Each stage of a woman's life in astrology

Written by Alison

8 March , International Women's Day: An opportunity for us to pay homage to women in our own way by drawing up a profile for each stage in their lives. Girlhood, the teens, adulthood, then as grandmothers: what are they like at each stage? Dynamic, romantic, strong women, midwives, mother-in-law, matronly types, those seeking eternal youth, vestal virgins, amazons... A wonderful mosaic of colour to enable you to get to know them better, get to know yourself better ... Long live the female sex!


Arieses girls show signs of boldness and independence very early on, often getting into trouble, as they have no sense of danger. They are a laughing and spontaneous, very often comfortable in their own bodies and good at sports involving balance.
In adulthood, they go in search of adventure and challenging situations, which will put their abilities to the test. Reaching the age of forty is often very difficult for them, as they find the need to watch over themselves and potentially cut down on their activities very trying.
In the same way, as an indomitable woman advancing towards old age, the Arieses female can become insufferable, if she is frustrated in her enthusiasm and desire to keep moving. It will be a good thing for her to anticipate this and take it easier, in order to come up with alternative solutions for later.


Taurus girls make for placid babies, who enjoy their food and will grow into happy children, as long as they feel secure in a comfortable routine. Even as teenagers, they are generally obedient and of a calm disposition, being receptive to rules, as long as they are reasonable.
As adults, they devote their main energy to building up a comfortable home-life in material terms and emotional stability. They tend to cope well with reaching the crisis age of forty, although they need to watch a tendency to put on weight. However, they could have to contend with a change of career.
They look forward to old age with serenity, as long as they are ensured of material security and shown interest and affection. They are also one of the signs most likely to reach an advanced age in a good state of health.


Gemini girls are very active and quickly get bored. They tend to be children who walk and talk very early, in their impatience to communicate and move around. The great question asked by these cerebral little girls is, “Why?” from the age of 2 to being a teenager, when they won't hesitate to argue with people in authority.
In adulthood, they will hold on to their youthful appearance, figure and outlook. This is one of the most sensitive signs about reaching the hurdle of thirty, with difficulties in accepting the great responsibilities involved in having a family, children and a career to manage.
The Gemini woman only realises she is growing older when her body betrays her, or if she ultimately has to pay for neglecting it in the past. Throughout life, she maintains an extremely lively mind and a sparkling expression.


Cancerian girls are tender-hearted and need to be reassured with cuddles and words of affection. As they grow up, they often remain very attached to their home, to the point that In their teens, they become anxious about leaving. They will do this in most cases around the age of 20, under the influence of Uranus.
In adulthood, they will use their immense energy to build a stable home and take up a career that will enable them to support themselves and their family with complete peace of mind.
They cope very well with growing older, but their reactions can be over the top when their children leave home. They don't feel overwhelmed at the passing of time, but become more attractive with age. They devote immense energy throughout their lives to helping their children and gathering the family together around them.


Leo girls can go from being tyrannical to being friendly and good-humoured with the sole aim of being the centre of attention. They like nothing better than to be praised and treated with consideration. In their teens, depending on the relations they have developed with their family, they will rebel openly against authority, or let off steam by joining a rock group or theatre company!
In adulthood, they will seek to assert their position in the world and unconsciously make the most of the favourable aspects of Jupiter between the ages of 24 and 36 to seize some great opportunities.
This lioness finds it hard to let go as she grows older and will carefully organise a retirement worthy of its name, made up of activities that will be just as dynamic and based on a guaranteed minimum income. With the advance of age, many of them become respected older ladies, sought out by others for their advice as someone to confide in.


Virgo girls are calm, sensible and well-mannered. They instinctively hate dirt and mess, which protects them from many childhood dangers. Until their teens, they will appreciate a routine, but around the age of 20, they will try to assert their individuality and generally leave home quite happily, without any major conflicts.
In adulthood, they take their time to make choices about their life or career, seeking to make themselves useful and making communication a priority. If they are dissatisfied with life, they will be most likely to change it around the ages of 30 or 40, which are key stages in their personal development.
The Virgo woman doesn't notice she is growing older and retains a youthful outlook throughout her life. With itchy feet and a desire to keep her hands busy, she generally remains active for a very long time.


