Sagittarius's horoscope for May 2024

Written by Daisy

From May 1st, Mars in Aries, brings back your potential, which fell asleep along the way. Thanks to this courageous influence, you become yourself again. With Pluto as reinforcement, you make radical decisions. With Mercury completing your stay in Aries on the 15th, you say what you think, and you do not take kid gloves! You do not waste time asking questions. You are going beyond the stage of compromises. You act! This month, the constraints are shattering. You resume your freedom of action. On the 21st, the Sun settles in Gemini. On the 24th, Venus joins him, and Jupiter does the same thing on the 26th. At the end of the month, do not take promises at face value and do not listen to the sirens' song.

Sagittarius: Love in General para May 2024

Sagittarius: This month, you want to have a lasting love life, but as long as you can live at your leisure, go out and see the world. In this state of mind, your fans will have to adapt. How? By following you in your wanderings or wisely waiting for your return to the household.

Sagittarius: In a relationship para May 2024

Sagittarius: Your relationship settles in the experience of comfort. However, you still like the unexpected. This month, you confirm it. If it suits your other half, it's perfect. If this is not the case, the exchanges will be heated.

Single para May 2024

Sagittarius: You are in a period where it's easy to meet someone or start a relationship. On the other hand, it'll be hard for that special someone to follow you and keep you unless they are blessed with incredible patience.

Sagittarius: Career / Finance para May 2024

Sagittarius: A wildly enthusiastic month! Indeed, Mars in Aries harmonically positions itself for your sign and gives you the wings of desire. You want to live life to the fullest, especially in your work. Routine bores you, and you need renewal! From the 20th, the Sun in Gemini accentuates your need for contractual fantasy. You feel like dusting off your workstation or your business. From the 25th, Jupiter and Venus join the Sun, a promising contract could be signed or a beneficial partnership with your other half.

Sagittarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2024

Sagittarius: Do you want luck to smile on you everyday? Be yourself and do not try to enter a box that does not fit you.

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