Capricorn's horoscope for May 2024

Written by Daisy

The dissonances of Mars and Mercury in Aries foreshadow outbursts and mishaps. Also, they announce that you will take action! Why? Because these hazards will push you to your wits' end. Since you do not give up in the face of difficulties, you will overcome them with determination. This month, it's likely you're not easy-going. Your entourage will have to be diplomatic when asking you something. However, with the transfer of Mercury in Gemini on the 16th, you are easily accessible. On the other hand, with Mars remaining in Aries until the end of the month, you are advised to take inspiration from the wisdom of Saturn in Pisces. It will soothe you while making you understand that time arranges many things.

Capricorn: Love in General para May 2024

Capricorn: Between the 1st and the 23rd, Venus in Taurus arranges matters of the heart. Thanks to its serenity, you find your mind. You are willing to have a good time in pleasant company. For everything to go well, do not get excited, because that would make you clumsy.

Capricorn: In a relationship para May 2024

Capricorn: If Venus in Aries has jostled your relationship, Venus in Taurus arranges things. You accept the small imperfections of your union. You see its good sides. However, beware of your impatience, as it will bring all these benefits into question.

Single para May 2024

Capricorn: Venus in Taurus creates circumstances that facilitate encounters or the beginning of an idyll. But with the planets in Aries, you ignite a little too much! If you feel your heart racing, take a step back.

Capricorn: Career / Finance para May 2024

Capricorn: This month, you won't be taken with a grain of salt! At work, your mood could interfere with your exchanges between colleagues, especially from the 1st to the 15th, so calm down if you feel yourself losing your temper and look for quiet times to recharge your batteries. The financial sphere remains stable. The influx of Taurus until the 23rd ensures you have enough to live on and put aside. After the 23rd, Venus facilitates the professional sphere; you find a little bit of fantasy and letting go. You work with joy, enthusiasm, and less pressure. Phew!

Capricorn: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2024

Capricorn: Using the impulsiveness and anger of Aries will not bring you any good. On the other hand, serving up your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial energy will serve your interests.

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