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Introduction: Generous, but distant!

Aquarius ascendant Aquarius: You have an original way of thinking, not to say eccentric. Your very personal ideas make you a bit hermetic and detached from the common man in the eyes of many. You are generous, benevolent, but you do not admit any compromise concerning your independence of mind and action. You use your charisma to advance collective, even humanitarian interests. Your loves are a bit abstract.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Aquarius: Inventive and humanistic
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Aquarius: Individualist and rebel

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Personality: An idea of brotherhood!

You are endowed with an independent, idealistic personality, inclined to deepen great concepts and to free yourself from traditional patterns. There is in you something very personal to make bloom, to build and to perpetuate. You need fraternity in your relationships, you are looking for common ideals, you want to federate, gather, unite. Exchanges are for you so many opportunities of growth and satisfaction, because they allow you to extend your understanding.

Vitality / Temperament: Humanist Utopian!

Very attached to your independence of mind and action, you seek to distinguish yourself from the mass by a resolutely nonconformist attitude. Any idea of connection or belonging makes you run away. Feeling very concerned by humanitarian and social issues, you are able, thanks to your charisma and your numerous ideas, to gather people around great collective projects in this sense. You want to reinvent the world, but not always in a realistic way.

Love and emotional relationships: Free union!

In love, you need a partner who is not looking for a classic couple life. You sometimes have difficulty in accepting certain practical realities, you consider them as obstacles rather than as challenges to be taken up to go further in the construction of a couple. You are therefore not a great sentimentalist, but you can be influenced, because you are unconsciously a victim of your emotional turmoil. You can react by repressing them harshly or by developing a humanism which will help you to exceed your own needs to satisfy those of your partner.

In the family: We can count on you!

You are unusual, you do things like nobody else. You have difficulty in communicating clearly with your family, but this does not create tension, on the contrary, you often amuse your loved ones and fascinate them just as much. You are an independent person who takes pleasure in participating in common causes, as long as there are no heavy obligations or forced attachments. Your behavior in the family is marked by benevolence and solidarity.

Relationship with money / material goods: Born inventor!

Idealistic, you place a lot of hope in the future of humanity. Nervous and curious, your need for diversity tends to disperse you and it is within a dynamic team that you channel and exploit your skills to the full. You are very creative and inventive. You like to take care of others and you can put your great kindness at the service of a humanitarian cause. Curious about everything, you are attracted by everything new and allow you to expand your field of knowledge.

Socio-professional life: Original solutions!

You have difficulty with advice and directives. On the other hand, in case of financial problems, you are capable of discovering new solutions by putting your creativity to good use in order to change your methods, your path and to install real material security. You know how to take stock, to sort out your assets and your relationships by getting rid of everything that has become obsolete, harmful or simply uninteresting. These choices and these renunciations lead you to a state of mind in phase with a purified and authentic climate.

Sphere of friendship: More talented in friendship than in love!

More than anything else, you want to keep your freedom and you find it difficult to envisage life as a couple. On the other hand, you love to be surrounded and you have an enormous number of friends and acquaintances in all walks of life. Communicative, spontaneous, whimsical and altruistic, you attract all sympathies. You are a faithful and loyal friend who can be counted on.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You regularly need solitude and you aspire to express your uniqueness through your creativity. You need to let yourself relax on a regular basis to stabilize your psychic energies.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

Intuitive and broad-minded, you can also be obstinate and rigid in your opinions. An individualist, you are not interested in the ideas of others and you don't even bother to form an opinion about the behavior of others.

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