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What exercise and sports to do?

Written by Olivia

Exercise means dedicating time to yourself to taking care of yourself, alleviating stress, freeing up your energy, blowing off some steam, getting toned, and preserving your well-being. Some are just naturals and don't need exterior motivation to enjoy taking part in a discipline. Others see exercise as a chore and will always find an excuse to not set foot inside a gym. Still, taking part in physical activity is good for everyone's physical and emotional health. Together, we will look at each sign's approach to exercise, the benefits that can be enjoyed, and what activities match each sign the best.


You can't stand feeling "off" or being weakened by a drop in vitality. To avoid such disappointment, we highly recommend exercise. Besides keeping you in shape over the long term, regular physical activity will give you energy and offer you a way to channel your fiery temper. As in any other area, when you decide to take on a new method, you will lean towards an activity with quick results. To blow off some steam, rely on a combat sport. To stay in shape, sign up for an abs and thighs course. And, to destress and relax, take a Pilates course.


You like to feel healthy, but aren't really into exercise. So, to stay in top physical condition, take care of your body, and burn off excess calories, it would be wise to find an activity that is perfectly in-line with your humdrum temperament and your rather monotonous daily routine. Enjoy nature? Then take up jogging, walking, or any other outdoors sport, such as golf or horseback riding. Enjoy calm and serene environments? Take up a gentle practice, such as yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong. You will also enjoy dancing or gymnastics, but at your own pace.


You're not really a natural when it comes to exercise. Still, you were made for movement and expending your energy. You enjoy physical activities with friends or in a team, rather than alone. So, why not try out a group sport, such as volleyball, basketball, or handball? Or better yet, a two-person sport, such as tennis, squash, or canoing. You can also incorporate any kind of physical activity into your daily routine by biking or walking instead of taking public transport. But, as you are something of a jack-of-all-trades, you can be certain you'll try out several disciplines before finding the one that fits you the best!


Conforming to a fitness program isn't really your cup of tea! You are neither very competitive, nor do you desire to put in a lot of effort. And yet, practicing a sport can only do great things for you and help you to channel your emotions. To do it right, we recommend finding an activity that matches your mood and habits. To release some tension, try yoga. To stay flexible and in shape, opt for some light gymnastics. To unwind, slip into your bathing suit and head to the pool. Whatever discipline you choose, practice it at your own pace while trying to stick to it over the long term.


You like challenges and competition, and love exercise. For you, it is very important to always feel fit and in shape. Possessing a fiery temperament, you put all of you energy into practicing a sport that you're passionate about. As in many other areas in life, you are good at it and won't hesitate to go beyond your limits to prove that you are the best. Your authoritarian nature doesn't really go well with team sports, unless you're the leader or captain. To blow off some steam, opt for jogging, athletics, or tennis. To keep your dream body, hit the gym. To relax, try out soft methods, such as Tai Chi.


Quite the homebody by nature, you're not really interested in exercise. Nevertheless, you like to feel in shape and care about living a healthy lifestyle. Well aware that any physical exercise will keep you healthy, you are totally capable of forcing yourself to follow a small fitness program that perfectly matches your needs. So why not go for simple activities that don't take much effort, such as walking or biking? You can also follow a light gymnastics or yoga course on video without having to leave home, or even invest in an at-home rowing machine or elliptical.


It takes a lot of energy to convince you that it would be good to do some exercise. At first glance, you're more of a couch-potato than a sports fan. Still, if you want to stay balanced and in shape, physical activity is highly recommended. Can't imagine heading to the pool alone? Then why not opt for two-person sports, like squash or tennis? To be around other people, you can also try out group gymnastics, Zumba, or dance classes. Like fresh air? Sign up for a hiking or golf club!


Convinced of the benefits of physical exercise, and worried about holding onto their iron constitution, you will have no trouble starting up a sport with passion and determination. You are truly quite competitive, and if you decide to follow a fitness program, you will go at it with uncommon energy. You are capable of having great discipline and can show yourself to be very effective at reaching the goal you've set for yourself. You play sports to come in first place! This mind-set applies as much to personal efforts and racing, athletics, and ski, as well as to team sports, such as volleyball or football. You will excel in any aquatic sport, as well.


For you, the important thing in practicing a daily physical activity is staying in shape. You like discipline in all its forms, though with a slight preference for outdoors activities and team sports. As such, you will enjoy blowing off some steam and relieving yourself of the day's stress with some fast walking, jogging, or athletics. Your taste for a challenge and adventure will push you to try out such activities as: snowboarding, kitesurfing, or moto-cross. If you're short on time, don't hesitate to exercise at home: weight-lifting, fitness training... However your schedule looks, you will always dedicate some time to working out and keeping up your energy.


You see exercise as a nice release, to relax and relieve tension. When you choose a physical activity, you go at it methodically and with discipline. To relieve some of your emotions, go for yoga, stretching, or a fitness program to become more flexible and stay in shape. Do you like discipline? Then you'll enjoy dance classes, artistic gymnastics, or athletics. Whichever you choose, you'll pull out all the stops to get back in shape and will come up with a concrete plan that will offer you great results!


To calm your nerves and relieve whatever feelings you might be experiencing, you will hardly be against doing a little exercise, and you will generally enjoy it. Independent by nature, you'd prefer solo sports, rather than bending to any rules that you might find in a team sport. To stay in good health, you'll enjoy walking, running, modern therapies, and fitness centers where you can use the latest work-out technology. Rowing and step machines, as well as treadmills, will become your best friends in the fight to hold onto your healthy lifestyle. You are also interested in any and all out-of-the-ordinary activities, such as mountainboarding, base-jumping, or bungee



You aren't really a sports fan, and, as far as is possible, you prefer to do without them. In fact, you're not the type who can easily follow a fitness program or a daily exercise plan. Yet, when you become aware of the benefits that you could enjoy, you will make an effort and try to push yourself to do a few laps in the pool. Your taste for music might encourage you to join a dance, Zumba, or artistic ice-skating class. Whatever it takes to keep you healthy and avoid gaining weight, we recommend you find a discipline that suits you well and then to practice it at your own pace!

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