Aquarius's horoscope for August 2026

Written by Daisy

The planets in Leo facing you (Sun until the 23rd, Mercury from the 10th to the 24th, and Jupiter all month) add significance to your contractual or marital life. Pluto in your sign, 1st decan, infuses your personality with an inner strength, you will know what you want and take the necessary steps to achieve it. Saturn and Neptune enhance your fraternal circle, your morale, balancing between accepted discipline and a greater receptivity to others, you feel good. Mars and Uranus in synergy until the 10th promote your artistic, parental, or emotional life: surprises are on the way along with a vitality for thrills, could you be drawn to a dangerous sport? After the 24th, you'll calm down, the Virgo energies will help you relax and prepare for the return.

Aquarius: Love in General

A bit possessive until the 5th, you regain your confidence from the 6th onwards thanks to Venus in Libra, which brings you faith in love. A devastating crush could be on the horizon between the 1st and the 10th, how exciting is that? You will have more sensitive desires than usual, especially after the 11th.

Aquarius: In a relationship

Your partner takes their place in front of you, and it's not displeasing to you, but in order to maintain your mutual complicity, communicate with tenderness and show your affection with lightness, but not without sincerity. After the 6, you flirt with romance!


Extremely attractive, you captivate with your presence and could hold the attention of someone you meet in a sports or cultural place between the 1st and the 10th. Your libido will be subject to your emotions from the 6th, with beauty and exoticism playing an important role.

Aquarius: Career / Finance

In August, Jupiter in Leo is making contract negotiations in your favor easier and a salary increase through a promotion could come, especially between the 10th and the 24th. Your assets seem safe from any incidents. At the end of the month, a very positive atmosphere for an unexpected but welcome inflow of money is in store.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope

A month during which you won't run the risk of getting bored, which you fear more than anything! Watch out for an urge to push yourself that could take you further than expected.

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