Virgo's horoscope for April 2025

Written by Daisy

Introspective until the 19th under the effects of the energies in Aries, sun and Neptune, you allow yourself to believe in your dreams more, to slum a little, to let come to you some pleasant shivers! Your planet, Mercury, in front of you from the 1st to the 15th (and direct the 7th) accentuates the relationship with the other, you communicate on an intuitive mode while the 16th Mercury slides in Aries and exposes you to power relationships, calm the game. With Venus all the month in Pisces as well as Saturn, you show diplomacy and seriousness, you will know how to facilitate procedures if necessary. Mars boosts your projects with sensitivity, then on the 18th you will feel the energy calming down. On the 19th, it is all your ideal of life which is triggered!

Virgo: Love in General para April 2025

Virgo: This sector looks promising, Venus in front of you installs a tender and complicit climate but your other will not give its share to the cat, find the balance between the two of you! Your libido will be tender and very sensual until the 18th, take advantage of it because then it becomes internalized and your half could be destabilized.

Virgo: In a relationship para April 2025

Virgo: Communicate thoroughly with your partner as she remains the key to keeping your agreement intact for this month. Your feelings are strong, your sensuality should satisfy your intimate appetites especially until the 18th, do not let the unsaid spoil your relationship.

Single para April 2025

Virgo: Your friends could make a nice, romantic, and very sensitive meeting, especially during the first fortnight. After the 19th, a total love at first sight can turn your heart upside down, how about opening yourself up to the unknown for once?

Virgo: Career / Finance para April 2025

Virgo: Jupiter shakes the professional sphere (last two decades) do not be alarmed, accept some challenges that may arise on your way. Pluto begins some symbolic mourning, do not block things, become a bit of a spectator of events. An unexpected financial windfall could help you evolve or change jobs.

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para April 2025

Virgo: Live this month with a real opening to the field of possibilities! Do not rely only on your mind, it will be fluctuating, but listen to your little inner voice.

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