Taurus's horoscope for July 2024

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for July 2024

You're trying to balance family life with a change in your professional direction. You're discussing with your circle a long-term project that concerns everyone. You're breaking free from old codes and reaching an ideal life that is beginning to take shape.

Taurus: Mood for July 2024

In the first half of the month, you're focused on the essentials and display a commitment that leaves little room for whimsy. Count on the second half to lighten the mood. You become more relaxed without giving up on defending your interests, but by using charm and humor to achieve your goals.

Taurus: Love for July 2024

While at the beginning of the month, you're focused on your career project and expressing your talents, expect a period much more conducive to your fulfillment later on—you're in a festive mood.

In a relationship: Jupiter and Venus enhance your charisma, warming the atmosphere between you and your loved ones who are charmed.
Single: Jupiter stimulates your desire to love and be loved, as well as your ability to shine, creating a climate conducive to tender encounters and exchanges.

Taurus: Money for July 2024

You're determined to assert your talents and convince your superiors to trust you. You may be deploying a strategy conducted in the shadows, but it's purposeful and will bear fruit.

Taurus: Work for July 2024

Rely on your potentials and talents to advocate for yourself to your demanding hierarchy, which recognizes your capabilities strengthened by the invigorating presence of Jupiter—you deserve the recognition you demand.

Taurus: Leisure for July 2024

Jupiter puts you in a good mood, radiating positivity and enticing everyone to have a good time with you.

Taurus: Key dates for July 2024

On the 3rd: You communicate about a project that captivates your circle, taking precautions not to impose anything on your loved ones whom you aim to convince.
On the 11th: You leave a lasting impression and inspire your loved ones to follow you in implementing your projects using your charm.
On the 18th: Your originality and ability to overturn conventions allow for progress and express a desire for novelty.
On the 20th: It's time to mobilize to pave the way for your idea. Rely on unwavering determination to innovate.
On the 21st: The full moon invites you to broaden your horizons, assert your ambitions, and communicate. You invest in improving your living conditions.

Taurus: Advice for July 2024

A summer month to bolster your credibility, advance your goals, and communicate. You won't go unnoticed. Take advantage of this conducive atmosphere to fulfill your desires.

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