Leo's horoscope for February 2024

Written by Daisy

You are confronted with the dissonances that emanate from Taurus and Aquarius. In the face of setbacks and hazards, you may feel that this spell is relentless! Rest assured, this is not what it is. Of course, the stars do not make it easy for you, but you have the potential to meet the challenges they are giving you. Although they are not familiar with you, if you agree, you can draw inspiration from the energies that come from Capricorn. Why? Because their perseverance and their coolness will be of great help to you. This month, be useful and objective in your actions instead of going in all directions. Also, if you want to take risks, arrange for them to be calculated to the millimetre.

Leo: Love in General para February 2024

Leo: Your loves are not your main concern. You leave them aside. From the 17th, Venus in Aquarius calls you to order. If you have been distant to your fans or spouse, do not try to have the last word. Wait for the pressure to go down.

Leo: In a relationship para February 2024

Leo: Your couple is completely devoid of surprises. It gets bogged down in the routine. From the 17th, Venus in Aquarius will restore the atmosphere! It complicates your relationships certainly, but it has the merit of breaking the ice!

Single para February 2024

Leo: It is through your activity that you might meet someone. If you want things to go further, from the 17th, stay discreet about your success. Why? Because it would make you seem like an inaccessible person.

Leo: Career / Finance para February 2024

Leo: Sometimes the influxes coming from Aquarius are full-on, and sometimes they are more lukewarm under the influence of the planets in Capricorn. The energies of the month do not facilitate your professional advancement nor your bank account. A somewhat dull atmosphere awaits you. Stay focused because Jupiter and Uranus in the square of your sign seek to destabilize you. Stay flexible at work and in your exchanges between colleagues. You cannot please everyone, but your professionalism must dictate your conduct. Your financial sector is in danger of a bit of disappointment, a tax reminder or an overdue bill could upset you.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para February 2024

Leo: When the planets circulate in Aquarius, you tend to do too much, and that's where the problems begin. This month, do not try to get the upper hand.

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