Sagittarius's horoscope for November 2022

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for November 2022

Don't hesitate to take a step back from people (at least until the 22nd) who may be asking a lot of you (too much?)! Some people feel that they can achieve an ideal version of their family life. In that case, others will think they are dragging their heels and are constantly burdened by old stories undermining them! Whatever your situation, approach people and events with a conscience! The best way to end the month on the right track!

Sagittarius: Mood for November 2022

Venus gives you a glamorous aura between the 16th and 24th, and from the 22nd, the Sun adds a layer? To boost your self-confidence and your power of seduction. This is your opportunity to show off, attract attention, and keep it. All these ingredients should help you to keep smiling!

Sagittarius: Love for November 2022

Jupiter has probably favored your sentimental blossoming between May 10th and October 28th! A child or a love affair was born, conceived, and a meeting evolved into a long-term experience. A return of the flame brought you and the other person closer together? In November, count on Venus to take over and give you a lot of charm! What to prolong the enchantment?

In a Relationship: charming and charming, bet on your radiance to continue to live fully and delightfully a relationship that fills you and delights the partner. This osmosis will be reinforced (between the 16th and 24th) by the magnetic presence of Venus in your decanal!

Single: you should have no difficulty in November bewitching whoever you want. If you have recently started a romance, you can count on the current situation to strengthen the link. If you are still looking for your soul mate, increase your chances of meeting her!

Sagittarius: Money for November 2022

You may have received an increase in your income between May and October. A new job, a promotion, better working conditions? If not? Use your current influence to get recognition for your merits!

Sagittarius: Work for November 2022

From the 22nd onwards, you are entering a new expansion cycle under excellent auspices. Jupiter has probably boosted your creativity between mid-May and the end of October, assuring you of top popularity! Count on Venus in November to reinforce your ability to unite! Especially between the 16th and the 24th when the delightful planet will play on your side!

Sagittarius: Leisure for November 2022

In November, you should enjoy a power of attraction that should allow you to spend the month well surrounded. Take advantage of your influence to gather your relatives, friends, faithful, or newcomers around an activity that you like (artistic or sporting)!

Sagittarius: Key dates for November 2022

- On the 7th, are you upset about disputes with loved ones? Take a step back from the events rather than running into the wall!
- On the 10th, connect with your inner world to improve your family ties! If you feel you lack space and freedom, don't hesitate to speak up!
- On the 15th, a day at the top for your love affairs, to meet your soul mate and/or embark on the land of love!
- On the 19th, beware of spats with someone close to you who could stutter the frequency in your family!
- On the 28th, through conscious exchanges, you will succeed in productively directing the debates!

Sagittarius: Advice for November 2022

Rely on your irresistible charm in November to become (and remain) the center of everyone's attention, to shine with all your lights! While waiting for Jupiter to come back (from December 20th) to add a bright layer to it!

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