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Love Compatibility of Gemini

  Written by Alison

Gemini, you are sentimental without being romantic, you have a great need to love and be loved, but what you are looking for above all is security, both physically and emotionally. You are an excellent master of the house whose delicacy of heart is revealed in your slightest actions. You can skillfully transform an icy atmosphere into a climate tempered by your subtle and colorful mentality!

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The Men:
1st decan
This decan is constantly divided between reason and feelings. This man seeks more to please than to commit because his feelings are multiple and varied. He easily changes his attraction. He is looking for a rather cerebral woman, capable of sharing with him a beautiful intellectual cooperation, which will induce the stability of his relationship.
A Sagittarius woman is particularly suitable for a Gemini of the 1st decan. Dynamic and tolerant, she adores mind games and various challenges.

2nd decan
This decan often separates his private life from his socio-professional life. This man is a nonconformist in his active life and much wiser, more thoughtful and faithful in his love life. He has a sense of values , and if he likes fantasy, he appreciates constancy and intimate balance.
A Libra woman is the epitome of balance and will adapt with the same elegance to social life and everyday life shared with a Gemini of the 2nd decan.

3rd decan
It is not seen in general, but this decan is in the grip of constant mental agitation. This man has great difficulty in surrendering to his emotions and does not get too involved in his relationships. He is too lucid to be fooled by the tricks of love but more easily succumbs to romantic friendship.
An Aries woman, spontaneous and without mischief, will be able to move a Gemini of the 3rd decan. For her part, she will appreciate the atmosphere of cheerful camaraderie that this relationship suggests.

The Women:
1st decan
This decan is much less light than it seems at first glance. This woman passes all her feelings and emotions through the filter of reason and does not give up much. However, she seeks to establish a privileged relationship, sometimes ambiguous, because she likes the notion of play and the exchanges which widen her feelings.
A Leo man will love to play with a Gemini woman from the 1st decan. For her part, she will appreciate the presence and natural authority of her companion, a source of permanent challenges.

2nd decan
It is an idealist decan, often unstable in her youth. She seeks more to be seduced than to love at first. But as soon as she finds a soulmate, she shows herself faithful and even exclusive. However, no matter how deep her feelings, she barely expresses them.
A Libra man will be able to wait patiently and seduce a Gemini woman from the 2nd decan until she falls in love. He will appreciate her grace and ease in society.

3rd decan
This decan is thoughtful and rather reasonable. This woman is not too romantic while having a great need for love and consideration. Cyclically, she goes through moments of ecstasy and needs to establish a stable, healthy, and reassuring relationships without overflowing with ravaging passion.
An Aquarius man, cerebral and autonomous, can appreciate a Gemini woman from the 3rd decan, with nuances and mutual respect. A good camaraderie can be the beginning of a beautiful love story.
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