The mobile fire devouring everything in its path, it has, most of the time, a little difficulty to settle down, sentimental or professional break-ups due to its freedom being impeded are numerous. However, once he has made his choices, he adopts the rules and makes his home a warm place where he does not feel locked in. This is the paradox of a powerful energy and a need for stability.

The Moon in Gemini brings in this period, conciliatory elements but not very structuring, Gemini values remaining oriented towards the "here and now" and subject to dispersion.

Sagittarius and Gemini, but also the two other mutable signs: Pisces and Virgo are involved as well. Sagittarius benefits for a few more weeks from the power of the planet Mars which is more or less close to the natal Sun depending on the day of birth. Mars increases the investment in one or the other area of life and forces events: important decisions can be taken. Gemini natives are held back in their will or expression by a superior or an administrative decision. A teenager can also send them back to questioning, or needing special attention. Pisceans may feel that the steps they have taken are going nowhere. This is not quite the case, but they will have to wait until things appear to them as a whole. Virgos do not get the expected results: time and patience are needed and most of the natives come up against the unwillingness of someone around them. They will have to find the right arguments.

The cardinal signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra are sensitized, to varying degrees, by the Full Moon. Capricorns are experiencing situations that force them to draw conclusions and to open up all the issues: a new light is shed on the life experiences of the past months or years. Cancer natives express themselves, the presence of the Moon in Gemini allowing them to put words to their emotions. It is at the crossroads of questioning that Aries finds the means to continue on its path. He will reorient his priorities and will no longer be inflamed by trifles. After having played the security card, Libra is pleased with his ability to anticipate. It was only a hair's breadth away from tipping over into success or failure!

The power of the fixed signs: Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, allows them a strong capacity for resistance. They are currently subject to the aspects of Uranus which accompanies them towards change. Aquarius is waiting for a contract or a legal decision. Anger is not a good thing for Leo natives, but you should be afraid that it will explode! Taurus people doubt everything and everyone, it's a pity! Scorpio natives are under the spotlight: they are jealous or they are worshipped!

The Full Moon acts as a policeman, indicating the direction and refusing to give in to the sirens of exaggerated promises. The presence of Neptune in dynamic aspect with the luminaries warns against business-like behavior or dubious arrangements. With their broad emotional range, Sagittarius and Gemini are good at many things, but we must not forget that they know how to "act". The December Full Moon brings their many talents to the table: gifts, decorations, songs and twinkling lights. However, it is by following the arrow that the Centaur forcefully launches towards the sky that we will find the true magic of Christmas.

Full Moon on November 19, 2021

Located on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, the Full Moon of November is subject to Jupiter, which orders its main lines. The exact square it forms, with the MoonMoon in particular, agitates an entire emotional world in which the star of the night bathes. This Moon in Taurus is always demanding. It referees resistance to change, questioning what has already been achieved, and fixing behaviors that prevent progress. The square to Jupiter shakes all this up, and it will be necessary to go through a phase of deconstruction to find a very different way of seeing and thinking. Every planet in the sign of Taurus tends to be obstinate. Indeed, the Earth element pushes to satisfy its needs without worrying too much about the consequences. Most of the time, the sign refuses to back down in front of the obstacle. Thus, in this period, the question of the excessive exploitation of our natural resources may come to the forefront. The opposition of the MoonMoon to the Sun in Scorpio creates a backdrop against which powerful desires and strong emotions play out in a particularly complex shadow play.

The planet Jupiter, ruler of the ascendant in Sagittarius, accentuates by its presence the sector of achievements, material needs, and security but remains attached to a particular ideal. Therefore, this Full Moon reinforces the need to get in touch with reality and control it. It is a question of having something concrete, having what is needed to live, and evaluating the means to build one's future, taking into account profits and losses. Therefore, the situations that arise are subject to a security context in trade, commerce, travel, and politics and leave little room for chance or free will. There may be many reasons for this, but the position of the lunar nodes, in conjunction with the Moon, points to the testing of certain habits. It may be necessary to lift mountains to achieve what seems essential while taking the risk of failing. Accomplishing, building, rebuilding, bringing personal elements to bear on a community is intrinsically the message of this November Full Moon.

