Taurus's horoscope July for 2024

Written by Daisy

With the support of Mars in Taurus and Saturn, you control the course of events. With the invaluable help of the energies in Cancer, things progress in fluidity. Your agreement with others is excellent. You feel comfortable expressing your ideas. In return, they are welcomed positively. You have the pleasant feeling of being entirely understood. Therefore, you are showing yourself in your best light. Alas, this pleasant atmosphere is thwarted by dissonances that emanate from Leo. At first, you may think that blockages accumulate and that everything goes in the wrong direction. Instead of shouting against these hazards, take advantage of it to make the necessary adjustments. Also, accept, with good grace, the changes that are taking place.

Love in General:

Venus in Cancer creates situations that have everything to please you. It brings you closer to people who prefer to stay away from external turmoil. Then, things get complicated with Venus in Leo. Simplicity and serenity are shattered. You have to get out of your bubble.

In a relationship:

You like to spend time with your other half without doing anything special. From the 12th, your partner may feel the need to see the world and go out. Answer their wish, and all will be well.


Until the 11th, things look good for you to start a relationship with someone. Then do not try to install it in a life that's too peaceful. From time to time, pull out all the stops, even if you break your piggy bank a bit.

Career / Finance:

Up to 20th, the energies from Cancer serve your relational interests and, therefore, offer you some professional support. Your good mood should not go unnoticed by your colleagues. Your actions are determined and well carried out, Mars at home pushes you to set milestones for the future and think about your savings more, your sign likes its security! After the 22nd, Leo and Gemini's energies shake up your peace of mind a little, but thanks to Uranus still at home, the unexpected no longer scares you. Be yourself at your work without worrying about what could change around you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

The energies of Leo annoy you and reveal a false image of you. To avoid this, stop clinging to the virtues of simplicity. Dazzle your fans.


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