The Summer Solstice: the longest day of the year!

Written by Alison

This is the longest day of the year, when the Sun is at its highest point in the northern hemisphere. This is an event of astrological significance. The symbolism of the Summer Solstice coincides with the celebrations of Midsummer or the Feast of St. John the Baptist, as well as World Music Day! Fertility, creativity, femininity, affectivity and fundamental values come to the fore. This is the day when the Sun will reach the first degree of the constellation of Cancer, a position traditionally known as the Imum Coeli (bottom of the sky). Find out about the impact of this day on the individual signs.


The Summer Solstice this year will inspire you to make radical changes to your home-life, habits, roots and life in general. This will involve changes to make your life more joined-up, directing your efforts towards closer togetherness in your relationshipsÂ… All you


You will envisage important changes to your life with greater optimism on this day. Everything will encourage you to reflect more on the development of your future plans. Your inspiration will hit the right note between your practical ideas and your fundamental values, where there will be no divergence. This will be the ideal time for planning to move house!


You will feel a great need for time to breathe and distance yourself from your obligations today. Planetary entreaties will encourage you to look inwardly at yourself in a quiet environment and will favour an overall review Â… which will be no bad thing after all the changes the last few months!


The situations you're going to experience will propel you to the centre stage, in terms of power, asserting your ideas and your creative potential. And you will know perfectly well today how to go about bringing your dreams and plans to fruition in all areas.


The Summer Solstice this year will enable you to be creative and enrich your family life, which will be your main priority today. Showing your credentials to those around you would not go amiss and whatever you think at the moment, you will congratulate yourself afterwards. Now will be the time to unveil your projects and show your goodwill without restraint!


This will be a day synonymous with great prospects of personal fulfilment. The Summer Solstice will create a climate of light-heartedness and abundance, and your feeling of having all kinds of possibilities won't be an illusion. It will be time to take a deep breath and make the most of life, quite simply! Festivities are on the cards, so don't turn down the opportunity to get involved!


You will move towards greater closeness in your relationships and manage to devote your time to your more important ones. Less tension and more frequent moments of relaxation will be on the cards. You will no doubt make the most of this to live life to the full and get closer to those whose behaviour seems the most sincere. Greater awareness of your emotional needs will help things move along.


A wonderful period of respite will be on the cards in your hectic life! Planetary influences today will encourage you to be more positively involved in your social life. You will find it easy to see things with clarity and subtlety in your strategies with both family and friends. Some of your dreams will become reality and this will bring you out of your stubborn silence.


You will be able to break free from difficult social obligations today. This action will correspond in a positive way with your need for a greater and more intense privacy where those close to you are concerned. You will have opportunities to concentrate on your home-life with your loved-ones, as long as you allow yourself to put aside your social mask, so you can show your affection more fully.


Your family life and your passionate feelings will be centre stage, with a feeling that you need to devote time to them. If you let yourself be guided in this way, you will have an opportunity to open your mind up to new values and realise what you have been neglecting over recent months. The Summer Solstice will encourage you to make positive changes.


The prevailing climate of the Summer Solstice this year will enable you to carry out an in-depth review of everything. You will pull away from practical considerations to plunge into abstract ideas. You will have a chance to develop a closer relationship, which will make you focus on yourself and bring you comfort.


The Summer Solstice this year will highlight and add depth to your sensitivity and receptiveness to others, encouraging you to take action in relation to your true needs. You will combine greater common-sense with your ideals, which will add a factor of good fortuneto your love-life and social life. Expressing your true opinions will make a greater impact.

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