Capricorn's horoscope for July 2020

Written by Daisy

A summer month where you should relax rather than use force. While some see an ideal taking shape, others will have to make concessions and keep the debates open. You can close them by early August without causing open conflict. Cut some slack when your positions lead you to an impasse. Bet on your open-mindedness and your daring ideas to make a difference and win without hurting or targeting anyone. It's up to you to play a tight game!

Capricorn: Love horoscope for July 2020

Love: Take Care of Your Communication!

Venus invites you to gently manage your family affairs and your work interventions. Be kind, listen, and don't let your emotions overwhelm you. Impatience is a bad counsellor. Give everyone a chance to express themselves, Capricorn, and don't try to control everything! A beautiful sky to go through the month with an open mind, an open heart, and open debates.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): You Don't Have All the Rights!

You make others understand your need to live the relationship differently. Uranus makes you want to renew your functioning in love and shake up habits that paralyze your ties. If you manage to make yourself understood on the 1st, beware of the conflicts that your attitude is likely to generate as a family if you impose yourself. From the 12th, the exchanges become more fluid. Take advantage!

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): An interior Thrill that Will be Confirmed in 2021!

From July 5th to September 26th, Uranus influences your concept of love and the relationship. You feel a certain weariness, but Uranus distills a desire for fantasy in your heart to spice up your links. You need something else, and you explain to your partner what is tempting you. But make sure that your feelings do not affect your attitudes as a family. Don't let off a sense of frustration by complaining and even trying to coerce more than convince.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): Take Others into Your Universe!

The sky pushes you forward. In July, you talk with your loved ones about your metamorphosis. Keep the dialogue open because getting rid of the past and renewing yourself in-depth, is not easy for those around you. Use your energy and your ability to find the right words to persuade those you love that your choices are good and that no one will lose out!

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In July, it is through dialogue and open-mindedness that you make yourself understood. Even if your aspirations go beyond the usual landmarks of those around you, do not give up! Expose them by being polite to unite people around your ideas.

Capricorn: The thread of the month for July 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, there is no shortage of arguments to convince those around you that your daring projects should be attempted. Bet on your originality to make the difference and make everyone want to believe and follow you. The 5th, the Full Moon puts you in the spotlight. Talk with those around you and take their opinion into account! The 8th, if you impose your laws on everyone, you risk starting an open conflict. Make concessions rather than set fire to the gun powder. The 12th, you relaunch debates and get your messages across smoothly. Use your intuition to rally your entourage around your vision of things and the world.

The Second Week,

The 14th, it is through dialogue that you can rally others around your projects. Your influence and your unifying enthusiasm attract us. The 15th, during an inner metamorphosis, you must communicate and manifest yourself outside to reassure rather than letting others have false ideas about what you are planning.

The Third Week,

The 20th, the New Moon promotes dialogue and invites you to take a step towards the other. Follow its injunctions to gather rather than divide! The 22nd, your originality seduces if you explain your point of view to others rather than carelessly cleaning up everything that comes into your head.

The Fourth Week

The 27th, you transmit what motivates you. The situation inspires you and invites you to open a new chapter. The 30th, the exchanges are productive. Your energy is communicative and makes people want to accompany you on the adventure!

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