Dragon: your 2023 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year looks good, but you may not be entirely satisfied. Unlike last year, the pace is slower. People are taking their time to do things and make up their minds. As a result, this way of doing things will annoy you tremendously, Dragon! If you want this year to be a success, learn patience. Tell yourself that you can't have everything instantly. Also, don't give in to the side effects of discouragement that lead you to move on. Take advantage of the time you are given to fine-tune your projects or your work. Perfect yourself when circumstances dictate. By doing so, this year will be a success for you and what you undertake.

Dragon: your Romantic life

By nature, you are spontaneous and inclined to meet people quickly. As a couple, you express your feelings and expect the same in return. This year, love is more lukewarm. People are more distrustful than usual. They are asking for security before getting involved in a love story. So it is possible that you may find the time long, or that a relationship is a waste of your time. Be patient instead of putting pressure on yourself. It will be more productive.

Tips from Free-Horoscope.com: If you feel that nothing is moving forward, avoid making the wrong decision. Give your loved one time. Wait as long as it takes. By doing so, you will get what you want.

Group of friends for the Dragon

By nature, you like to frequent beautiful places. This year, don't be offended if your friends prefer to stay at home or entertain under simpler conditions. While you're at it, do the same. If you are simply received, don't think your host is petty because it is not that. Also, don't ask questions. Wait until you are told whether or not you can be trusted.

To know: This year, people are keeping a low profile in their private lives. They avoid discussing intimate matters. Do the same, and everything will be fine.

Dragon: your Spiritual life

Simplicity is the order of the day this year. As a result, you may find it challenging to find your bearings. Sometimes you'll feel like you don't exist anymore. If you want to avoid an ego fracture, get in tune. Focus on what's authentic. Be yourself, and if you're not at your best, too bad. To help you do this, it would be beneficial to let go of those appearances to which you are so attached.

Our advice: It's the perfect year to show yourself as you are and without artifice. If it's difficult, soothe the legendary shyness that you so carefully hide.

Well-being for the Dragon

By nature, you are endowed with fantastic vitality. It takes a lot to wear you out. This year, you may be overwhelmed by unusual laziness. The urge to do nothing can lead you to spend extended periods on your favourite sofa. This way of life will have the merit of rest because you need it. However, do a bit of exercise anyway. Don't completely give up a hobby you enjoy.

Tip-Off: Getting off your feet is the best you can do this year, but that's no reason to do nothing at all!

Dragon: your Family life

The Rabbit makes you spend more time with your family than usual. At first, it will seem pleasant, but in the long run, it can be tedious. Moreover, the atmosphere is rather calm. Children prefer to stay at home because their usual activities bore them. Dear Dragon, stay calm. Don't force things. Accept these new dispositions of mind. And be reassured, it is only momentary.

To meditate : Don't forget that this year, you must absolutely tame patience in all circumstances and with everyone. Let's hear it!

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