Virgo's horoscope February for 2024

Written by Daisy

Your progress is still supported, and encouraged, by the energies that come from Capricorn. As for those that came from Sagittarius, they do not bother you anymore. So, you can go about your business with peace of mind! If you had doubts, rest assured. In turn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury in Capricorn favor projects, people, and situations that have a future. They guarantee that what you are going to undertake will be done in the concrete and that it will be sustainable. You can get started! However, do not forget that Saturn is always opposed to your sign. From the 20th, the Sun joins him, and Mercury does the same thing on the 24th. At this time, do not reject any partnership offers, but study them carefully.

Love in General:

Until the 16th, Venus in Capricorn brings you closer to those whom you love and who appreciate you. However, it tends to bog down relationships in boredom. The passage from Venus to Aquarius has little impact on your loves. Nevertheless, you can inspire them by injecting them with a zest of the unforeseen.

In a relationship:

Your union regains its bearings, and this routine reassures you. You can enjoy it! However, beware. In the long run, your other half might find the time long. Break the habits from time to time. Surprise your partner.


With Venus in Capricorn, getting closer to someone is on track. At the end of the month, do not think that we want to lead you, willingly or by force, to the nearest town hall! Stay zen.

Career / Finance:

Tap into your creative resources to achieve your highly protected career goals this February. The energies of Capricorn are precious support to your job or your wallet. Your wishes will be fulfilled if you roll up your sleeves and remain deaf to the pessimistic words of others from the 5th to the 23rd. Facing you, Saturn and Neptune seek to challenge you on your professional boldness and not on your propensity to stray into details: be concentrated, listen to your little inner voice and then act in the interest of the collective or your superior.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This month, your situation is set to improve, but remember that you may need others. So do not reject them and consider their ideas.


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