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Wednesday, December the 12th
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2019 Chinese
2019 Chinese
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Qualities of Sagittarius
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Tips for staying zen
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Rat: your 2019 Chinese Horoscope

  Written by Alison

The Year of the Pig is very promising for the Rat. It's a year of happy change in your home and your family. However, you will have to look after your finances because, if you are likely to do a lot of good business, you will also tend to spend a lot more. However, all these changes and the feeling of being overwhelmed by your socio-professional life could create tensions, stress or conflicts in your emotional relationships. It will be necessary to find a good balance between all these domains before being able to savor the joys of home ...

Rat: your Romantic life

You are facing changes or adjustments in your relationship and your home. It will probably take a while for these new provisions to be put in place but then you will find more comfort and warmth in your life together. You will be able to start again on a healthy foundation, consolidate your understanding through dialogue, and take the time to better understand your partner. It's a great year to settle down together, get married or buy a house ...

Tips from for the Rat: This year, a successful love life depends on your ability to challenge yourself, listen to others and accept changes that have become necessary.

Group of friends for the Rat

This year, you will be tempted by multiple experiences but, if you disperse yourself too much, you risk seeing none completed. Prefer a few safe friends to a horde of friends who may be wasting your time rather than helping you evolve. It is during the last quarter that you are most likely to realize your shared projects but, to achieve this, you will need to show a good team spirit and consider the situations in a more global way, without being distracted by the details …

To know: In friendship as elsewhere, sobriety will be your best asset. Show yourself cooperative with the best and do not seek easy popularity: it is in the joint construction of solid projects that you will meet success!

Rat: your Spiritual life

The Year of the Pig is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your strengths and achievements. It is a necessary pause before approaching another plan of consciousness or examining a new philosophy. So do not waste your time in sterile activities or time-consuming hobbies that ultimately leave you with a bitter taste. The longer you avoid confrontation with yourself, the more painful it will be ...

Our advice: Do not rush towards the first seductive activity, think calmly about your expectations and know how to distinguish lasting wisdom from the moment of temporary discipline ...

Well-being for the Rat

The year starts a little sluggish, you have the feeling of not being in the best shape. A fatigue that has accumulated a little must be eradicated before continuing your efforts. But if your fitness leaves something to be desired, your mind works perfectly and allows you to implement strategies without tiring too much.

Tip-Off: Do not ask for too much, give yourself well-deserved breaks and watch your vitality closely, even if you take vitamins or other useful dietary supplements.

Rat: your Family life

Your family changes and you do too! Whether it's a baby or amenities, your home will be the focus of your concerns as this year is the end of a cycle before a new 12-year adventure! It is therefore a year of intense activities at home, with some essential challenges and probably a brand new organization that will take a few months to set up.

To meditate : Be prepared for change but do not be too impatient: important things take time and this "revised and corrected" focus will take time and energy before it is completely fulfilling.

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