In actuality, there may be a tug-of-war over social gains, resistance to change, but also the rejection of a system. The period of the transit of the Sun in the sign of Scorpio brings behind it an aura of magic and secrecy. The deities of nature, associated with the time when the forests were silent, could be glimpsed even by the most destructive creatures: man, provided he had reached a certain level of clairvoyance. Today, benevolent but elusive elves and fairies have taken refuge in inaccessible and mysterious lands to avoid our devastating world. The November Full Moon connects the blooming of the MoonMoon in Taurus with the waking state of the Sun in Scorpio. Legends always speak of the gaiety of the dances of nature's little beings doing their work in joy. Thus, this Full Moon time should help us appreciate the gift we have been given: to observe, reflect and create the positive. According to the influences on their natal Sun, the natives of the signs will each have to appreciate what is to be received in consciousness.

The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) favor action. Fearing to be won by hesitation and to make the wrong choice, they go with intuition and impulse. It makes or breaks! Aquarians nitpick about regulations or stumble over a legal issue. Fundamental issues such as joint custody of a child or a dispute dating back a few months come to the fore. A vital signature awaits Scorpio: an internship period, a work contract, or a real estate contract, in short, essential projects are taking shape, and a turning point is announced that will be completed in the first half of 2022. Leo will increase his assets: material or other, he will need a little time to adapt. Taurus natives go from surprise to surprise. It is even a little disturbing sometimes!

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) show very personal ideas about everything and everyone! Gemini natives project themselves into the future and think big: the aspects of their ruler Mercury push them to seek their limits. Virgo dreams of a perfect world, so they go to great lengths to make everything fit their ideal. Sometimes it works! Pisces theorizes and hoards, which is fine because, in their blue bubble, one can't go without the other!

The cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries) have only one desire: to optimize what can be optimized. Indeed, the time for choices has undoubtedly come, especially for Cancer who has finished digesting anger or a failure. It's time to get your stake back and roll the dice again. Libra natives have come to accept that they missed out on something. What they found, in the end, suits them just as well. The big deal for Capricorn is knowing what to keep and what to throw away! And this extends to all areas of life: from the closet to their private or professional environment! Aries is pausing and accepting the status quo, it wasn't really in their plans, but that's how they'll have to deal with things!

The Full Moon of November will not let us sleep peacefully in our corner. We will have to move, wake up, understand, and integrate. All things that the somewhat hurried or distracted humanity does not want to see or to know. The positive expression of this time of the year will be to struggle to harmonize the opposites: between the emotional and the material, submission and domination, giving and receiving. Good luck to all.

Full Moon of October 20, 2021

The conciliatory aspect formed by the planet Jupiter to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra allows the Full Moon on October 20, 2021, to unfold with scope. This openness is an asset because the Moon in Aries, whose trap is stubbornness, remains a bit withdrawn and blocks access to clearer paths or broader ideas.

The signs of Libra and Aries, by their cardinal nature, are in a precarious balance. Libra's strong social sense drives them to seek the ideal group and the perfect context, which means setting up structures and strategies that may not help them achieve their goals. So the October Full Moon is more about success than means. This is where things get complicated.

A strict organization is required to obtain maximum effect from the celestial aspects. The sky seems to be in a state of disruption in this somewhat peculiar context, with an irregular period, especially in the sphere of human relationships and large projects carried out collectively. Oppositions, "stumbling blocks" on proposals aiming to unite, could be the lot of this Full Moon. The world is also likely to be confronted with accidents of all kinds: air, criminal, and affecting groups of individuals. The intense occupation of the Midheaven by heavy planets that are somewhat aggressive and/or constraining draws the observer's eye to risky actions or specific negligence.

