Virgo's horoscope for September 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for September 2022

You are approaching the new year relatively comfortably. The Sun is currently illuminating your sign and inviting you to initiate a new expansion cycle. There is no question of putting your own interests before others and leaving your ambitions in the closet. In September, you will have to move forward, shine with all your lights, charm everyone without forgetting to work hard, to pay your own way to reach your goals.

Virgo: Mood for September 2022

Are you a go-getter and not really ready to give ground to anyone? However, be careful not to make too many demands on those with power or money. You could be a little too vindictive and demanding in September. So tone it down if you want to get your way.

Virgo: Love for September 2022

Are you determined to improve your professional situation and find time for love in September? Let's bet that under the influence of Venus, who is squatting in your decan between the 5th and the 13th, you will have no trouble shining and seducing everyone. And even if your mind is a bit elsewhere at the moment, you will not deny yourself the pleasure of being seen and noticed.

In a Relationship: Venus exalts your charm, takes advantage of it to reinforce your self-confidence, and notably in your power to influence events and people to your advantage!

Single: if you are thinking of developing your professional activity, there is no doubt that you will use your irresistible charm to leave a mark on people's hearts!

Virgo: Money for September 2022

You will not hesitate to go to the mat to get more. If you lack neither energy nor determination to make yourself heard, try to nuance your approach to find the correct arguments to convince them. The ones that click rather than boom!

Virgo: Work for September 2022

This is the area where you will be working in priority in September. You will be struggling to develop your activity or even your status. There is no question of vegetating. Take advantage of the influence of Jupiter, who tends to accelerate the movement of change! Jump on the bandwagon, defend your interests, and position yourself as a decision-maker, even as a leader.

Virgo: Leisure for September 2022

You have fighting energy that serves your interests as long as you know how to channel it. Choose activities that will allow you to expel any overflow. Invest in a punching bag or burn calories on a treadmill.

Virgo: Key dates for September 2022

- On the 1st, you know how to seize the evolving opportunities that are sure to arise.
- On the 16th, be careful not to use your charm too much to impose your rules and aspirations in high places where the maneuver might be badly perceived.
- On the 20th, your audacity coupled with an irresistible charm should help you to hit the bull's eye on all levels.
- On the 26th, intense, magnetic, creative? You have an eminently attractive force field at your disposal. The opportunity to shine and seduce in all directions.
- On the 28th, by working hard, you should be able to score points and convince your hierarchy to follow you.

Virgo: Advice for September 2022

A month that starts off with a bang and actually urges you to accelerate change. This is not a reason to demand too much of everyone in September. You risk that the game turns against you.

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