Libran girls are charming and cooperative. Their sociable nature encourages them to adapt with ease to any situation and they rarely feel the need to rebel during adolescence. Around the age of 20, they will wonder about the future and seek advice from their elders.
In adulthood, they aren't very inclined towards dramas or crises and their natural charm will get them through most difficulties. If they aren't happy, they will often change direction in their love-life or working life around the age of forty. Their sociable nature will guarantee them a reliable circle of friends.
The Libran woman will try to plan for retirement, to make sure she doesn't miss out on anything essential, and will maintain a social network throughout her life to preserve her from solitude. She will retain great elegance in her appearance and refined features throughout her life.


Scorpio girls often seem withdrawn and solitary, but there is a lot going on behind that intense exterior and they have the benefit of a great imagination. They are also very intuitive, which tells them a lot about the mindset of those around them. Many female Scorpios end their adolescence around the age of 21, during a major clash with those in authority.
In adulthood, they start by making great resolutions regarding their career and home-life. They seek a variety of experiences, with a desire to increase their hold over the world around them through cycles of great existential crises rather than gradual development.
As old age approaches, they settle down and abandon their destructive emotions to become more philosophical, in some cases teaching their younger counterparts a thing or two. They have generally made sure they have enough to live on comfortably until the end of their days.


Sagittarian girls are often sparkling, enthusiastic and interested in everything going on around them. In their teens, they will hope to go round the world and build on their knowledge, ever the student. They will generally leave home without too many difficulties, with a great respect for their elders as a rule.
In adulthood, they will try to hold on to their independence and autonomy. While avid for experiences of all kinds, they will in some cases find it hard to settle, but will do so around the age of forty, if they haven't found happiness earlier. They stand out with their infectious, dynamic outlook and their extraordinary goodwill in all circumstances.
The Sagittarian woman asks no more from life as she is getting older than to be able to travel, improve her mind and use her vast intelligence.


Capricorn girls are serious and determined, and often distant with people they don't know. They react well to discipline and really appreciate being given responsibilities that reinforce their self-confidence.
In adulthood, they are concerned at an early stage about finding their place in the world and won't hesitate to get married to acquire the family stability they need. When things go well, they will develop a great sense of humour, which tends to be rather caustic or off-beat. They are often more at ease being 40 or 50 than when younger, as they will finally allow themselves to relax.
The most frequent problems in old age for them are rheumatic pains and they will try to stay mobile, as well as make sure they have a decent income, enabling them to maintain their independence.


Aquarian girls are independent and will develop their own personal opinions of the world around them at a very young age. Discipline can be a problem, if parents don't realise that they are receptive to argument and will obey, as long as they understand why this or that is being asked of them. Teenagers born under this sign will willingly play the rebel and cut the umbilical cord around the age of 21.
In adulthood, they knows what they want, but sometimes hesitate about the way to go about it. They frequently end up trying out several careers or lifestyles before finding the right one, but they will never compromise on freedom.
Aquarians go through life's great transitions without a qualm and their later years are often their happiest, as they take delight in playing the role of the all-knowing, dispensing valuable advice to a younger, respectful generation ...


Piscean girls are dreamy, indolent, absent-minded and resistant to severe discipline. In their teens, their taste for fantasy and the fanciful can lead them into flirting with drugs or alcohol, if they feel misunderstood. They can fortunately find escape by taking up a variety of creative activities.
In adulthood, they have great difficulty in seeing life as it really is and often wait until the age of 30 before facing reality. They will generally seek protection and understanding in their relationships, home-life and working environment, with their intuition helping considerably in their choices.
As they grow older, they will never accept the idea they could be past it. Their complete candour and innocence make them popular with younger generations, to whom they will relate wonderful stories.


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