Links formed elsewhere evoke poorly assumed initiatives and resulting troubles. Fortunately, the support of the Great Benefactor, Jupiter, cushions the shock and limits the damage. It symbolizes all that society can bring to the table positively thanks to its infrastructure (and people of goodwill) who find solutions to problems or alleviate fears and difficulties. Sometimes it will be necessary to observe a certain reserve concerning solutions that may only be "window dressings." In our individual chart, the October Full Moon will reinforce recurring issues induced by its resorbing or restrictive effect.

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will benefit from not rushing at the first opportunity. Aries, in particular, will have to reckon with the tenfold repercussions of the slightest misjudged gesture; in other words, it is necessary to weigh and measure actions and words. The natives of Cancer and Capricorn are a little better off, as they benefit from a certain respite or delay, depending on their personal situation. In short, time is on their side. They will have the option to let an opportunity pass or seize it on the fly: Cancers in love, Capricorns on life or material choice. This leaves Libras who will have a strong opinion or a verdict that may be definitive. But, once again, this is not custom!

The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) burn with impatience and refuse to admit that sometimes you have to wait. This is especially true of Taurus, who would like to get answers before asking the questions or stating the problems! Leo's are chomping at the bit in their cage to find a way out. Unfortunately for them, they are asked to stay a little longer and take over the show's second half! Some talents are not disputed: this is the case for Scorpio who works at full speed and gains confidence: their own and that of others. A predisposition to diplomacy (which we didn't know they had!) helps them overcome all obstacles. Aquarius natives are inclined to win the lottery, but this may not be the time to "put all your eggs in one basket." You must evaluate the proposals or circumstances before validating a choice that seems, a priori, pertinent.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are likely to lack relevance. They may not have a good analysis of the situation. The impact of emotion on logic is clouding reasoning, and the Full Moon is not enough to bring the mutable signs back to objectivity, in this case. Gemini is rehashing old stories, which prevents them from wiping the slate clean and setting the record straight. This is a bit of a shame, considering that the Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra guarantees real feelings and interest in them! A sloppy decision forces Virgos to redouble their vigilance. A sentimental affair preoccupies them, and they find it difficult to escape their feelings. Sagittarians' susceptibility makes those around them shut up or... run away! It shouldn't last too long, though! Getting back into yoga can be a solution. Pisces are a little out of touch in their sentimental and emotional expression. They will have to remain serene in the face of truths or revelations that are sometimes a little complicated to admit. They, indeed, have assets in the game. Strong intuition and psychic power support their vital energy.

The Aries/Lance axis pushes them to take risks. They are provoked by the interest of novelty or a beginning and the ability to start: a project, a story, a relationship. However, they are strongly curbed by Libra’s values of respect for norms, conventions, or organizations. Mars, the ruler of Aries, must observe the rules. This probably corresponds to a period during which obligatory decisions will be imposed or circumvented and postponed so it does not add to the solid ambient climate. There will be no shortage of seductive ventures, but they will have difficulty finding their point of application. Indeed, the October Full Moon imposes a code. It will be good to honour it so as not to be overwhelmed... On all sides!

Full Moon of September 21, 2021

The Full Moon of September 21, 2021, through its conjunction with Neptune, seems to prepare the world's future. Connected to the past but in touch with the future, it will be necessary, under its aspects, to correct what the world may have had as difficulties in giving in to adversity. Thus, the softened aspects of the luminaries supported by the slow planets seem to promise the hope of a more regular rhythm of life for the first time in months. Mars' proximity to the Sun reinforces the vital energies. However, it's contained by the sign of Libra. The planet loses some of its strength and must respect limits, rules, and polite social relations. In short, barrier gestures are not forgotten. Still, by integrating the telluric energies, the Sun makes the means of expression a little blurred. The carefree days are not yet upon us, but the sky is letting go and offering, little by little, the opportunity to reconnect with the thread of history. Experience and reflection are the fruits of which you must now take advantage.

This coming together of the Moon and Neptune in retrograde is causing particularly sensitive and reactive influences. Indeed, the Moon is the planet of the unconscious. It represents the total immersion in matter and the dependence on violent or subtle emotions we experience daily. These emotions reveal what we have experienced or the way we receive things and perceive people. Thus, we may react to old memories or to beliefs from our past lives.

