The relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius

Written by Alison

You are both eager for space, independence, and enthusiasm. We can say that you have chosen well! Sagittarius is sometimes a little distracted or careless, but they doe not overly traumatize Aquarius, who needs freedom and prefers being casual to anything that resembles chains, jealousy, or suspicion. Your emotional energies combine well, you are overflowing with original ideas.

Love compatibility between Sagittarius and Aquarius

You will get along well and for a long time. There is a sort of brotherhood between you that goes beyond the limits of usual relationships. Your energies fit together well. You are overflowing with quirky, original ideas that the other will bounce around like a ball. Life is a game, after all. Aquarius just needs to not be too outlandish so that Sagittarius can dare to show it and gain some perspective.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Aquarius man

Might you have met on a thrilling adventure? Weren't you real friends before starting this romance? Aquarius is totally won over by such a frank, honest, and generous woman as this. And she will be fascinated this attentive man's curious mind! An interesting, sweet, and very harmonious relationship to be sure! You complement each other greatly, and that's what will bring you together and make it easy for you to create a stable home. Neither one of you will feel smothered by the other. These two could have a true, passionate, and strong relationship! With their shared taste for good living a given, this union will be able to create a home that will be anything but unpleasant.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius man and a Aquarius woman

Lady Aquarius won't let her partner get bored in this relationship and knows how to calm him down when he gets a little heated up. She will offer him innovative ideas with her flair for the extravagant and original - and they won't fall on deaf ears. A great understanding between these two signs could lead them to find fulfillment traveling the four corners of the world and in their own exotic goals that will pull them out of their homes. Remember that, despite his fearless demeanor, you are always in his heart, even if he leaves you behind to hang out with his friends.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Aquarius woman

Dear Aquarius, you will be satisfied to have met someone like this! Still, try to stay on-track. Take all the vitamins you need to continue on. Your partner's dynamism will put your resources to good use, and you will have but one goal: follow her to the ends of the world! Make sure to hold onto your moments of peace together, just the two of you in order to recharge your batteries. She won't need as much of this as you, despite how she may seem. Your need for comfort may frustrate your partner, so don't neglect her need for the passion that's bubbling up within you, and that will take boldness to be brought out. Don't tease her in public about her naivety or lack of practical sense or else sparks will fly!

Compatibility between a Sagittarius man and a Aquarius man

You are both very complementary: friends, pals, brother and sister, partners in crime… You are both hungry for more space, more independence, and enthusiasm – what a lucky find for you both! Sagittarius can be inattentive, or even negligent, at times, but this won't bother Aquarius too much, who needs their liberty and prefers this aloofness to anything that even looks like the chains of jealousy or suspicion. You are both inspired and titillated by the sheer amount of possibilities that exist, freedom to go where you please, and a spirit of adventure. There are many lessons and new experiences to be had together. This is a good sign that you will have great harmony together.


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