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Which competitor are you?

Written by Mary

Are you animated by a competitive spirit? Is it innate? Or what motivates you? Does failure make you bitter? Do you confront others to make you comfortable? Your astrological sign gives you insights into how you are in a world of competition. Let's ride through the zodiac and stop on each one of them to know a little more about their challenger spirit.


bulldozer competitor
You have the gain in the blood, as much as it is encrusted in your DNA. Your competitive spirit is well established in the heart of your character because you already define yourself, on the one hand, in the action and on the other hand, in the success of your companies. Your unshakeable confidence in your abilities positions you as a favorite and rightly; indeed, you do not design life without winning the trophies of victory and all the trophies for that matter!


posed and determined competitor
You are a calm competitor at first. You ruminate during a first phase of introspection and observation. After visualizing your action plans, you commit yourself with all your strength on your strategic route, take down your job like a warlord and score your points. Your golden rule: be motivated. Motivation is a crucial driver that brings real results to you.


mental competitor
You are a competitor who likes to play on several boards but want to hunt too much hare at a time, you need to refocus to better achieve your goals. Good mental training will reinforce your striker qualities and can make you very powerful, provided you bet on the regularity of the exercise. In this dynamic, your mental work will give very good results.


vulnerable competitor
You are not a born competitor. But the only thing that can get you going is the survival instinct that concerns you and yours. From there, everything can become possible. Of course, you prefer to daydream, fuel your imagination but it is also this quality that gives you a very sensitive intuition, which can get you into the race of the competition with several shots in advance!


bold competitor
You are sure to win because you have faith in yourself. Your competitive spirit is known for doing wonders even when you get in your way. You know your qualities and destiny does not resist. You like to bend the chest to calm your surroundings and show that nothing and nobody will destabilize you!


deductive competitor
Your competitive spirit is well built on a technical level. With all the meticulousness that characterizes you, you know how to put in place performance indicators that give you a perfect visibility as to knowing where you are. With you, do not worry about the subject. Your tools inform you about your perfectibility and your results.


fair competitor
You are a loyal competitor. According to you, everything must be played in the rules of the art. Treacherous blows, that's not your forte. In fact, as you are sensitive to moods, you need to evolve in sociable atmospheres. But if you feel that the game is worth the effort, you will be able to put all the assets on your side to win the round without ever departing from the code of ethics.


perfectionist competitor
You have a fierce fear of failure because of a very sensitive competitive spirit. It must be said that you are a perfectionist by nature and that failure does not give you a good opinion of yourself. Because in your eyes, personal triumph is the salt of your life and even of your survival. Tell yourself to relativize that setbacks are human. And you will see the competition in a more balanced way by including both your defects and your qualities.


sociable competitor
For you, sports activities have many assets in your life since your childhood. This has very well developed your competitive spirit in team sports or against a direct opponent but not only; you have also developed a system of hospitality social values that have woven your flexible and open personality. Ultimately, you are a competitor who likes to play the game, as long as you have nurturing exchanges with others.


competitor and fine strategist
The opponents of Capricorn will have to stand well because you are a tough and stubborn competitor. The work does not scare you and time always plays in your favor: it gives you thought while allowing you to meditate conscientiously and study the right strategy and angles of attack that will bend your opponents. You always move forward with the goals you set for yourself.


humanistic competitor
You admit to living in a community, which serves as a stimulus and allows you to differentiate yourself as a personality from others. However, you like to work in a team, not to crush your neighbor, but to accomplish, it seems to you, a common success where everyone has given the best of himself. To do this, the key is to delimit your territory according to your skills and those of others; so everyone will excel for an exhilarating common success.


spiritual competitor
You are a competitor who tends to play against himself because you have grasped the game of the ego. You have understood from your view of the world that there is much better to do than to feed your personality; taking responsibility for your mind on a larger plane will end you as a connoisseur of yourself. Socrates had said, "Know thyself and you will know the Gods and the Universe. This quote suits you perfectly and is a precious message throughout your life path.

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