Rabbit: your 2023 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year promises to be an excellent year for you. Your business is going great, or you are successful at work. Your family and friends are showing you the affection and respect that encourages you. Your tone is right. All is well in the best of worlds. In this promising and enchanting atmosphere, one would think that you will be happy. This will undoubtedly be the case, but you may ask for more, Rabbit ! This year, luck is smiling on you. You succeed in everything you undertake. But that's no reason to push the limits of the possible. Being happy with what Providence sends you, and thanking it, will be more productive than crying in the moonlight for an extra ration.

Rabbit: your Romantic life

This year love is going your way. In the year of Water, the Rabbit can exacerbate your emotions, and these romantic impulses can put you off balance. Rabbit, although you have a lucky star above your head, don't rest on your laurels. Add a little dose of fantasy every now and then. Take your loved one out into the moonlight. Surprise him or her with a gift when your heart tells you to. Be unpredictable. By doing so, your love won't get bogged down in the routine that makes up those criticisms that overwhelm you.

Tips from Free-Horoscope.com: While your need for security is met this year, don't take the opportunity to be lazy on your sofa. Get outside once in a while. Break the rules you set yourself.

Group of friends for the Rabbit

Your friendships are safe because you've known them for a long time. This year the ties are closer than usual. You are seeing your most intimate friends even more regularly. In return, you get that much-needed affection. You are overwhelmed by little attention, and you give without asking for anything in return. For once, and this should please you, you are receiving much more than you could ever hope for.

To know: By nature, you give without counting. This year, you're the recipient. So welcome all these benefits without question.

Rabbit: your Spiritual life

By nature, you need security to feel good and reveal the best of yourself. This year is looking good, so there is no reason for you to feel insecure. However, this state of being can arise without warning and put you into those doubts that keep you in the background. Under these circumstances, let go of your expectations by doing a few meditations and accept what you have not planned.

Our advice: Come out of your lair once in a while. Take the risk of testing what you don't know. You'll be proud of yourself.

Well-being for the Rabbit

This sector looks good this year, but that's no reason to rest on your laurels, Rabbit ! Although you're not the sportiest sign of the zodiac, do a bit of exercise once in a while. Rest assured, no one is forcing you to have an athletic figure. However, you can maintain your shape by making a resolution to exercise regularly.

Tip-Off: Although you're not too happy about it, get a little action this year. Your wardrobe will be grateful, and your morale will be high.

Rabbit: your Family life

The atmosphere is serene this year. Your entourage is inclined to help you when you feel the need. Exchanges are happy and constructive. Family celebrations are in a good mood. Topics that usually make you angry are not discussed. You have peace on that side. So you feel good about yourself, and you schedule family gatherings with that enthusiasm that will delight your tribe.

To meditate : By nature, you're not very demonstrative. Joyfully accept the great outpourings of your great aunt and cousins instead of pushing them away.

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