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Tuesday, August the 4th
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Your advice for month August 2020 for the sign of for Aquarius

  Written by Daisy

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The First Week,
The 1st, you run into invisible enemies. Your initiatives and words risk flopping.
The 2nd, do not stir up family controversy. Maintain the dialogue and smooth things over.
The 3rd, the Full Moon prompts you to play it personally. You risk encountering confusion if the debates end in a deadlock.
The 4th, lower your tone to reach a consensus with your loved ones about an issue linked to the past that is getting stuck.

The Second Week,
The 10th, you find it hard to keep your cool during discussions that involve your loved ones. It puts you on edge.
The 13th, you attack your entourage to clarify debates. This is
not the best approach to change things.
The 16th, it is by taking a step towards the other and by fueling the dialogue that you succeed in expressing your demands and channelling latent aggression.

The Third Week,
The 17th, you have no shortage of arguments to defend your views.
The 18th, your desire to serve the interests of others as much as your own is a magic potion that calms family debates.
The 19th, the New Moon invites you to privilege dialogue, communicate what you feel, and listen to what you are told.

The Fourth Week,
The 24th, watch out for verbal excess that harms you. But, do not reduce it too much, at the risk of blocking exchanges.
The 27th, bet on your open mind and heart to express the wealth of your potential and lead debates in a diplomatic way that pays off.
The 29th, your negotiating skills and your intuition allow you to deploy effective strategies to unblock a deal and break the deadlock.
The 30th, do not cloud the issue by maintaining confusion. This method does not plead in your favor.


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