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Introduction: An angel in armor!

Cancer ascendant Aquarius: You are intuitive and receptive, your numerous ideas are often a step ahead of those of others. Interested in the collective aspect of life in society, always ready to help, you are attracted by social actions, good works. You are by turns shy and very sociable, your very particular selectivity makes you prefer people who know what they are talking about and especially without boasting about it. You wish to develop in the course of your life your sense of nuance and your compassion.

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Aquarius: Innovative and broad-minded
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Aquarius: Unpredictable and resentful

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Personality: You are made of contradictions!

You are endowed with a changeable personality, whimsical, very inclined to humor, but who appreciates above all stability. This paradox often gives you a hard time, especially in the first part of your life. You want to be free and independent while remaining deeply attached to your past, your family, your childhood. You want to be autonomous, but you often show yourself to be stubborn and you cannot stand constraints. You are not very keen on physical activity, but on the other hand you are very active mentally.

Vitality / Temperament: Free and dreamy!

You compensate for your numerous bouts of lethargy by intense mental activity, because you are brimming with imagination, you are idealistic. You are an original being who works by instinct and who is often one step ahead of others. You have a lot of imagination and you generally evolve outside the beaten track by not giving any importance to what the others can think.

Love and emotional relationships: Fearful, but motivated!

You find it hard to settle in your love life, as you need independence as much as you need intense connection. Not easy... Idealist of a great sensitivity, you are often subjected to impossible dreams. Very romantic, you must be careful not to idealize your feelings too much, because this would lead you to complicated loves, illusions. You need a partner who brings you the affection of a parent and the understanding of a friend. In your love affairs, you need a great deal of tolerance before you can give yourself fully to your partner. You fear confinement and domination and will do everything to escape them.

In the family: You have a real sense of duty!

You are not hyperactive, but that does not prevent you from having good ideas. You need independence while being very attached to your roots. In the family, you lack organization, but you have very good relationships with children and young people in general. You can take a long time to create your own family and you are quite romantic for someone who loves freedom. You have no trouble seducing your loved ones on a daily basis.

Relationship with money / material goods: Trustworthy, rigorous, hard-working person!

You act as a seducer to attract the favors of your hierarchy. You like to find out what others are hiding and to understand how they feel, this allows you to sharpen your instincts to take advantage of opportunities. You can become resentful when certain work climates don't live up to your expectations. You're passionate about in-depth research, so you'll have no trouble moving into jobs such as researcher or investigator.

Socio-professional life: As a good family man!

You have the art and the way to do nothing like everyone else and to be unique. You like to test new investments, unusual investments, even fanciful ones. However, this non-conformist attitude does not prevent you from adapting to realities, to all situations and from evolving financially. Positive and optimistic, you are always ready to help your family and friends by giving them advice or practical solutions.

Sphere of friendship: Constant balance with the environment.

You are known for your great kindness and your helpfulness that must be channeled so as not to be exploited. Open to others, communicative, friendship plays a great role in your life. Your circle of intimates brings you well-being and a feeling of security. You find it difficult to reassure those around you, enough so that they in turn can comfort you. For you, friends are a natural extension of family.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an air sign

Your Air Ascendant makes you a bit cerebral and not very inclined to great demonstrations of affection, but your deep nature is intuitive and hypersensitive, conflicts often arise between you and you! You find it difficult to choose between intuition and reason, between dream and reality, you are constantly slaloming between these contradictory notions.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You go through many psychological crises during your life, you often question yourself. Each time, you get up stronger, changed, transformed, always with the aim of improving yourself, of knowing yourself better, of being reborn at a higher level of consciousness.

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