Leo's horoscope for April 2020

Written by Daisy

You will have opportunities to express your personality and creativity or launch a new cycle of expansion after a challenge. You want to discover yourself, but you do not necessarily know how to do so. This month is rich in events and celestial movements. It is in your interest to calmly approach this month to take advantage of the state of affairs without abusing it. Otherwise, you risk paying the price.

Leo: Love horoscope for April 2020

Love: Tender Projects on the Agenda!

Venus invites you to project yourself into a future that inspires you. But, Leo, you must reflect and sort out the essentials. Count on a benevolent entourage to support you on your journey.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Other Priorities?

You need to clarify your emotional expectations to determine if your relationships meet your needs: no romantic escape or fiery statement, but a detailed review. Count on Venus to build what matters to you. You are not very available for your love affairs because you are taken up by your work: communication and understanding problems. Take care that these disturbances do not affect your private life too much. In a Relationship, love does not occupy your thoughts too much, but don't turn against your partner either. They are not part of it. Single, ask your friends to help you. You could fight to defend your freedom of expression. These struggles temporarily distance you from your emotional quest.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Nothing and No One Can Resist You!

You are inspired. You reinvent the world with every chance that your dreams will come true. Count on Mars to give you enough energy and authority so that no one can resist you. In a Relationship, you make your partner dream, and you embark with them in your universe. They will follow you without resistance. Single, you share your dreams with contagious enthusiasm. If you think of someone, use your charm to make them want to follow you.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Not the Right Time?

The meeting between Jupiter and Pluto offers you the opportunity to seize a professional chance. You focus on your goals successfully, but don't get too greedy. Either way, don't expect to experience intense emotions outside of work. In a Relationship, the professional atmosphere is electric, and your partner is impacted by the turmoil that exalts you. Share this experience with your partner to make the most of it. Single, you don't have time to think about love. Positive changes occur in your work, and you don't have time to take care of your heart.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Venus invites you to dream. But keep your feet on the ground and respond to the requests that sometimes short-circuit your loves and holds you back socially. Find a balance...

Leo: The thread of the month for April 2020

The First Week,

The 4th, intuitive, you orient your existence on this frequency. If you find it challenging to communicate, share your dreams and projects. They will please. The 5th, now is the time to open your ears and jump on an opportunity. The 7th, show originality and goodwill. Use strategy to accelerate change without forcing anyone's hand. The 8th, the full Moon invites you to communicate. Dialogue is the best way to progress. Any abuse of authority is to be avoided. The 11th, through exchanges, you make yourself understood, and you strengthen your private and social ties.

The Second Week,

The 14th, channels open but do not ask for too much. You risk short-circuiting these good waves. The 15th, you break with a depressing daily life, but do not irritate those who trust you. The 18th, you communicate gently about your intentions and use your charm to win the vote. The 19th, you lead the debates with convincing arguments.

The Third Week,

The 21st, it is not by showing off that you will make an impression. Any excess will backfire on you. The 23rd, the new Moon puts you in the spotlight, but stay measured. The 25th, clashes are to be feared if you do not lower your tone. The 26th, the best is the enemy of good. Moderate yourself.

The Fourth Week,

The 28th, the current is struggling to pass. Keep the dialogue open so as not to end April in an impasse.

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