Capricorn's horoscope for November 2022

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for November 2022

In November, you will tend to move forward with your eyes on the future! A project in mind and a situation that encourages your initiatives? Some will have no trouble getting your troops to join in the adventure, convincing their loved ones to follow them. In contrast, others will undoubtedly struggle a bit more! A lack of means, obstacles on the way? In any case, this month invites you to make plans for the future!

Capricorn: Mood for November 2022

You will not necessarily be very voluble nor very inclined to communicate about what you feel at the moment! Venus favors the sifting of your emotions between the 16th and 24th, while the Sun takes over from the 22nd! Take advantage of this temporary pause in your communication with the outside world to identify your priorities!

Capricorn: Love for November 2022

You have recently (since last May) worked to improve your family and private life. In that case, you should take advantage of the presence of Venus in the shadow of your sign and decan (between the 16th and 24th) to take a step back from events. It is a question of determining if what you have set out to do corresponds to your most essential aspirations!

In a Relationship: Venus invites you to reflect rather than act this month. It's time to sift through your deepest emotions to see if the recent improvements in your family life are ticking the right boxes.

Single: Whether you are moving to a new home or are starting one, take time (between the 16th and 24th) to probe your heart to see if it really resonates with your current expanded horizons on the private front!

Capricorn: Money for November 2022

You have just spent money to improve your living conditions or environment. In that case, you will be more inclined in November to do your accounts, to look at your growth (or decrease) forecasts, than to ask for anything!

Capricorn: Work for November 2022

Here again, this is not the time to rush things. Instead, you'd review your copy, fine-tune your strategies, and sharpen your arguments! When the time comes (from December 21st onwards), you'll be ready to begin a new cycle of expression and even expansion in full possession of your means and complete knowledge of the facts!

Capricorn: Leisure for November 2022

You will be more inclined to reflect, cogitate or even meditate than to entertain yourself in November. Take advantage of your thirst for interiority to ask yourself specific existential questions nagging at you, or simply take a break!

Capricorn: Key dates for November 2022

-The 7th, dreams full of head and heart? Make sure you really have the means to make them come true!
-The 10th, a perfect day to talk about love? Be careful what you say, though, as your plans could be too personal!
-The 15th, full of ideas, enthusiasm, and zest for life? A perfect day to take off in love, business, and all fields!
-On the 18th, be careful not to confuse the frequency by displaying an overly arrogant attitude!
-On the 28th, it is by working daily slowly but surely that you will succeed in pulling your weight!

Capricorn: Advice for November 2022

A month where you will be more comfortable and productive by keeping yourself away from the world's noise. It's not a question of isolating yourself completely but of taking the time to think about what you want to do from now on!

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