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Saturday, July the 11th
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Full Moon Analysis
Full Moon Analysis
Weak points of Cancer
Weak points of Cancer
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Money and relationships
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Fleeing toxic relationships

What are the effects of the Full Moon on July 5, 2020?

  Written by Evie

The face-to-face encounter created by the opposing luminaires on the Capricorn/Cancer axis brings back to the forefront the questions that were not answered during the last New Moon at the end of June. Here, your home, family, and social image are at the centre of the questions. We must forget our quarrels and take advantage of the emotions that will be softly diffused in the evening. This Full Moon will take place on July 5 at 7:00 am so that the day will be under the hold of these influences.

Who is concerned by this Full Moon? Of course, those who are affected first are the natives of Cancer and those of Capricorn, by the Sun for Cancer, by the Moon for Capricorn. The Moon changes its domicile and finds itself, according to astrological principles, in exile. What will happen? The Moon in exile emphasizes the distancing of one's own emotions. The opposition to the Sun in Cancer completes the process by bringing a desire for rationalization and limitation in the emotional sphere through the filter of consciousness.

How to react? How to deal with tensions, sometimes fears that may spike during the day? Capricorn, in particular, is not in the habit of rushing through the stages but could show a certain impatience today. Difficulty in temporizing, inability to express one's feelings will be reinforced by a desire to keep a cool head. The other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, and Cancer) will have to be resilient. Whether you lay down your arms at the feet of someone close to you, whether you confront someone who is stronger than you are, or whether you give up making yourself heard (the Sun in Cancer is joined to Mercury, which forms a square to Mars in Aries), you will be obliged to look beyond appearances and understand what really motivates you

This short but intense period that you will experience will force you to refocus and fix yourself on the essential: discover and understand what is going on inside you and then express it in more favorable moments. Fortunately, the Moon remains sensitive, and all these signs will live an evening full of emotions and open to beautiful perspectives. This Full Moon is blooming with Jupiter's presence still active in the sign of Capricorn and also concerns its home: the sign of Sagittarius. This could have beneficial effects, both materially and in any learning. The natives could meet a new thought or a guide. Alas, this openness to others and sharing is hindered by the presence, always heavy and a little complicated, of the planets that dominate the global atmosphere of questioning that we all experience. Therefore, it is a question of drawing conclusions and getting closer to people who improve knowledge and understanding of what touches us or leaves us perplexed.

Perhaps it is time to find a way to let ourselves be guided and accept that sometimes we have to connect with nature or the cosmos. Nothing happens by chance. The fruits we reap from our encounters and experiences with love or friendship are the ideal ground for moving forward, even if we still have some painful or delicate memories. This Full Moon proposes, to those who are marked by the planet Jupiter, to heal, once and for all.

On the other hand, the Sun in Cancer is not really at ease. It is devoid of that free will that "tattoos" these natives. Here, the efficiency of consciousness is drowned out, and this position brings more internalized emotions. Leo suffers a little, as well as Scorpio, for whom this Full Moon induces a return to the level of what was played during the last new Moon. Fortunately, Pluto, a few degrees away from the Moon, gives these natives the ability to finally integrate it: one must recognize the other in all reality. Leo and Scorpio have high hopes of seeing their relationship evolve. They will live in a peaceful rhythm, accepting that things will change in a different direction than their own. This will bring a new color to their most cherished wishes.

If Mercury allows the free flow of speech, then this Full Moon forces the majority of human beings to accept the ability to live two lives at once: real life and dream life. This is true for the Mercurian signs (Gemini and Virgo) but also for the natives under the planet's grip. Not that they are incapable of analyzing the situation, but the aspects of the day encourage them to weigh the pros and cons, without always finding food for thought. This period encourages them to live in peaceful relationships that are connected to their deep "self."

Reflection, consciousness, and the opposition of the Moon in Capricorn to the Sun in Cancer is based on the aspect to Neptune. From his home in Pisces, he brings his share of unrevealed truths and metaphysical dimensions. Here, we are in contact with an unknown future and unreached possibilities, because they are not dimensioned. All those whose birth Neptune presided over will feel these cosmic forces that allow them to open doors, perhaps without wanting to. The hope they think will be easily transmitted, and they will share their vision of things, primarily through art and the networks that crisscross the world. Pisces, of course, but also Aquarius, for whom the presence of Uranus in Taurus accentuates the ability to express essential and mainly burning realities at this time. The obligation to consider our Earth, the acceptance that we are advancing through science and technology, but that our bodies and that of our Mother Earth must be respected.

The motherly values represented by the Moon and the sign of Cancer, are embodied in the sign of Taurus and Libra (the obligation of education). The planet Venus in Gemini illuminates with its intellectual lights. Thus, this Full Moon that "dries up," alas, in Capricorn, makes us understand the value of sensitivity, gentleness, and all the wisdom that a mother can transmit to her child. We must accept that the omnipotence may not be of this world and that we all have a role to play: to reflect, distance, and ensure the transmission and protect what can be protected in the best possible way.

Overall, this Full Moon concentrates a promise of hope for all signs. It forces us to connect ourselves to the great All.

Definition of the Full Moon:
The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.
During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.
A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).
People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...

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