In a natal chart, the disturbing aspects that act on the Moon are compensated by those inscribed on the Sun, a symbol of the conscious. Emotions passed through the filter of reason, then regulate the personality. Therefore, they become more viable and constructive. The Moon is also the feminine sphere, the one who creates and gives to see the world. This is why the full Moon of September, associated with Neptune in retrograde, calls for the dissolution of things. Should we see it as the dissolution of our illusions and dreams? Or should it be the dissolution of our blocks and ancestral fears? In any case, a reactivated problem struggles to find openings. Eventually, it flows out: the Moon referring to water and Neptune to fluids.

One can imagine that the different contexts: social, political, religious are concerned. The vision of the group and the collective is underlined. It is a period of public involvement. The idea is to bring a message to the outside world without being influenced by negative energies emanating from the feeling of going in circles. Humanity needs to mature, to get out of limbo and mirages and above all, not to fear disillusionment. This Full Moon seems to be a crucial phase proposed to move forward, accompanying new ideas or emerging solutions.

The mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini) are inspired, especially the Gemini who can surpass themselves by acting on a great idea or a lightning intuition. Pisces natives are inclined to isolate themselves to work, meditate or simply... rest. Indeed, they tend more than ever to flee from prying eyes and seek tranquillity. It's because they are always supported by the influence of Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in their sign that Virgos have the means to take action and face changes. Whether it's on a material and/or mental level, they feel the exhilaration of renewal! As for Sagittarians, the challenge is to finally reconcile all areas of their lives. Well supported by Mercury and Jupiter, a particular inner strength and ability to communicate allows them to manage many things from a distance.

The fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus) are moving into high gear. Leo will apply to the letter the advice given. This is an excellent time to call on a specialist in any field, and the answers they get will help them move forward. Scorpio's ability to integrate and render information impresses those around them, especially if they take a competitive exam or go to a job interview. They really do have a chance. Aquarians are rebuilding for a long time: profession, private life. This period could influence the next seven years. It is the reactivity to seize the opportunity that will make the game of Taurus in daily life. On the other hand, if some distance is necessary on the emotional field, it will allow us to come back better and understand each other better.

The cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn) will integrate a new environment or benefit from a bonus. Bohemian tendencies lead Cancer natives to imaginary horizons. They are creative in all areas, and their love partners benefit significantly from this. Aries choose to be expectant and to take a step back, for once! This allows them a certain freedom of action which supports their projects favourably. With a great deal of serenity, Librans approach communication in their relationship, the new life they have established in the summer, or the perspectives they are now giving themselves find a consensus and a positive outcome. Capricorn natives have turned a page. Looking up, they now see only a cloudless sky!

The Full Moon does not count its pain and gives back piece for piece, achievement for achievement, and lack for lack. It manages and capitalizes on good and bad deeds, good or bad karma. Far from the magic of a Moon in Scorpio, the Moon in Virgo takes on managerial behaviour. As a good housewife, it teaches you to live correctly daily, with reason and rigour. Let's listen to the voice of good practices!

The Full Moon: August 22, 2021

It is the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius that drives this month's Full Moon period. The Moon, a bit constrained in the sign of Aquarius, loses its intuitive capacities and limits our imagination. Formal and lacking flexibility, it also extracts Jupiterian goodwill with Uranus's collaboration in a square. Therefore, the aspects are dry and brittle, subject to solar counterparts, which, fortunately, save the day. The insufficiency in realism and certainties established by this "Urbanized" Moon find the contribution of light and transparency in the Sun in Leo. It counterbalances what the Moon in Aquarius can make brutal. In the face of supremacist organizations or injunctions, the qualities of adaptation temporize and refresh the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it could turn out to be tense and overheated. Forcing some ideas that are more eccentric than original or using arbitrary proposals encourages a bizarre and even changing, capricious picture. However, the Full Moon on August 22nd will keep you on course by relying on the solid forces present in the other signs at play. Patience, constancy, and above all, objectivity, these virtues help us avoid repeating the same mistakes.

