Scorpio's horoscope for July 2024

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for July 2024

You risk displeasing your family by prioritizing your work and social life, but you broaden your horizons and make progress despite creativity hindered by circumstances. You also desire to spice up your relationships, manage them more freely, even boldly, to give a more inspiring touch to your loves.

Scorpio: Mood for July 2024

Saturn slightly darkens your mood and frustrates your desires, but count on Jupiter's support to provide you with some occasions for rejoicing. A small success in society, professional recognition, or good news capable of bringing a smile back to your face.

Scorpio: Love for July 2024

If you struggle to express your feelings and fully surrender to love, the July circumstances help you elevate discussions with your partner, even if it sometimes requires raising your voice. However, you easily shine in society.

In a relationship: Saturn cools the atmosphere between you and your partner. Rely on dialogue to give meaning to your relationship.
Single: You're going through a period of emotional desert. To reconnect with desire and the possibility of a love that meets your criteria, broaden your horizons and step out of your comfort zone.

Scorpio: Money for July 2024

If you're hoping to increase your salary, receive a bonus, get a return on investment, or inherit, Jupiter strengthens your income.

Scorpio: Work for July 2024

Jupiter offers you opportunities for advancement in your activity. Present yourself in the best light to attract the attention of those observing you and facilitate your progress, even if you're not at the peak of your creativity.

Scorpio: Leisure for July 2024

You're escaping some of the limitations weighing on your spirits. The taste for adventure returns, a desire for wide-open spaces that makes you want to set sail.

Scorpio: Key dates for July 2024

On the 5th: You struggle a bit to understand each other with your loved one, you tend to force the dialogue. But don't push too hard.
On the 11th: The connection is there. You feel in harmony with your loved one, don't hesitate to raise the discussions.
On the 12th: If your family life is experiencing turmoil, avoid flaunting in society by playing up your charm, remain discreet at home.
On the 20th: You play the driving force in your relationship, or even in an association, you can leave a lasting impression with your determination or charm.
On the 26th: Rely on your strategy and your desire to gain more power to take the lead.

Scorpio: Advice for July 2024

July allows you to reconnect with a broader vision of the world and especially your own. Don't miss any opportunity to elevate yourself.

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