Aquarius's horoscope for April 2025

Written by Daisy

Pluto in your sign has recently started to make radical changes! Stronger, more self-confident, you are starting a whole new page in your life (1st decan especially). The duet in Aries from the 1st to the 19th, sun and Neptune, boosts your morale, your relational, you aspire to fruitful and sincere exchanges. From the 19th, some family upheavals are possible. You act to make evolve your professional situation until the 18 the others in front of you will have their requirements, do not get excited! Mercury in turn in Pisces and Aries from the 16th serves your financial interests, the good news is not excluded while then you communicate with ease, your movements are joyful. Jupiter distributes its benefits in your creative sector, that of your children, of your loves, beautiful things could emerge from it!

Aquarius: Love in General para April 2025

Aquarius: This sector promises to be passionate thanks to Jupiter well aspected for you. Venus in Pisces makes you a little possessive, so your partners will be surprised, prove your attachment with originality and tenderness. Your libido will be more active from the 18th but you will play hot and cold, communication will be essential.

Aquarius: In a relationship para April 2025

Aquarius: Thanks to Pluto, you give off a magnetism that your half may take for excessive authoritarianism, remember to reassure him, and show your feelings with gentleness and tenderness, Venus helps you to do so. After the 18th, a few misunderstandings are possible, defuse any conflict!

Single para April 2025

Aquarius: The work sector will be able to facilitate a meeting from the 1st to the 18th and up to the 19th. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood. Multiple opportunities should present themselves; places of culture are not excluded. Between romanticism and passion, adjust your card of tenderness!

Aquarius: Career / Finance para April 2025

Aquarius: Mercury and Venus in duo until the 15th facilitate your assets, an increase is possible as well as a promising discussion for your financial future. With Pluto in your home, you will be catchy and very persuasive! March from the 18th to the 30th may shake up the contractual sphere, are you expecting events, happy or delicate?

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para April 2025

Aquarius: The wheel of life is turning for you with the beautiful aspect from Pluto to Jupiter, great things are coming! Stay focused, calm the horses if the wind comes to blow a little strong.

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