If the natives of Leo and Aquarius are caught up in the aspects' movement, they do not forget to organize their new way of life in a very rigorous way. In fact, the changes that have been taking shape over the past few months tend to become concrete: thus, the commitments or refusals that have conditioned the present are coming to maturity, and in both cases, things are settling down. Love offers a delightful bubble for Gemini and Libra: the former let themselves be carried away in a love story or friendship that is seriously affirmed. The latter let themselves be lulled by the circumstances. The fact that they do not stray too far from their love's object maintains the passion but preserves their lucidity. It is by revealing the minimum that Virgo and Capricorn learn or understand the maximum. An innate ability to gather the word of others, or to analyze situations, flatters their ego but, above all, gives them a head start. They have the cards in their hands to unblock a rather complex file or to warm up close relationships.

Scorpio and Pisces natives can't find any limits: they race for success, back-to-school projects, new professional challenges, or interstellar love affairs. They end up making people envious! Family life or a unique learning experience mobilizes Sagittarians and Cancers. As they don't spare any effort, the strength of their will combined with the desire to do well makes them almost perfect! This ends up making those around them suspicious. They then exploit their devastating charm to put order in what they consider due: the admiration of all. Aries find themselves confronted with the moods of someone around them or feel bogged down by their own emotions. By accepting the truth, they will sift through and filter everything that has been blocking them for the past few months. This will allow a new start. The behaviour of a third party provokes epidermal reactions for Taurus. The aspect of Mars in Virgo to the Black Moon in Gemini affects them by a ricochet and pushes them to their limits: it could well explode! Stalling also means buying time. They are advised to seriously consider it.

What more can be said about the power of the Sun in Leo that will leave no one indifferent? By organizing and getting organized, this Full Moon period will be lived in the best possible way. A strong indicator of tidiness, foresight, and providence will be a matter of rediscovering an original rhythm: that of humanity's childhood, associated with the simple happiness of being and enjoying. The Moon in Aquarius imposing its disciplinary order is a bit like the bogeyman: "Be quiet and obey! "It seems to be telling us. At his side, Jupiter, as an attentive father, protects us from harsh punishments that would leave indelible marks on our flawed and fragile childish psyches. We will have to adapt our behaviour. Go with the flow as much as we are allowed to live! Open our eyes to the beauties of summer, but remain vigilant to the sometimes dramatic events that stem from the Uranus and Aquarius sphere. The Full Moon in August intends to educate us in its own direct way. Perhaps it will not do us any favours. Still, the conciliatory aspects that surround its great principles will undoubtedly have a moderating effect. This will not allow us to rest on the laurels of Apollo -a luminous and magnificent divinity- who pulls the Sun's chariot to the constellation of Leo.

On the contrary, it will be necessary to demand more until perfection. But it is the environment of the Leo-Aquarius axis that is at stake: continuously higher and always further. It will be a matter of settling the past and winning the future with the strength of solar values: elevation, self-affirmation while respecting others, idealism too. Leo underlines the capacity to create and/or procreate. It is the sign of the struggle for an ideal and man's possibility to overcome any obstacle. It is the Arcanum of Strength in the Tarot. Aquarius is always looking for an infinite potential within itself and an excellent reason to fight.
Finally, this Full Moon's message: to finally find a common battle to fight, but a battle worth fighting.

The Full Moon on July 24, 2021

Stuck between Saturn and Pluto and weakened in Aquarius, July's full Moon is not a party! This lunar period gives the feeling of being quite crowded. Indeed, the conjunction Moon/Pluto placed in this way suggests structural challenges. It is better to let them settle without resisting; any fight against the planets can only lead to brutal breakdowns. Accompanied by a Saturnine moon, Pluto gets caught up in the game and tends to bring to light hitherto well-hidden information. Fortunately, the Sun in Leo, associated with Mars, counterbalances these purgative energies.

