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Introduction: Workaholic!

Scorpio ascendant Virgo: You are a hard worker with an eye for detail and a desire for perfection. You can be given the most daunting tasks... You constantly repress your emotions and this can generate a lot of anxiety or nervous tension. Make an effort to express yourself. You must learn to trust and open up to others if you are to have any chance of meeting partners who understand you.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Virgo: Strategic and adaptable
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Virgo: Distrustful and secretive

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Personality: Intuitive and intellectual!

You have a nature naturally turned to the analysis of your thoughts, your emotions. You seek to gain control over yourself and the circumstances of your life. You are endowed with a deep sensitivity that serves as your radar in the relational field and you have a great facility to act on a host of concrete details to make your life evolve. You are naturally inclined to detach yourself from the primary sides that every individual carries within him.

Vitality / Temperament: Let go of the ballast!

Your reason protects you from passions and inhibits your emotions. Reserved, cautious, thoughtful, you use your sense of observation and analysis to calculate, dissect, dissect the people and situations you encounter. Efficiency and control characterize you, but you often let yourself be invaded by doubts, lack of confidence, you become hesitant and decisions are difficult to take.

Love and emotional relationships: Discreet observation!

Shy and distrustful, you need to feel confident to open up to others. In love, you aspire to a stable and durable relationship. Idealist and elitist, you are very selective in your search for a partner and you can take a long time before finding him. You are a bit clumsy in expressing your feelings, but you are faithful and devoted. You are attractive, often pleasing, but you do not make yourself accessible enough to have many adventures. Your love life must be stable and your partner must be attractive.

In the family: Family relaxation!

You are looking to install an open, dynamic, good-natured, curious about everything home. Daily life often looks like entertainment. Some of you choose a nomadic home: moving abroad or living on a boat, in a converted truck... You are also a bit bossy and, even if it is for their own good, your relatives do not always appreciate your endless lectures.

Relationship with money / material goods: Dare to do it!

If you can overcome your anxieties, you can achieve great things with your many skills. Organized, serious, precise, ingenious, skillful, you are a hard worker. In fact, you have a leadership mindset, but you may not be aware of it. You thrive on proving to yourself your abilities and it is on the professional level that you will find the most tangible evidence of this. Your analytical mind tends to constantly question the value of what you do, which leaves the door open to those with more nerve than you.

Socio-professional life: Good at finances!

You develop complex strategies to achieve your goals without being noticed. You are persistent, you make many efforts that always bear fruit, but you remain discreet. You discreetly use your contacts to obtain information about possible interesting investments. Your flair helps you a lot and you are not particularly spendy.

Sphere of friendship: Intellectual friendships!

You have a remarkable curiosity and optimal intellectual faculties. You have a constant need to move, to travel, to move around and especially to meet new people. Your analytical mind associated with the desire to experiment facilitates your adaptation to any situation and your integration in any environment. And yet, your distrust and discretion give you very few reliable friends. You are eager to learn, to play with thought and words.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You communicate sympathetically and are able to create an atmosphere of mutual and natural understanding between you and those around you. You enjoy intellectual challenges and spend a lot of time studying difficult subjects. You probably have a love of literature and a great ability to communicate through the spoken and written word.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Gifted in communication, for you acting means convincing, accumulating contacts and asserting yourself by taking the ascendancy over those around you. You like intellectual challenges and your energy is effectively put to use in debates, verbal jousting and writing. If you wish to defend a subject or a cause that is close to your heart, you do your best to communicate your ideas and opinions in order to raise enthusiasm.

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