Love Compatibility of Sagittarius

Written by Alison

Sagittarius, in your emotional life, you are overflowing with goodwill and great feelings. You fall in love easily but you can not stand a troubled or complicated relationship. With you, love is lived as a team sport, with a mutual stimulation, a great respect for everyone's freedom and a sharing of interests or ideals. To understand your best chances of finding agreement, discover your compatibility with the other zodiac signs here!

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The Men:
1st decan
This decan tends to intellectualize everything: their feelings, their desires and their impulses. He deeply needs to conquer or be conquered. Sometimes, he cultivates amorous friendships, as a libertine epicurean, a little light. Or else, he lives life as a conformist couple on which he will rely to develop his ambitions.
An Aries woman will quickly be on the same wavelength as a Sagittarius of the 1st decan, sharing her taste for independence and a sense of mutual respect.

2nd decan
This decan needs to get out of their routine and discover new horizons. He is seduced by the great outdoors, strangers, and exotic women. He is looking for a healthy, simple relationship, without jealousy, made of carelessness and camaraderie. This decan often has a little trouble stopping unusual experiences to settle down with one person.
An Aquarius woman will have this little something that distinguishes her from the others. She will, in any case, be able to maintain sparkling intellectual relations with a Sagittarius of the 2nd decan.

3rd decan
It is the most serious of the three decans, but he often puts his ambitions before his feelings. He waits to be impressed because he needs to admire the one he will love. He is looking for a companion worthy of him, who remains faithful to him while maintaining his standing. He is very sensitive to physical beauty and elegance.
A Libra woman is perfect for captivating the aesthetic sense of a 3rd decan Libra man and will smooth things over when the need arises.

The Women:
1st decan
This decan is a bit naive in love; these women seek simple and fulfilling relationships but do not tolerate the routine, which is often contradictory. In her spontaneous sincerity, a woman of the 1st decan can sometimes miss a beautiful story for lack of depth in the relationshipÂ…
A Leo man will protect a Sagittarius woman from the 1st decan, and he will lead his daily life with 1000 discoveries. It will bring depth and stability to the relationship.

2nd decan
This decan never cheats on feelings. This woman is warm, expressive, and loves to feel conquered, even if it is she who ultimately decides where the relationship will go. There is a lot of idealism in her conception of the couple. She hopes it is free from need, socially esteemed, and an enemy of routine.
A sparkling and changeable Gemini man will be perfect for illuminating the daily life of a Sagittarius woman of the 2nd decan without weighing on her autonomy. A charming complementary duo.

3rd decan
She is the strongest of the three decans. These women are a little authoritarian, moralistic, and sometimes obstinate. She is a woman of conviction, generous and dynamic. She will give a lot in a relationship but will require just as much. Her key words are trust, militant optimism, solidarity, and personal investment.
An Aries man can perfectly follow the very dynamic rhythm of a woman of the 3rd decan. He will preserve her freedom while making his contribution to the construction of the relationship.

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