Aquarius's horoscope for September 2022

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for September 2022

In September, it is likely to be a matter of transforming what needs to be changed to evolve. Whether it's emotional, creative, or even professional, there's no question of the status quo. Instead of acting, intervene so that exchanges improve and your expectations are genuinely considered. If you have the feeling that from the 10th onwards, negotiations and discussions are going in circles, be patient because they will only resume their course freely in October.

Aquarius: Mood for September 2022

You have the impression that nothing and no one can stop you in your flights of fancy. This is indeed true, but from the 10th, Mercury will expose you to procrastination, which will irritate you. Accept the deal rather than fight back in a counterproductive way.

Aquarius: Love for September 2022

At the beginning of the month, your charisma and conquering energy could bring you some success. If you are pleading your cause, from the 10th onwards, you should pause a little and accept that you may not be as attractive to others as you would like.

In a Relationship: if you are the only one to be seen and your rating is at its best, take the time to channel this power to use it more appropriately later. From the 10th onwards, the economic situation could restrict your impulses a little!

Single: you are approaching the month hot and ready to conquer the world. Are the meetings exciting? So be it! But you will have to count (from the 10th) the time for reflection imposed by the situation. Whether you like it or not!

Aquarius: Money for September 2022

If financial negotiations are dragging on from the 10th onwards, there is no need to go up in the air. Wait quietly until next month for the flows to come in again.

Aquarius: Work for September 2022

At the beginning of the month, you will benefit from enthusiastic support. You can count on your creative energy and authority to convince your interlocutors that they are right to believe in you and your abilities. However, if your aspirations and ambitions are high, be prepared to deal with time from the 10th onwards, when exchanges could prove less fluid.

Aquarius: Leisure for September 2022

Full of energy and eager to connect with the world around you, take advantage of your new knowledge to reinvent the mode before you can actually change it! Anything that stimulates your mind and inventiveness is your preference in September.

Aquarius: Key dates for September 2022

- The 1st lively, animated exchanges, inspiring meetings, and exalted creativity. What to convince and seduce.
- On the 16th, assuming that your desires are not orders. This could save you some trouble.
- On the 20th, a positive evolution in your family? You will distribute the roles differently and make the lines move as you hope.
- On the 26th, by using benevolent strategies, you will succeed in clarifying certain grey areas that were weighing down the atmosphere a little.
- On the 28th, authority and reason work together to anchor your emotional relationships and develop your talents over the long term.

Aquarius: Advice for September 2022

If, since May 10, Jupiter favors your expansion and your communication with the people around you, you will have to deal in September with Mercury, who tends to delay the realization of your plans. So take advantage of this time of lesser efficiency to adjust your aim.

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