Leo's horoscope for July 2024

Written by Daisy

Since Jupiter is installed in Gemini, things and events are turning in your favor. This month, with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun passing through your sign, you will be able to enjoy it fully. However, with the dissonances that emanate from Mars to Taurus, you tend to be excessive. Your desires are powerful and sometimes uncontrollable. If you let them take orders, they will put you in complicated situations. To avoid this, wisdom recommends that you take a step back before making a decision and wait until the 21st. At this time, the transfer of Mars encourages you to take life on the right side. Instead of using strength to get what you want, it makes you use your power of seduction.

Leo: Love in General para July 2024

Leo: On the 12th, Venus goes into Leo. However, Pluto faces him. In these circumstances, you can be capable of the best as well as the worst. To prevent fatality from falling on your loves, do not seek to have power over others. Use your charm wisely.

Leo: In a relationship para July 2024

Leo: Do not maintain power relations with your other half, as this would lead you into a complicated situation. On the other hand, encourage and promote their success. Act with this flair that characterizes you. In doing so, your union will be happy and exciting.

Single para July 2024

Leo: When you want to control everything, you accumulate disappointments. To avoid these inconveniences, let things go. Also, accept that the person you like has a schedule. In doing so, you will start a beautiful relationship.

Leo: Career / Finance para July 2024

Leo: The sky spoils you. You receive beautiful influences that your royal nature should appreciate! You act with method, especially from the 2nd to the 25th, Mercury in your sign allows you all the professional audacities. Be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings! Whatever your responsibilities are, you will be present. From the 11th, your outstanding charisma assures a professional and financial evolution, even a raise? Mars in Taurus until the 20th will hinder your actions a little, don't get carried away by the frustration of others, remain magnanimous. After the 20th, it's full steam ahead!

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2024

Leo: Challenge yourself when you feel that a cold is settling in and adapt to people and situations. In doing so, you will have everything you want.

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