Scorpio: your horoscope for the 20th of July 2024

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You will get great satisfaction from devoting time to a friend who needs your support. You feel the need to slow down a bit, so listen to your deepest instincts and have a rest without feeling guilty - you have no reason to.



You will be more impulsive than usual... So avoid extreme sports and stormy discussions!

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You'll have to overcome an opposition before you can chase away certain misunderstandings. If you can manage to be calmer, you'll be able to shine light on things in the right way.

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Don't get offended over nothing - tensions between the people you work with won't really affect you.

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Prosperity is on your side in all you do today. Your boldness will pay off more than ever.

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This week


The moon is in Capricorn, in position 14 degree(s),53 minute(s): Emotions and reactions internalised and under control, common-sense, emotional frustration but ambitious.

First decan

24th October to 3rd November

The prevailing climate of learning will suit you very well. Your instincts and ability to reason will be a great combination for leading you to intelligent conclusions, robust plans and realistic aspirations. This will be a very good base for the future.

Second decan

4th November to 13th November

Your emotional heritage and acquisitions will have the protection of a realistic and even materialistic moon. Today, you will be able to invest your money wisely, get a mortgage or found a company. In a similar vein, you could break up with your loved-one ...

Third decan

14th November to 22nd November

You will be floating in a pleasant combination of circumstances which are going to serve your interests. Opportunities will come up and you will be at the front of the queue to take advantage with your characteristic speed of action. This will be a day when good fortune will be round the corner, not at the other ends of the earth.

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