Leo's horoscope for July 2024

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for July 2024

You're negotiating significant changes in your life, crossing a positive threshold. You're also taking a step back to negotiate structures undergoing transformation. Extend a hand towards others for your relational universe to evolve harmoniously.

Leo: Mood for July 2024

You're sensing signals that time is passing. Rely on a certain emotional distance and restraint from instinctive reactions to make the right choices. Keep control of your existence to steer it in the right direction.

Leo: Love for July 2024

Certain structures that seemed immutable are disappearing. Rely on a benevolent atmosphere to consider changes smoothly and rely on your determination to manage events constructively. By the end of the month, you'll be pleased to see that your future is promisingly unfolding.

In a relationship: You wish to remain in control of evolving situations; breaking ties with the past isn't always easy to digest. If you understand and go with the flow, happy new perspectives will reward your behavior.
Single: Take a step back to evaluate what is leaving and welcome without nostalgia what is arriving—a new friendship, a project.

Leo: Money for July 2024

If funds are dwindling or you're struggling to progress financially, be patient and use this period of restriction to reassess your priorities and change the future.

Leo: Work for July 2024

Saturn slightly limits your expansion possibilities, curbing your desires to extend your influence. Try to understand the reason behind it rather than resist an unavoidable reality. Accept some real or symbolic losses to project yourself more serenely into an inspiring future.

Leo: Leisure for July 2024

You spend time ruminating over the past, risking isolation from the rest of the world. Count on your surroundings to pull you out of your cave.

Leo: Key dates for July 2024

On the 3rd: Control your emotions to evolve things without being shaken. If you encounter difficulties in your exchanges, let the other person express themselves.
On the 5th: The new moon invites you to turn a new page in your personal story; assert your authority to change the situation.
On the 8th: You score points and play on emotions to soften. You know which arguments to advance to support an ongoing project.
On the 11th: Quietly, you advance your pawns and evolve a stagnant situation. You use your charm to steer your destiny as you see fit.
On the 21st: The full moon encourages you to open dialogue. Count on personal radiance to materialize a project close to your heart.

Leo: Advice for July 2024

Jupiter offers you some opportunities to turn towards tomorrow. Don't let any chance slip by to project yourself towards a promising future and forget a little about what has held you back for too long.

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