This face-to-face encounter opens a real breach into which one must rush to complete the consolidation or reconstruction of what has been defeated and enlighten minds. This Full Moon acts as a revelator. The planetary collateral aspects highlight subjects concerning governments and policies, and the trust attributed to them. It also highlights the evaluation of the decisions taken (past or future) and the sympathy capital they enjoy or not. The different angles of approach need to be considered to get the full picture. In short, the aspects insist firmly on a necessary lucidity and an awareness to be integrated.

Capricorns complete their metamorphosis. Direct contact with their deepest emotions is not very comfortable. Still, it allows them to protect themselves and defines their desires or needs in full awareness. It will be challenging to make them admit plans that are not their own or make them adopt a behaviour under pressure. They remain irremediably fixed on their objectives. The natives may rely on their intuitions or listen to their dreams. Taurus tries their luck in all areas; they even win in the "lowest bidder" game. They don't even need to ask. They receive directly, and more in line with their expectations. Their tendency to let themselves be guided by pleasure may annoy some and make others smile, especially their accomplice, Virgo, who shares similar demands. They will give convincing results, especially if they have a luxury or real estate project in common.

Aquarius imposes on themselves a particular discipline or a few restrictions to achieve their goals. It is also possible that their environment or circumstances may play a role in this. In any case, they learn an exciting lesson and useful methods. Reality or truth may come to light. It is a long-term work that redefines the contours of Gemini. They recycle ideas or revise specifications downwards without compromising on quality. The necessary restructuring makes them hungry for new things. This motivates them more than ever; in fact, everything goes through it: love for a day or forever, repositioned professional targets, relationships on the lighter or more intense mode. The native of Libra remains vigilant to anything that could look like a useless constraint. Yet, they spare no effort and does not back down from anything. To their credit: Mars and Venus allow them to find a second wind.

It is in full awareness that Pisces is moving towards their future. The strength of trust pushes them beyond their expectations. It opens doors or real opportunities for them—love, proposals, recognition, and fixing mistakes that could have been fatal. The freedom of expression shown by these natives confirms a talent or a success. This celestial harvest extends to the two other water signs: Cancer and Scorpio, who free their speech by expressing their expectations and emotions and whose wishes become a reality. Scorpio receives providential help: this may come from someone high enough on the social ladder or in their professional environment.

The investment and the free will that Aries shows are only tools at the service of a much more important cause. This Full Moon period can be limited but not necessarily frustrating. If the objectives are well identified, these natives will not have the impression of having to start from scratch. Indeed, any experience taken into account will then serve as a springboard for their future achievements. It is up to Leo to dampen the Moon's force. This sign absorbs the opposite energies and serves as a transformer. The power of individual consciousness supported by social action provides an exceptionally energizing context. The native of Leo, for their part, sees the effects in their personal life: the choices they make are liberating and definitive. The Sagittarians question themselves and complete the selection of the priority axes of their existence. To tell the truth, the novelty that lies ahead is inescapable. These natives see themselves invested with new responsibilities or makes decisions that involve the strength of character, charm, and natural authority: everything that characterizes them. When the tarot is drawn, Sagittarius takes out the right cards.

The Full Moon in July reveals its secrets by trusting us. Intelligence will be required, especially the intelligence to feel, anticipate, and understand with our heart. It is the power of the Leonine fire that warms us and accompanies us towards more promising horizons. Faced with the rules imposed by questioning what we have acquired and the obligation to renovate, it is better to get rid of everything outdated. The solar principle inspires new ventures and magical protection against harmful behaviours. The Full Moon promotes transition.

Full moon of June 24, 2021

This June 24th, the moon in Capricorn faces the sun in Cancer, it is the very beginning of summer and the full moon creates a favorable climate for love and marriage. We thus celebrate the famous Honeymoon, which designates the period of the weeks following the union, traditionally a guarantee of happiness and serenity. Paradoxically, the moon in Capricorn is a moon in exile. Far from its home (the sign of Cancer),this position underlines in a birth chart an introverted temperament, not very good at communicating and rather inclined to secrecy. How then to interpret this full moon which, on the symbolic axis of the past and of all the links that hold or hinder, is colored with the premonition qualities of Cancer and the prescience of Capricorn. The influences at play, far from being contradictory, rather set a scene imbued with nostalgia and a halo of memories. What is at stake for all the signs? How do the planets orient existence? What will be the effects for each native?

The planet Saturn, at ease in its "other sign" Aquarius, forms a trigon to Mercury in Gemini. This has the consequence of establishing an efficient and solid bridge between the native Aquarius and the rest of the world. It will be advisable to schedule the steps requiring negotiations. The same goes for Geminis who leave nothing to chance and hasten to secure everything that can be secured, in all sectors of life. By securing a certain footing, they will not miss out on any opportunities. As for the natives of Libra, energized by Mars and Venus in the signs of summer, they absorb all the energy, especially in love. Venus, largely involved in the full moon, offers them to live the adventure that is offered to them fully and without constraint. That is all they like and they enjoy it. As for the natives of Aquarius, any reality seems acceptable to them. They adopt the policy of neon and prefer to observe events under raw light rather than being seduced by subdued lighting.

Under the influence of the Mars square in Uranus, the natives of Leo let themselves be surprised. In what field? It depends on the planets in their birthplace. In any case, a certain tendency to reproduce patterns or scenarios leaves doubt about their true desire to change behaviors. Under these circumstances, some are accused of bad faith. They find it difficult to accept the criticism and especially, to accept it, fortunately it rarely lasts, events end up proving them right, as always. Aries takes time to integrate a refusal or what they consider to be a defeat. Sometimes, the chance of missing something is measured only late in life. The natives are currently in this situation, but only time will tell. The always protective and effective presence of Jupiter in Pisces favors the wishes of the natives of Sagittarius. Some feel that they have the right to want to evolve and change by giving themselves the right to demand more. Far from the constraints, they allow themselves to go out of their comfort zone and that succeeds them.

The ability of the natives of Virgo to put themselves in an awkward situation will eventually find a favorable outcome. Although their master, Mercury, is confusing the cards from Gemini, a certain ability to structure will allow them to rectify the situation and get out of it without too much damage. Capricorns observe from a distance the hustle and bustle of their professional or private environment. Far from lagging behind, they are already well ahead of the game. This is why, serene and a little cynical, all this excitement amuses them a lot. The square of Mars on Uranus forces Taurus to make decisions. It will therefore be necessary to experiment new situations at the cost of some effort. In fact, the resulting spiritual evolution and the benefit they derive from it allows them to awaken to new dimensions.

The psychic life of Pisces takes all its intensity under this full moon; rich and deep it increases their sensitivity and nuances their emotional life. Relationships all in simplicity and confidence push them to be made shoulder to shoulder and to lean on others. The planetary aspects affirm personality, emotionality, and sensations. Thus, the opposition of the luminaries pushes the natives of Pisces towards the dream or the need to escape and generates, in full consciousness, a beautiful vitality. The natives of Cancer advance with prudence but take a decisive step by breaking, definitively, with a radical behavior.

The vague feeling of giving up a too rational or on the contrary too positive vision of beings and things reinforces the balance of positions. Totally obsessed by priorities that cannot wait, Scorpios play tight but end up crossing the finish line on time. It is true that the opposition of Venus to Pluto, between Cancer and Capricorn, is the breeding ground for the projects, but inflicts some frustrations or forced renunciations. Without having to start from scratch, it will be a question of adapting behaviors to the present situation, the beautiful influence of the sun and the rays of Venus remaining with them, they feel supported from all sides.

Certainly, the full moon plays on the whole sensitive range of feelings and emotions. It is a reminder of difficult moments. There will probably be a need to feel and touch how much the power of human hardship influences our environment. The moon next to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn draws attention to the reality of things and people, to the imminence of change. The planet is not in the habit of giving gifts, the moon accompanies it gently, but Saturn reinforces the urgency. The urgency to flee from pretense and to recover the power of celestial fire: to clearly transform past effects into the promises of tomorrow.

Definition of the Full Moon:

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.

During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.

A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).

People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...


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